What is the reason why digital collection platforms are closed?

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reason digital collection platforms closed
Industries that cannot achieve sustainable development, even if they have a brilliant past, will only become the dust of history .

Original title 《 Xiao SA team | NFT The platform is densely sealed , What's going on? ?》

2022 At the end of March , After closing a large number of digital collection trading applets , A social software platform once again banned a large number of users NFT、 Official account of digital collection platform . according to an uncompleted statistic , The ban affected more than a dozen well-known platforms , There are many platforms, although the official account has not been banned. , However, we have received a notice from a social software platform requiring to provide administrative license qualification certificates such as blockchain filing within a time limit .

What is the purpose of this large-scale assault ban ? Some conspiracy theorists believe , This is because the self operated digital collection platform of a large factory behind a social platform has always been mediocre , So they hit hard on many small and medium-sized platforms , Do this to bully the small ; Other industry practitioners believe that , The massive ban may hide the shadow of regulators , After all, there is a lack of supervision 、 Digital collection platform is now mixed , There is improper hype 、 Internet fraud and other violations of consumers' rights and interests 、 It is an indisputable fact that the financial order has been disturbed .

NFT、 Digital collection , What's going on? ?

One 、 The rain is coming and the wind is blowing all over the building

The fireworks in March , This is a good time for spring to return to the earth and everything to recover , However, a wave of unexpected late spring cold unexpectedly attacked more than a dozen digital collection platforms, large and small, one day at the end of March . Search one by one according to the list of sealed public numbers circulated on the Internet , Most of the reasons for the ban seem to be :“ Complaints from users and reviewed by the platform , Failure to obtain legal permit or license , Release 、 Spreading or engaging in relevant business activities , Account has been stopped ”. The incident seems to be related to the beginning of March this year , Several well-known digital platform applets were blocked to echo the event . At that time, a social platform was banned for : The digital collection belongs to the unopened field of the platform .

Regarding this , Recently, a social software responded that , According to the relevant national laws and regulations , Risk prevention of virtual currency speculation , The platform has recently hyped 、 The two sale of digital collections official account and minor procedures for standardization. . At the same time, the social platform points out , Official account for digital collections and first class transactions , Must provide their own blockchain filing or cooperation documents with companies that have been filed . in addition , At present, the applet only supports the display of digital collections and first-class gifts , Secondary market transactions and multi-level circulation are not open areas , If found, bypass and other confrontational behaviors , Will be banned or removed from the shelf .

And many small procedures and official account were sealed up platform to act in time to take emergency measures. . For now , Some proactive platforms use H5( namely HTML5) Port transition , And step up APP Development . meanwhile , Many platforms attract and maintain users by Airdropping digital collections , To get through this difficult period .

The storm of banning this time can not help but make people reflect , What's wrong with the digital collection industry , That leads to frequent chaos now , Urgent rectification ? To clarify a myriad of things , Maybe from NFT It has been transformed into a digital collection in China .

Two 、 from NFT To the digital collection , The art of living in cracks

NFT, One 2017 A child born in the Ethereum public chain , After years of development and 21 After the phenomenal outbreak in , Today, it has gradually grown into a large family of virtual assets 、 And even an indispensable element in the meta cosmic framework . But it is also in 2021 year , Jointly issued by ten ministries and commissions in China 《 On the regulation of virtual currency “ dig ” Notice of the event 》( hereinafter referred to as “9.24 notice ”) Virtual currency mining and all kinds of currency related transactions are explicitly prohibited , The era of virtual currency in China has officially come to an end . Never forget the past , The teacher of future Affairs , As the twin brother of a mother of virtual currency ,NFT To survive in China, it is necessary to take a completely different road of compliance ——“ Digital collection ” emerge as the times require .


Transformation and rebirth , A long road to compliance

Digital collections and NFT The most fundamental difference , Lies in the fundamental difference between value orientation and positioning . because NFT It has multiple value attributes , But at present, it is mainly developed and utilized as :(1) Ordinary virtual goods 、 The value of digital art . As an ordinary virtual commodity NFT, Through works of art with real or virtual 、 video 、 Pictures, etc , So as to become a kind of practical control 、 Virtual goods or digital assets with certain value ;(2) Some new financial instrument 、 The value of financial products . Scarcity created by limited distribution and other means , Undertaken investment and financing tools 、 Equity voucher and other functions NFT Is given some kind of similar stock 、 futures 、 Special financial value of securities , Make it a speculative profit in a sense 、 The carrier of financing .

Based on these two value attributes , at present NFT Has been developed to include but not limited to : Digital collection 、 Social media avatars 、 brand ip、GamFi( Chain Tour ) The props 、 Various communities and DAO Organization equity certificate 、 I.D 、 Practical applications such as issuing currency vouchers .

In order to achieve the purpose of compliance survival , Domestic digital collections to the greatest extent :(1) Cut down NFT Its own financial attributes ;(2) Draw a clear line between Chu River and Han Dynasty with virtual currency . Try your best to NFT The value of 、 The purpose and form of expression are limited to the scope of ordinary virtual goods . So , Many digital collection platforms have implemented, including the use of private chains or alliance chains to sell digital collections 、 Transferring digital collections to private wallets is not supported 、 No secondary trading 、 Set the time limit for gift transfer 、 Title anti hype and a series of means .


Buy digital collections , What did we really buy ?

The rights and interests of digital collection buyers are the same as those issued on overseas public chains NFT comparison , With significant differences . In general , complete NFT The rights enjoyed by the holder should be exclusive , Similar to real right , Have possession of 、 Use 、 Punishment 、 Rights of income and other powers , But the rights enjoyed by digital collection holders are different .

At present, buyers of digital collections in China mainly enjoy the following three types of rights and interests. Generally speaking , At present, buyers of digital collections in China mainly enjoy three types of rights and interests : First, the right to know the information of works , Including verifying the information of works on the chain on the sale platform , The information of the work itself ( Such as the name of the work 、 brief introduction 、 Author, etc )、 The holder ( Digital collection buyers ) Information 、 Flow information ( Such as casting release time 、 Transaction hash value, etc ); Second, the right to watch , Buyers can... Anytime, anywhere 、 Unrestricted access to trading platforms APP And so on 、 Share your digital collection ; Third, the right to transfer gifts , After the buyer holds it for a certain period of time , The digital collection can be freely transferred to other users of the platform through the platform . Besides , Because digital collections are mostly distributed in private chains or alliance chains , Not only can the buyer not get the private key , Even hope that the collection platform is honest and trustworthy , Do not arbitrarily modify the data on the chain , The exclusivity of real right has disappeared at this time .

thus , The digital collection platform has completed from NFT Transformation to digital collection , In the narrow gap, it has created a front-line vitality for compliance development . however , As Marx was in 《 Capital 》 The famous words of British critic dunninger quoted in :“ As long as there is 10% The profits of the , It will be used everywhere ; Yes 20%, Will be lively ; Yes 50%, It will lead to positive adventure ; Yes 100%, Will make people disregard all laws ; Yes 300%, Will make people not afraid of crime , Not even afraid of the danger of hanging .” Today's digital collection industry with no supervision , It is driven by great interests , It presents a state of disorderly development and chaotic competition .

3、 ... and 、 Digital collections that break free from shackles , What's the problem ?

Rousseau, a jurist, has a famous saying :“ Freedom in life , But not in the shackles .” you 're right , The freedom realized and guaranteed by the legal society is always relative 、 There are limits to , Is a freedom restricted within the legal framework . indeed ,“ chains ” It limits freedom , But it also guarantees freedom , From this point of view , Although the shackles of digital collections limit the rights of owners , But it also maintains the vitality of the whole industry .


Private trading scams abound

This year, 2 month 22 Japan , The digital collection platform of a large factory issued a punishment announcement on illegal users , The announcement shows that some users have private trading violations outside the platform . The platform is based on its own 《 Digital collection platform user agreement 》 in “ If the platform receives a complaint or report , Or through other means , After reasonable judgment, you have engaged in the resale of digital collections , We have the right to impose punishment according to your specific behavior and circumstances .” Terms , Yes 56 Users imposed a penalty to restrict the transfer function .

in fact , Private transactions are not uncommon , Although a well-known second-hand trading platform has tried to block keywords 、 Measures to remove sensitive goods from the shelves , But so far , The author tries to search on the second-hand e-commerce platform “ Digital collection ”, Not surprisingly, we can successfully find a lot of private trading channels , But there is no way to know whether the deal is reliable .

There is a great risk of being defrauded by private transactions , It is not only impossible to verify the true information of the seller from the second-hand platform , The transaction price of the digital collection it sells is not true . After the author's trial , Many digital collection sellers seem to be operated by the same team , Not only is the copy similar 、 The price is the same , In the process of private chat, players will continue to be induced to transfer to other chat platforms for transfer transactions , It has certain similarities with the current fraud means on various networks .

At present, this kind of private transaction has produced many victims , One of them is metaX The coin circle players shared the real cases of property losses caused by their private transactions with others on a certain . The fraudster first induces metaX Through a penguin chat software with a third party who wants to sell the digital collection “ The seller ” Group chat , Then claim to be a guarantor to induce metaX It costs thousands of yuan to buy the digital collection , After the successful transfer, the third-party seller excuses that it will not operate , He refused to give away the digital collection , After the event metaX Just feel cheated and report the case .( Interested readers can use metaX Your account for details :https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/469659974)


The digital collection platform is mixed , Damage the rights and interests of consumers

Different from the attitude of big factories to strictly abide by the rules of the industry , Recently, there have been many platforms that circle money under the banner of digital collections, which not only promote speculation 、 Open up the secondary market , There are even platforms suspected of hiring navy to conduct improper marketing and publicity of their own digital collections .

Take the currently banned digital collection platform XX earth as an example , First, it registered the official account on a social platform. , Create again APP, Through a series of marketing methods to attract people to send benefits , Build many user groups , Subsequently, the digital collection of the order of creation was issued , The price of the medal of creation is one 888 element . And some time after selling his digital collection of the order of creation in large quantities , According to the user's feedback, the platform has rolled up the bucket and ran away .

Besides , Due to systematic reasons or poor management , Many digital collection platforms with poor consumer experience , It is difficult to protect the rights and interests of consumers . It is reported that ,2021 In, the platform was terminated by many third-party payment platforms , Stop all payment business with its affiliated company , Then the applet was banned . In addition, the platform also has the problem of swallowing money 、 Can't withdraw 、 There are frequent complaints about non delivery and non refund , There are more than 1000 complaints on a famous complaint platform .


Plug in rampant , The science and Technology Bureau frequently sends

Using plug-ins to rush to buy goods is nothing new , Search freely on a well-known e-commerce platform to find many “ Robbing on behalf of others ” link , There are many students who have not even used CET-6 “ Technology ” Method . at present , Most of the major digital collection platforms use the method of limited sale to sell digital collections , This breeds the soil for the survival of technology plug-ins , This kind of player using plug-in is widely used in the market ( Cattle ) be called “ scientists ”.

2022 year 3 month 20 Japan , A famous digital collection platform even appeared due to the use of plug-in rush purchase “ scientists ” Too much , As a result, the platform cannot normally sell digital collections , This broke out the first platform war in the history of China's digital collection “ scientists ” War . The event was finally won by the platform ,“ scientists ” The digital collection was recovered and the collective title ended .

But we also noticed , A large number of users suspected of being injured by mistake have also appeared on a well-known complaint platform , An anonymous complainant said he was 2022 year 3 month 20 On the platform, the official account was purchased. 4 A digital collection , All manual operations during purchase , from 18 Point to grab 22 Buy more than one point 4 Digital collection . Then the platform determines that it uses plug-ins , And the punishment of sealing it and recycling the digital collection in the account . Of course , We cannot verify whether the user has used the plug-in , But from this , The rampant plug-in is evident .


The contents of digital collections are illegal 、 Violations,

This year, 3 month 15 On the day of an anti-counterfeiting party , A digital collection platform was exploded, and there were serious problems in the text introduction of a digital collection issued by it , Taiwan region of our country 、 Hong Kong is listed as a separate country , Cause serious dissatisfaction among consumers , Access to the digital collection platform was suspended on the same day .

In the evening 6 spot , The platform issued a statement 《 Apologize for the lax platform audit 》 Statement of , In the statement, the platform admitted that there were serious problems in the introduction of its works , However, the platform operation failed to conduct rigorous audit, and there was a mistake . While apologizing to the majority of users, the corresponding collections have been removed from the shelves , Dismiss the person in charge of audit operation .

besides , At present, we have noticed , Issued with overseas platforms NFT There are also some problems for our laws 、 Contents prohibited by laws and regulations or contrary to social public order and good customs , For such content violation NFT Collection digital collection platform and consumers must be vigilant .

At the end

At present, there are various problems in digital collections that need to be rectified , On the one hand, it is due to the absence of supervision , On the other hand, it also comes from the popularity of concepts such as meta universe, which has brought rich benefits to digital collections . But history tells us , An industry full of speculation and making fast money is bound to cross the sky like a meteor , Behind the smile of a few people's profit, there must be tears of most leeks .

Industries that cannot achieve sustainable development, even if they have a brilliant past, will only become the dust of history . For the health of digital collection market and meta universe 、 Long term development plan , Rectifying chaos is the most urgent task of the current industry .

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