NFT blockchain + game mode - DAPP development

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nft blockchain game mode dapp

What is chain tour ? Chain game is blockchain + game , Also known as “GameFi” In short, it refers to the presentation of decentralized financial products in the form of games , Compare the characters owned by the game with the props of the game “NFT turn ”(NFT With indivisible 、 Irreplaceable characteristics ), The simple understanding is to apply blockchain technology to the game , Its highly decentralized characteristics and rules , Let players privatize game assets , Security , Transparency . All props owned by players in the game 、 Resources and even roles can be monetized , Players can trade freely to earn income .

Compared with traditional games , What are the advantages of chain travel
Traditional games are mainly controlled by third-party game developers , Data transparency is not high , It's just a simple form of entertainment , No real benefits , Swim and chain , Using blockchain Technology , Player game data is stored on the chain , There is no third-party platform to master , Don't edit it at will , Interest transactions are open and transparent , Besides , It can bring real benefits to players and investors .
In the chain tour , Players can get daibi rewards in the game , Dobe can sell in the money digital market √ Out , Props can also be sold in the market .

In the meta universe 、NFT And so on , Chain tour is still heating up , More and more popular , It is a game based on blockchain , thus , Chain game using blockchain technology , It has the relevant characteristics of blockchain , It can not only broaden the market , It can also bring real benefits .

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