When speculation becomes the norm, what is the value of NFT?

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speculation norm value nft

In the past year , If you want to ask what is the hottest new favorite in the science and technology circle and investment circle ,NFT Definitely with “ All heroes ” Fight for the top .

Especially in the past three months ,NFT Google search traffic for related keywords continues to surge , More than many keywords that have long dominated cryptocurrency related search , Include “DeFi”、“ The etheric fang ”, even to the extent that “ Blockchain ”.

Whether it's “ Works of art 《EVERYDAYS》 nearly 7000 Ten thousand us dollars transaction ”、“NBA A well-known pupil flower 18 Ten thousand dollars for BAYC Head portrait ” etc. NFT Trading dynamics , still NBA Top Shot、Axie Infinity Such phenomenal NFT“ Breaking circle ” application , Both make NFT Quickly into the public view .

In succession — Hot NFT


NFT How big is your market ?

Take the art market as an example , This year to 4 Until the month ,NFT The sales of artworks reached 4.37 Billion dollars ; In the field of digital derivatives around movies ,iBox Joint film 《 really · The three kingdoms are unparalleled 》 The producer of released the first film in China NFT series ; In the field of digital music products ,NFT Become the latest and fastest source of income for musicians .

NFT Selling at a high price is not uncommon in the circle . Internet giants have also noticed NFT Track , Start layout NFT.

Ants are the first in China NFT Internet giant ,2021 year 6 month , Ant group launched small program on Alipay 「 Ant chain vermicelli 」. Once released , Was robbed by the market .

After the ant group sounded its first horn , tencent 、 byte 、 The little red book 、 Baidu ...... One after another 7 Internet giants enter NFT, A new industry ecology is quietly taking shape .

Netease games 《 Never stop 》IP Authorized distribution 《NARAKAHERO》 series NFT Blind box , Online only 15 It's sold out in minutes ; Tencent's PCG Launched the so-called “ The first one in China NFT trading platform ” Psychedelic nucleus APP; Little red book launched NFT Digital collection ; Baidu's Baixin bank also launched NFT Digital collection ; And the ant group , Although the external publicity is somewhat understated , But the truth is NFT Business has high hopes .

as time goes on , More and more artists 、 Investment institution 、 Internet platforms have gradually put down their original conservatism and wait-and-see , They began to enter the layout . With NFT Based on the new “ Track ”, Opening step by step “ Speed up ” Pattern .

Everything is hype ?


All walks of life NFT, all because NFT It's really profitable . But every time something new appears , There will always be new problems .

At present, people are NFT The attitude is divided into two poles : Supporters believe that NFT It will not only affect the way of copyright protection , Take a longer-term view ,NFT Will make “ Meta universe ” Concept becomes reality ; But opponents feel , NFT The market has entered a new stage “ irrational ” The era of prosperity , Full of “ The hype ”“ bubble ” and “ Speculation ” The smell of . Both make sense ,NFT The impact itself is multiple .

Liu Kelin of Sichuan blockchain Association told Leifeng :“ From the perspective of capital chasing profit ,NFT It must be hyped , And there is a lot of room for speculation . Because some NFT The actual value of the work is far from reaching tens of millions of prices , Behind this is actually the game of capital .”

Liu Kelin also proposed to see the positive side of speculation on the market :“ A new business thing , It needs more people , Or people outside this circle , Be able to see 、 Know it . So it needs to be controlled ‘ The hype ’, This is a broken circle 、 It is also the process of value transmission .”

NFT, in any case , In its present form , It's a controversial topic .

To make a long story short , around NFT The hype stems from its potential to subvert multiple industries , From art to domain name , Even physical goods . Because of the blessing of financial attributes ,NFT Will act as a catalyst for more assets 、 Knowledge chain , And experimentally spawned a system based on NFT Economic ecosystem .

obviously , Now it is called “ The hype ” By name NFT, Not at all NFT The real face of , It's not in line with development NFT The original intention of Technology .

however , Time is the biggest enemy of bubbles. , With the development of the market 、 People are right. NFT More and more fully aware , It will be difficult to produce big bubbles. . flow The problem of mobility is similar , When people think about NFT The expectation of value gradually becomes stable , hold NFT Risk reduction , More people will join the market to contribute liquidity .

An indispensable part of the meta universe


In the hearts of the industry , The economic system has always been regarded as “ Metacosmic infrastructure ” An important part of . Blockchain and NFT Technology is regarded as the pillar of the meta cosmic economic system .

In supporting the meta cosmic economy ,NFT Many people have high hopes . Today, when the concept of the meta universe is on fire ,NFT Will it encounter new opportunities ?

From the present point of view , The development of the yuan universe needs an independent economic system , This system needs to have the following characteristics :

1、 Good circulation —— Promote user activity

In the metauniverse , The liquidity of tokens in the meta universe should be able to support the frequent interaction of users . On the one hand, this liquidity should be reflected in “ user - platform ” In our relationship , stay “ user - Service provider ( such as UGC developer )”、“ Service provider - platform ”、“ user - user ” It should also be able to remain effective .

2、 Stable security —— stimulate UGC Actively create

One side , Security should be reflected in that the virtual property of users' stored value in the meta universe platform is less subject to number theft 、 Threat of infringement by illegal means such as fraud ; On the other hand , Security should also be reflected in UGC On the protection of the rights and interests of developers , Reduce plagiarism 、 The risk of embezzlement .

3、 Must be legal and compliant —— Reduce the operation risk of meta universe

While imagining the meta universe , We should also see the state's regulatory red line on the in-game economic system , Prevent criminals from using the meta universe to engage in gambling 、 Possibility of illegal activities such as money laundering . meanwhile , We should also avoid the hype of Yuan universe token , This also raises the risk of illegal activities in the meta universe .

and NFT Just can show such a possibility for the meta universe .

NFT Let the status of virtual wealth be confirmed , Let wealth be equal 、 Efficiently circulate , It also protects the creation in the virtual world . add NFT What we have now “ Make rich ” attribute , Many people have tried to NFT In the game “ Nuggets ”. And if you put this “ gold ” Move to the metauniverse , A new wave “ Gold Rush ” May be coming soon .



NFT It has been proved by the market that it has the potential to explode .

Although the market has experienced the risk of virtual currency speculation “ Baptism ”, but NFT As an innovative asset form , It is still possible to become “ Post Internet Era ” New focus of China's science and technology and capital strength .

One side ,NFT Creator —— platform —— Collector's business , If it's done right , It can benefit the participants in the whole new chain ; On the other hand ,NFT Creator ——IP spread —— Yuanyu's business model , Extending the industrial chain , Make it deeply integrated with more industries , Burst out with greater business value and influence .

at present ,NFT At home, it is still in its infancy , A perfect and healthy ecology has not been established yet . But from the current supply and demand pattern and the longer time axis in the future , Opportunities far outweigh risks .

to NFT This new track needs a little more time , Believe in NFT This “ The newborn ” Will stumble and grow up in the expectation and difficulties of all parties , Become one of the new ways of life in the future .

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