You know what? Those people who fry shoes are now frying digital collections

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know people fry shoes frying
  Young people's dream of new sudden wealth

「 Fried shoes 、 It's not so hot for speculators to do tide games for a long time , Now the circle is full of fried digital collections .」 Shoe player Lao Liu introduced .

stay 2019 year 9 month ,Supreme 19 FW Paratrooper toys, a gift for the opening season, were fired to... In the secondary market 2000 Diversified news blew up the shoe circle , Limited edition sneakers 、 Crazy hype of trendy play items , Created countless wealth myths . But then 「 Shoes are not fried 」 Regulatory restrictions , The current sneaker market is long gone from the hot scene in the past , Even a little bleak . In addition to occasionally staring at the sale of limited edition sneakers , Their eyes have turned to another market —— Digital collection .

「 Let me show you how profitable this thing is ,」 Lao Liu sent a screenshot of the quotation of the secondary market of digital collections ,「 These pictures were only a few yuan or even free , Now it can sell for tens of thousands of yuan , Can you believe that ?」

The quotation chart of the secondary market of digital collections circulated in the circle of friends

NFT The name of has already spread all over the corner , In blockchain applications , Become a species more out of the circle than bitcoin . Cultural, entertainment and sports luxury goods drive this market, with a current market value of more than 170 At the same time as the $100 million track , The concept of digital collections is also popular .

In China, Tencent 、 Under the layout of Baidu and other major factories , The concept has risen rapidly ,A The secondary market performance of related concepts has been amazing , And in another closed trading market , Staged a more exaggerated wealth effect .NFT And digital collections , These two seemingly interchangeable nouns , But there is a completely fragmented market and players .

Young people's dream of new sudden wealth

「 Digital collections can earn 7 ten thousandfold ,NFT Can I ?」 Talking about collections and numbers NFT when ,00 Asked Xiao Wang, a lover of post digital collections .

2021 year 9 month 24 Japan , Ant group statement said , Receive reports from netizens , Ant chain and Alibaba auction jointly took off the shelves, a transaction suspected of online fraud . a ID be known as 「 Hip hop freak 」 Users publish on the auction platform 「 Asian Games torch 」 Relevant bidding information . The chain of ants means ,「 Hip hop freak 」 A detailed picture of the digital torch collection is attached to the auction page , Confused the differences between digital collections and physical torches , Mislead buyers , Suspected fraud , Therefore, the off shelf of the platform corresponds to the illegal goods and the users are dealt with accordingly . Hangzhou Asian Games torch NFT Limited distribution 21000 Share , The price is 39 element , But it was fried outside the court at that time 300 Ten thousand yuan , The number of onlookers exceeded 1.5 ten thousand people .

Hangzhou Asian Games torch NFT

This limited amount of Asian Games torch NFT, That's what Xiao Wang said 「 Can earn 7 ten thousandfold 」 Digital collection . Although the deal didn't close in the end , But players don't think so ,「 If it weren't for the official interference of ants , Everyone thought it was very likely that the transaction would be concluded at this price .」 Xiao Wang said .

exaggerated 7 Ten thousand times did not appear , But hundreds of times still exist .

As early as 2021 year 6 month 23 Japan , Alipay's ant chain fans are on the first digital collection. 「 Dunhuang Feitian and Jiuse Deer 」, The collection is designed and distributed by Dunhuang Research Institute , The selling price is 9.9 element + Alipay 10 integral . Later, I fried the free fish for tens of thousands of yuan , The highest one was fired 150 Ten thousand yuan a , But less than a day later , Idle fish hurried off the shelves of all related products .

The disappearance of the open trading platform has further stimulated the fighting spirit of players , Players have formed an OTC group ,「 flying 」 The digital collection has been fried from thousands to tens of thousands , Different numbers have different prices .「 Yesterday I sold 7500, It's already today 1 All the , Earn less 2000 many .」 A profit 750 Times of players still have some regrets .

「 Dunhuang Feitian and Jiuse Deer 」 Digital collection

「 Most digital collections sell for tens of dollars or even a few dollars , Even if you lose, you won't lose much ,NFT I know something about , It's too expensive , I can't afford to lose .」 Xiao Wang is a little depressed here . indeed , Now most of NFT After the project obtains the white list qualification to participate in the pre-sale through various methods ,0.1ETH( about 2100 RMB ) The pre-sale price around is already very cheap , And this is only... For each month 2000 Xiao Wang, an ordinary college student with a living cost of yuan, is very short of money . The digital collection is undoubtedly excellent for him 「NFT Leveling 」, You can enjoy the fun of buying and collecting digital works of art , And be able to invest and manage money at a relatively low cost .

Screenshot of the profit of the digital collection recently sold by Xiao Wang

Xiao Wang shared his recent profits ,「 Try a bike instead of a motorcycle , What if you get rich ?」 He said this may represent the dream of sudden wealth of many young people like him in the circle .

New playthings for young people

「 I click on it , It will show that this thing belongs to me 」, such 「 prove 」 It gave her the pleasure of collecting real cultural relics , It comes from the most primitive possessiveness of mankind ,「 In a sense , I have worn it for thousands of years , Just like it and the ancient civilization behind it 、 The hero story 、 Great history has established a connection .」 Talking about your digital collection , Digital collection enthusiasts Jessica The words were full of uncontrollable excitement , It's a product authorized by Hubei Provincial Museum 「 King Yue's sword 」 Digital collection .

  Hubei Provincial Museum launched 「 King Yue's sword 」 Digital collection   

And this is just what she has 50 One of several collections , In my spare time , She will open the digital collection platform , Zoom in 、 Zoom out and look at the details of the collection . If it is 3D works , You can also rotate to watch . adopt 3D technology , One can see one very close 3D「 King Yue's sword 」 The lines on the 、 gem 、 Lettering ,「 The gap is just that you can't really touch it .」

Whale detective 「 Cultural relics of the Chinese Zodiac 」 Digital collection

Distribution of digital collections , It is not difficult to see that there are many authoritative endorsement and top IP Blessed . Previously, there were CCTV and the legal media of the CSRC 《 Shanghai Securities News 》 Incoming digital collection , Enhance consumers' investment confidence . After that, there is the digital collection platform whale exploration joint of ant chain during the Spring Festival 24 Home Museum ( courtyard ) issue 「 Tiger artifacts 」、「 Cultural relics of the Chinese Zodiac 」、「 Treasure of town hall 」 etc. 3D Digital collection . The Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics meet in double happiness , As a new form of congratulation, digital collections have accelerated into the public view , Influence is growing , The public began to discuss the value of the collection .1 month 19 Japan , Digital collections ranked 10th in Baidu hot search , Then the Baidu Index of digital collections soared .「 I just went to draw lots for Feng Zikai's digital collection yesterday , This kind of cultural relic IP It is estimated that it is difficult to appear abroad NFT Come on. ?」Jessica It introduces the advantages of domestic digital collections .

Baidu Index keywords 「 Digital collection 」 Search trends

When it comes to asset ownership , because NFT Deployed in Ethereum Equal common chain , It has the advantage of decentralization . Blockchain is a distributed ledger , All data is open and transparent , Once written into the block, it cannot be modified , So personal NFT Assets are guaranteed in the confirmation of rights . And domestic digital collection platforms, such as whale exploration ( Ant chain ) And the phantom core ( To the letter chain ) And so on, most of them adopt alliance chain technology , The alliance chain regards a few equal power participants as verifiers , Instead of an open system like the public chain , So that anyone can verify the block . The disadvantages of the alliance chain are obvious , Transaction rules 、 The ownership of assets is not actually controlled by users , But controlled by these digital collection platforms .

「 Although it's a public chain 、 Alliance chain or private chain , There are so many authorities endorsing , Big factories can't be like some NFT Run like a project .」Jessica Express , Most investors in digital collections are like her , I don't care whether the digital collection really belongs to myself or the platform . There are large platforms and authoritative institutions to endorse , Compared with the problem of fraud from time to time NFT project , They prefer to believe that digital collections are safer .

Huge consumer groups have created this new market , Rhythm BlockBeats Find... In the community , The release of new items of digital collections has been counted on an hourly basis . only 4 month 1 Daily single day , There is 33 A new digital collection was released , The unit price 10 Yuan to 3 Wan Wan . Some platforms even made a detailed schedule for new products , With Recommendation Index . The way of playing stocks and shoes , Reproduce... On digital collections .

  Picture source : Forty scenes   

NFT A market separated from digital collections

「 It's easy to grab digital collections , I also taught my parents to rob with me , however NFT Until now, I haven't figured out how to buy .」90 Year of Kevin There seems to be some complaints .

Compare digital collections ,NFT The threshold is too high . Participate in NFT It needs a lot of relevant knowledge to pave the way : Learning wallet 、 Private key 、 Address 、 White list 、mint And so on , I have to **、 Transfer accounts 、 Distinguish each public chain , Be more careful Crypto World There are all kinds of scams and Fishing Links , Even English is one of the important reasons to discourage many investors .

Domestic digital collection platform is easy to operate

Take a domestic digital collection platform as an example , Participating in a digital collection sale only takes three steps : Go to the website , Click to draw lots , Eligible to pay . For many digital collection lovers , Digital collections bring them a more people-friendly collection opportunity , And buy NFT The cost of learning is too high .

Information about the sale of digital collections on a sneaker information platform

「 Digital collections are basically paid by young people .」 According to the Kevin According to , In the digital collection exchange group you joined , It is rare to see people older than 35 year , More than half of them are 95 after . Talking about the reasons why young people are so enthusiastic about digital collections ,Kevin Express , Some young people use this as a way of managing money , These people have also experienced 「 Fried shoes 」、「 Stir fry 」 etc. , Now the new outlet is digital collection . at present , Many shoe information platforms have also added digital collection interfaces , In addition to monitoring the sale of sneakers, trendy games and so on , Various digital collection platforms are also included in their monitoring list .

  Disdain chain and supervision of digital collections

「 You do NFT It's illegal ?」 I have just been in touch with digital collections for a month Alex ask .

This question may seem ridiculous at first glance , But this is indeed the confusion of many digital collection lovers , It's just a lot NFT In the minds of practitioners 「 Sword of Damocles 」.

The supervision of virtual currency in China has always been very strict . As early as last year , National Development and Reform Commission, etc 11 The Department announced that the virtual currency 「 dig 」 Activities will be officially classified as eliminated industries ; meanwhile , Central bank, etc 10 The Department made it clear that virtual currency does not have the same legal status as legal currency , Relevant business activities are illegal financial activities . Even though NFT It is not equivalent to virtual currency , But in view of NFT Blockchain technology foundation similar to homogeneous token application , And NFT There is speculation 、 Financial products and other risks , With NFT Application promotion and popularity , future NFT The casting of 、 issue 、 sales 、 There may be regulatory intervention in circulation .

The development path of digital collections in China follows a business model different from that of overseas markets , In circulation 、 sales 、 Explore and establish Chinese rules and standards in terms of circulation . First of all , Whale exploration and other domestic mainstream digital collection platforms emphasize that digital collections are supported by the actual value of specific works of art , It does not have any monetary attributes such as payment function . second , Different from overseas, virtual currency is used as the price and transaction currency , Domestic digital collections are priced and traded in RMB , To a great extent, it ensures the stability of the value of digital collections . Third , Domestic mainstream platforms are all built on the alliance chain , Blockchain technology providers can design their usage and transaction rules , The digital collections issued on the platform can be non transferable from the source design ( That is, the secondary trading market will not be opened for the time being ), So that domestic digital collections can be truly 「 De monetization 」.

In terms of actual effect , Strict 「 Limited conversion to growth 」 Reduce the occurrence of speculation to a certain extent , But it also caused a large number of OTC chaos . The grey black industry is dark , OTC trading has become a high incidence of fraud , similar 「 False guarantor 」 Fraud happens from time to time , The amount of fraud also ranges from several hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan . For whale detectives 180 Days to gift period and other issues , Some players also make profits by drawing up trading contracts to sell in advance , Transfer the goods after the restriction on transfer is lifted . But whether this kind of contract really has legal effect is a big question mark ,「 The effectiveness of the contract is based on the law . Although the contract will stipulate a three times compensation clause , But the platform does not support resale , It has no legal effect , Everything is waste paper .」

Regarding this , Whale detective customer service responded :「 Whale detective does not support any form of resale , Beware of the risk of fraud .」

NFT The wealth effect created by digital collections is quite similar , In fact, there are two very fragmented markets , For various reasons, there is a chain of prejudice and contempt between them . indeed , Lao Liu 、 Xiao Wang 、Kevin、Jessica、Alex They are a group of speculators , A group of young people with a strong curiosity about new things . stay 180 After heaven , The donation will be officially released , What will happen is unpredictable —— But what you can know is , The experience of snapping up digital collections brings them , It's not just money , More importantly, the simple and primitive happiness brought by collection —— It's like collecting stamps .

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