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stepn gamefi2. gamefi body awareness
STEPN Users embody through spiritual value , The trio of sports concept and social attributes meets gamefi1.0 What has been neglected for a long time in the context of 、 The psychological appeal of dual identity anxiety in the virtual world and the physical world , So as to complete the construction of consensus culture and landing integrity .

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web3.0 The world can be defined as virtual reality (virtual reality) And augmented reality (augmented reality) The space formed , Achieve the definition of “ reality ” The power and interpretation of its digital presentation . But this “ Realistic simulacrum ” The complex relationship with the physical world can not avoid great ambiguity with reality . before this ,《 Call of duty 》、《 BattleForge 》 Such games have long been used to confuse the reality of large-scale events ( Like war ) And other ways blur the boundary between the real world and the virtual world .

With the iterative innovation of novel playing methods in the blockchain field , The emergence of a new business model has also prompted gamefi The rise of .gamefi Is the game industry to “ New profit capitalism ” The product of transformation , It adopts a fully capitalized business model to make profits . stay gamefi1.0 in , Because the entertainment of the incentive mechanism is greatly reduced , Players are also forced to transform into ruthless driven by the temptation of capital “ Gold beating machine ”; This also aggravates the collective anxiety of player users' identity in the virtual world in a sense , Games from entertainment products ( Or more profound learning 、 Sociality ) It has also become a constraint like mechanical operation .

And gamefi1.0 The difference is , With STEPN As a representative of the gamefi2.0 The game is working to improve the offline scalability and social attributes of virtual space 、 Interworking between virtual and physical space .STEPN Users embody through spiritual value , The trio of sports concept and social attributes meets gamefi1.0 What has been neglected for a long time in the context of 、 The psychological appeal of dual identity anxiety in the virtual world and the physical world , So as to complete the construction of consensus culture and landing integrity .

STEPN Try to solve the traditional gamefi The spear and shield symbolized by entertainment and investment . Return on investment as the primary purpose gamefi1.0 The following problems exist for a long time :

  • - There is a general lack of an economic model that can run for a long time ,NFT Value and number of users after experiencing peak , Can not avoid the result of long-term slow decline .

  • - Game experience and innovation of core values , Cultural construction and community are neglected , Become a short-term profiteering speculative tool for economic returns , Cause a value fracture with the physical world .

Through the marketing of life attitude ,STEPN It provides users with a sense of satisfaction through actual movement in the real world , Rather than the possibility of passively obtaining pleasure through consumption —— Can make money and exercise , Both economic and spiritual satisfaction . It also suggests gamefi2.0 In game richness 、 Besides economic feedback, we also pay attention to the establishment of community values and feelings .

This article will try to STEPN As an example, point out gamefi2.0 Characteristics and follow-up development of , And give a reasonable point of view for analysis .

X to earn, The core value of X The transfer

1. Community : Long term multi-level consumption

And gamefi1.0 emphasize play-to-earn The difference between short-term returns is , With STEPN As a representative of the gamefi2.0, The game props inside (NFT) It can not only appear in the secondary market as a form of transaction between players ( Running shoes with different attributes ), More through the marketing lifestyle to assist players to complete the identification , And pay attention to its social attributes . By integrating non virtual gaming experiences , Realize the common drive of social interaction and consumption .

“With Game-Fi, STEPN aims to nudge millions toward a healthier lifestyle, combat climate change and connect the public to Web 3.0, all while simultaneously hinging on it’s Social-Fi aspect to build a long-lasting platform fostering user generated Web 3.0 content.”

“ adopt Game-Fi, STEPN Aim to promote a healthier lifestyle for millions of people , Prevent climate change , And connect the general public to Web 3.0. At the same time, rely on its Social-Fi To build a long-term platform , To cultivate user generated Web 3.0 Content .”

STEPN The white paper has declared its uniqueness —— health 、 Low carbon lifestyle ,socialfi Establishment of the platform .web3.0 The way of collaboration is social .gamefi Long term 、 Good operation depends on multi-level consumption based on benign community culture , Instead of just providing an investment product as a short-term speculative tool . The far-reaching significance of the community represents the gathering of a group of users with similar values and selection tendencies , Under the requirements of such joint cooperation , The source of the sense of acquisition of the game must focus on changing from service to giving and relying on value and emotion .

2. Value projection : The anxiety of the common cultural background and the spiritual needs of physical consciousness

And gamefi1.0 Emphasize the difference in the value of external assets ,gamefi2.0 On this basis , Don't forget to accurately turn the spearhead to the inside of the character —— A postmodern anxiety with a common cultural background , Spiritual desert . People no longer believe in a better future , The individual's state is more inclined to nothingness and suspension , In response to this unpredictable post-modern sense of crisis , People regard the only body in the physical world that can prove their subjectivity as the last fortress .

Describe this loss 、 Psychological compensatory satisfaction in the virtual world NFT PFP Projects such as mfers Have succeeded , And build against this loss 、 Master the of self-worth in the physical world STEPN Represented by the gamefi2.0 It must work . Look at all successful projects , With this shared 、 The same spiritual culture as the background color can be favored by a large number of users , Create a high viscosity community . And gamefi1.0 The difference is ,gamefi2.0 At the same time, it meets the need to make money , Endow the spirit with the characteristics of satisfying and retaining the authenticity of the physical world .

The essence of this kind of behavior that is keen on the pursuit of self-worth is “ I ” Your absence —— Gerard · Describe it as... Boye :“ I became a tourist of my life , Visitors to the Museum of self existence ”, And the virtual world strengthens the nature of this separation : We sit in front of the computer , Continue to join the online community 、 Make statements to package your self-image on the Internet , Discipline yourself from the perspective of a bystander , However, it can't give users in the real world any more essential 、 creative 、 Long term and real satisfaction —— A good one gamefi2.0 Games offer such a possibility , Instead of passively pursuing value to fill the void of spirit , Instead, take the initiative to create 、 Grasp the sovereign consciousness of your body .

3. Spiritual value creates higher happiness : from play-to-earn To play-with-earn

Everyone is in the anxiety of a lifestyle constructed by symbols , Consumerism passes on “ greedy ” and “ jealousy ” The continuous extension and expansion of such value , Longer feedback on consumers' human weaknesses 、 Higher threshold stimulation . But as human beings, we need to constantly ask ourselves to pursue higher quality 、 Higher and more likely to have the value of long-term satisfaction and benefits , In terms of appeal, it is bound to move from quantity demand to quality pursuit , Then focus on spiritual satisfaction . Only continuous output can attract users to project spiritual value , And encourage users to build products with value that can be rebuilt , To attract and retain a large number of users . This value must point to the user's self-worth identity .

adopt STEPN Game based fitness mechanism , People can get direct and simple spiritual satisfaction : Physical exercise constantly gives users a sense of value to become better through exercise , In line with postmodern people by constantly denying themselves , Pursue better 、 Better spiritual needs —— well , better , The goal is always in the future . This pursuit of better in turn strengthens the desire for the value of health .

According to the philosopher mill's happy hierarchy theory , To achieve low happiness, you only need to use low-level functions , Reaching a pair is similar to “ Lust ”,“ gluttony ” And other animals similar to pigs , So it's easy to implement ; Higher happiness is the opposite , Its feedback cycle is longer , The satisfaction is also deeper .

gamefi1.0 Emphasize return on investment , The happiness gained tends to external needs ( money 、 Tokens, ) The satisfaction of , The core of this happiness is to avoid pain , Create a low-level happy atmosphere . And then STEPN As a representative of the gamefi2.0(letmespeak It's also a good example ) The sense of gain gained is deeper and embodied in the spiritual core , And this value is reflected in the body 、 Symbol 、web3.0 and web2.0 The world has value . In the process of exercise, users take the initiative to master the body and create spiritual value , Gain profits and resist the sense of postmodern crisis .

The existence of external value “ Spur ” or “ Temptation ” It's about investing in players , And the intrinsic value is what drives the player to make emotional investment , The fundamental characteristics of long-term participation ; This value must be real 、 Personally sensible 、 Everyone's emotions can be shared .

4. Post epidemic Era : motion 、 Low threshold 、 Real world value

STEPN Encourage users to take a walk 、 Jogging and running to earn tokens 、 Participate in the transaction . It not only caters to people's demand for sports in the post epidemic era , And further participate in the user's understanding of health 、 In the spiritual pursuit of self-discipline . The very low threshold for participation also makes STEPN Become what everyone needs 、 An easy-to-use game mechanism .

since 2021 year 12 Since launch in ,STEPN Users are growing exponentially , from 2022 year 1 Every day of the month 1,500 The number of active users has grown to close to 100000 . Rely primarily on its incentives —— Loyal users can earn hundreds of dollars a day .STEPN The charm of is far more than that , The global epidemic has prompted people to be in a state of sub-health for a long time , The promotion of body by Internet media has led to a surge in the demand for fitness .

《2021 Fitness trend report 》 Pointed out that , Weight loss is still the core appeal of sports . Its essence , It is still the desire for physical mastery and personal value under Postmodern anxiety , The global epidemic has led to home isolation, which has exacerbated people's concern about the outdoors 、 health 、 motion 、 The need for shape and appearance . according to Strava Research report , The walker is on 2021 The total annual mileage exceeds 6.68 Million miles , Set a record for the platform , and Go Jauntly、Nike Run Club and MapMyWalk Wait for walking / The number of active users of running apps has doubled in recent years . Walking has even become a fashion ——TikTok Upper #ho**irlwalk The theme tag encourages users to walk about... Outdoors every day 4 miles , This topic is in TikTok The number of views on has exceeded 8000 ten thousand .

5. Symbolic value 、 Conspicuous consumption 、 Externalization of class communication needs

web3.0 In context , Symbols become personal capital , Symbols are materialized instead of the body , Become a symbol of user identity and a way for users to recognize themselves . The consumption process also reflects what the American sociologist Veblen called “ Conspicuous consumption ” To show the process of social identity and status symbols . Consumption not only creates the general consumer, but also , It also creates and replicates differences and inequalities . actually , The differentiation of consumption is the differentiation of society 、 The differentiation of stratum and the differentiation of social action field .

STEPN What cannot be ignored in our success is to treat socialfi The blessing of characteristics ,socialfi The success of is not only that users can trade with other encrypted users or make friends , It is because it successfully extends the user identity —— In addition to fitness as a means of getting healthy , It is also a symbol of cultural habits within the United class in the real world .

The pursuit of fitness by most of the middle class who master the capital has changed the public's cognition of consumption Fitness —— By buying NFT Running shoes and fitness , stay gamefi2.0 Capital investment in , It helps to build a sound financial situation 、 An image with excellent personal development prospects , stay web3.0 In a symbolic context layered according to tokens , The fitness connected with the real world has become a source of non-homogeneous competitiveness of users .

How to make a good gamefi2.0 Game empowerment ? From obtaining entertainment services to emphasizing asset attributes gamefi1.0 trading platform ,gamefi2.0 Opens up a whole new possibility : That is, players can pursue infinitely in real life and their own endowments , And project value 、 Really 、 Take the initiative to create satisfaction . It can meet the social needs of players in both the physical world and the virtual world 、 The increase of intangible assets and the demand for self-worth affirmation .

game 、 The connection between real life and man himself makes STEPN The threshold is perfectly lowered —— Not everyone is keen on 3A masterpiece 、NFT collect 、 Investment deals , But everyone walks .

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