NFT domain ruler: read Yuga labs with 5 sets of key data

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nft domain ruler read yuga
Yuga Labs Of 6 individual NFT Series accounts for the top 100 of Ethereum NFT Market value 43% .

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use 5 Group key data to understand Yuga Labs——NFT Domain ruler

2021 year 4 month 28 Japan ,Yuga Labs Launched Bored Ape Yacht Club(BAYC)——NFT One of the most influential projects in history .

BAYC Hand in hand CryptoPunks Together led NFT boom , stay 2021 Record breaking trading volume in . These two projects have also become NFT The ancestor of culture . Both have become mainstream through the exposure of well-known auction houses Christie's and Sotheby's , And set as avatars by multiple celebrities on social media . therefore , When Yuga Labs Announcement of acquisition CryptoPunks and Meebits Of IP when , The whole encryption community is in a Carnival .

A few days later ,Yuga Labs After announcing its meta universe plan, it was once again on the hot list , Including the much anticipated ApeCoin and BAYC The meta universe project of ecosystem ——Otherside.Yuga Labs The current valuation is 40 Billion dollars , A vibrant metacosmic ecosystem has been established .

This report describes... From different perspectives Yuga Labs Influence , It also explains Yuga Labs Current “ Big action ” stay Web3 And influence in the metauniverse .

Key points :

  • Yuga Labs Become Web3 The leading force in the field , Total value 81 Billion dollars , Zhanethereum 100 strong NFT The market value of the collection 43%.

  • ApeCoin Of 23 The market value of US $billion strengthens Yuga Labs Brand positioning .

  • It is famous in Silicon Valley VC a16z and NFT Gamer Anz6imoca Brands Led by 4.5 $billion investment will further promote Yuga Labs The cosmic meta plan .

Yuga Labs NFT hold NFT Floor market value 43%

In acquisition Larva Labs Under the arm CryptoPunks and Meebits Of IP Before ,Yuga Labs Controlling one of the most influential projects in the whole field of encryption :Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). The high participation of celebrities has also rapidly promoted this series to a luxury brand in the virtual world .

except BAYC,Yuga Labs Of BAYC The ecosystem also includes three NFT project :

  • The Bored Ape Kennels (BAKC)

  • The Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC)

  • The Bored Ape Chemistry Club (BACC)

these NFT The series is Yuga Labs The embodiment of high combination . Have Bored Ape Users can get... For free 1 copies BAKC and 1 10000 copies of mutated serum (BACC).

BAYC Ecosystem is the whole NFT One of the most powerful projects in the field . according to DappRadar NFT Value estimation tools ,Yuga Labs These four under the banner NFT The market value of the series is estimated to be 55 Billion dollars . This amount is in front of Ethereum 100 name NFT The floor price of the series is of the market value 29%.

In obtaining CryptoPunks and Meebits Of IP after ,Yuga Labs stay NFT Sit firmly on the throne of big men in the field . According to the valuation tool ,CryptoPunks and Meebits The market value of is estimated to be 24.2 $and 3.7 Billion dollars . These two series are included in Yuga Labs Pocket , Make the brand NFT The estimated market value of has risen to 81 Billion dollars . This accounts for the top 100 of Ethereum NFT collection 191 Billion dollar market value 42.6%.

Meebits and CryptoPunks The price of the floor increased after the acquisition

Yuga Labs The acquisition of has positively affected CryptoPunks and Meebits Market demand for . The day after they announced the acquisition , The trading volume of these two series has soared 1000%.

ApeCoin To further promote BAYC NFT Market development . It is important to , Airdrop rewards are related to the brand's NFT Is directly proportional to the holding ratio of . Within a week of the announcement ,Yuga Labs Of NFT Transaction volume accounts for Ethereum NFT The volume of trading 38%. The project NFT Market demand will remain high in the coming week (25%), Although it has begun to decline in the past few days .

Again , The floor price of these collections has experienced a period of fluctuation .Larva Labs The price effects of these two series are positive , In especial Meebits. The lowest selling price of the latter is from 2 It rose at the end of the month 114%, At present for 5.47 ETH. At the same time ,CryptoPunks The floor price of has risen slightly 3%, Currently in 71 ETH. Both increases indicate NFT The market believes that Yuga Labs Value added potential .

BAYC NFT Not from Yuga Labs Get special benefits from the acquisition of , Even though MAYC The value of has increased .MAYC The price of the floor reached 22.45 ETH, An increase over last month 28%.MAYC Used to be BAYC Ecosystem series projects at the bottom , And now it has become BAKC.

BAYC The economy of “ The engine ”——ApeCoin, Market capitalization 23 Billion dollars

For further publicity NFT Acquisition influence ,Yuga Labs Revealed his meta universe plan . Including the much anticipated ApeCoin(APE) The distribution of .APE It's a kind of ERC-20 Tokens, , Will serve as a BAYC The original utility and governance currency of ecosystem ——Yuga Labs The backbone of the meta cosmic roadmap .

ApeCoin Will push BAYC All the economic activities of the yuan universe , Including games 、 Experience and wearable devices . Besides ,ApeCoin It will also be integrated into other platforms , Such as Animoca Brands Developed Benji Bananas, And another game platform nWayPlay. Even real-life enterprises will ApeCoin Integrate into their payment model , Encourage the use of this currency .

It should be noted that ,Yuga Labs Not supervised APE. contrary , from ApeCoin DAO Manage this cryptocurrency . This is a result of Ape Decentralized entities supported by the foundation ——Yuga Labs The legal entity of is located in the Cayman Islands .

APE Token holders will be allowed to vote on governance Events , To shape the future of the ecosystem . Besides , according to ApeCoin DAO, Tokens are expected to have more utilities . This includes getting exclusive BAYC Yuancosmos experience or additional airdrop .

At the time of writing ,90% Of APE Has been claimed by a qualified wallet .APE The price of has risen by about... Since its launch 83%, Reached 25 Market value of US $100 million .

4.5 A billion dollar investment has boosted BAYC The overall development of

3 month 22 Japan ,Yuga Labs My plan began to break the ice . The team announced , from a16z Led by 4.5 A billion dollar investment will make Yuga The valuation of 40 Billion dollars . This investment also brings with it Web3 Important partnerships and cooperation with well-known enterprises in the field . These companies include Animoca Brands、The Sandbox、FTX and Coinbase.BAYC The mutual operation project of the universe will continue to rely on more funds ——Otherside.Otherside It is expected that P2E、 Fashion brand plan and media platform .

expect Otherside Will feature a virtual world . Although the team has not yet announced specific plans , But it is expected that there will be about 10 10000 virtual packages . Which about 40% Airdrop to any BAYC The ecological system NFT Holder of . The rest will be open to the public .ApeCoin Will promote the development of this meta universe , All indications are that ApeCoin Will become the currency for the purchase of these lands .

Besides ,Yuga Labs Our virtual world is interoperable , Its images come from different projects , Such as Cool Cats、WoW、CrypToadz and Nouns. If Otherside Strike while the iron is hot and launch ,BAYC The community will further expand .

Besides , It is worth noting that ,Animoca Brands Supporting Yuga Labs Execute one KYC technological process , This is the first step for users to join the meta universe project .

With the increasing demand for regulation in the field of encryption , It can be seen that the two most famous brands in this field cooperate for supervision .

Otherside The value of the virtual plot in is unknown . However , If 1 individual ETH The price of the coinage was confirmed ,Yuga Labs Will add one to their assets 3 A billion dollar virtual world .

Meta universe / Web3 Domination of the field

Yuga Labs Successfully positioned itself as a leader in the emerging encryption industry Web3 One of the brands . from NFT From the perspective of , Yes CyrptoPunks and Meebits IP The acquisition of Jean Yuga Labs Sit firmly in the position of the top project in this field , At present, the project is among the top 100 Ethereum NFT What the series holds 191 Of the $billion market value 43%, No other team has come close to this level .

Their strategic roadmap contains ambitious metacosmic plans , And make sure the team understands decentralization 、 Interoperability 、 Culture 、 The needs of communities and income streams .Otherside It is expected to become an interoperable game meta universe platform , One that can carry by APE The prospect of driving the underlying economy .

Besides , from a16z Lead investment ,Animoca brands、the Sandbox and FTX And other leading brands , by Yuga Labs The metauniverse and the whole blockchain field depict great prospects . Since its establishment ,BAYC It has become a cultural phenomenon , Attracted Neymar 、 paris · Hilton and Justin · Celebrities like Bieber , Even on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine . With Otherside The addition of the universe ,Yuga Labs Will provide new opportunities for the crypto community , And become part of the community's popular ecosystem . This scenario may help bridge the gap between mainstream and Web3 The gap between the metauniverses .

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