Multicoin capital: why do we invest in layerzero?

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multicoin capital invest layerzero
LayerZero It is a general information relay service , Can be used for almost anything .

Original title :《Building Bridges》

Original author :Kyle Samani,Multicoin Capital

Original translation :0x9F, Rhythm BlockBeats

A year and a half ago , Ethereum is the only important Layer 1 chain . Now? ,Layer 1 Ethereum 、Solana、Terra、Polygon、Celo、Flow、Avalanche、NEAR、Fantom、BNB Chain,Layer 2 Yes Optimism、Arbitrum、StarkEx、StarkNet.

We live in a multipolar world , And will never return to a unipolar world . This means that bridging will become extremely important .

Today I am pleased to announce our commitment to LayerZero The investment of ,LayerZero Is an all-around interoperability protocol , Integrate... On different blockchains dapp And liquidity . We are 2021 year 9 Led their last round of investment , And in LayerZero 30 Invest again in this round of Investment announced on the th . This is a round 1.35 $ A+ Round of funding , Including a large number of strategic investors , for example a16z crypto、 Redwood 、FTX、Paypal Ventures、Animoca、Rene Marcelo Claure( SoftBank CEO)、Blizzard(Avalanche Ecological fund )、Polygon Ecological fund 、Fantom Ecological fund 、Dapper Labs、Kronos Research、Ethernity、ImToken Ventures、Matrixport、Coinbase、Gemini…… This round of noteworthy angel investors , It also includes Tom Brady、Justin Timberlake and Maria Eitel etc. .

Cross link bridge is one of the most complex technical fields in the encryption world .1kx Of Dmitriy Berenzon Wrote an outstanding overview of the design space of cross chain bridges .

We believe that , Cross chain bridge will exert a strong network effect on each pair of bridged chains . For users , Deal with... On Ethereum renBTC、tBTC、WBTC, perhaps Solana Upper WormholeETH、SolletETH The difference is troublesome . In the long run , A single cross chain bridge is expected to dominate the mobility of each pair of bridged chains .

Given that most teams are building their own cross chain bridges ——Optimism Cross chain bridge 、Arbitrum Cross chain bridge 、Starknet Cross chain bridge 、Avalanche Cross chain bridge 、Polygon Cross chain bridge 、Near Rainbow bridge, etc —— We expect that these bridges will become the leading cross chain bridges of their respective Ecology .LayerZero In fact, on the upper floor of all these bridges , Instead of directly competing with these cross chain bridges .

LayerZero It is the simplest and lightest way of cross chain information transmission .LayerZero Do not directly manage asset custody and anchoring Token The creation of / The destruction . contrary ,LayerZero Let the above special cross chain bridges deal with these activities .

except LayerZero agreement ,LayerZero The team also launched a project based on LayerZero Cross chain bridge of protocol Stargate.Stargate The design idea is to do something similar Curve or Saber Cross chain 、 Equal value currency transactions DEX. If a user wants to USDC from Arbitrum Transferred to the Optimism Or from Polygon Transferred to the Aurora(Near), Now they can directly use Stargate.

Stargate How it works ?

When sending... On the chain Stargate Contract received USDC when ,LayerZero The protocol forwards the status of the sending chain to the receiving chain , And on the receiving chain Stargate The contract will USDC Release to users .

The advantage of this method lies in its flexibility and simplicity . Mobility naturally accumulates in pairs into the pool ( Therefore, there will not be multiple pools competing for the same recipient traffic ).Stargate Provide immediate assurance of the end result , And minimize trust .

although Stargate It's based on LayerZero Flagship application on the protocol , But we hope LayerZero The protocol can support all kinds of new workflow . because LayerZero It is a general information relay service , Can be used for almost anything . Some examples are as follows :

1. Use B The assets on the chain are right A Vote on governance proposals on the chain , There is no need to move assets back A chain

2. use A The collateral on the chain is B Chain loan

3. use A The collateral on the chain is B Collateral for derivatives positions in the chain

4. be based on B The behavior on the chain , influence A On the chain NFT

LayerZero Most of the major online EVM Compatibility chain : Ethereum main network 、Optimism、Arbitrum、Polygon、Avalanche、Fantom and BNB Chain. Besides ,LayerZero It will be launched in the coming months Celo、Aurora(Near)、Solana、Cosmos and Terra Support for .

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