At the beginning of metauniverse application, what applications can be realized at present?

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beginning metauniverse application applications realized

The meta universe is the future of human life , A second world that can exist in parallel with reality .

In an ideal state , The metauniverse can break the boundaries of physical space , Not just entertainment 、 social contact , It can also make our life and digital world fully and seamlessly connected , It is a possible digital world in which people freely participate and live together in an independent digital identity . To get to this point , Whether in terms of hardware equipment or technical conditions , We still have a long way to go .

But at least for sure , We are now at the start of the construction of the meta universe , Because blockchain technology is becoming more and more mature , It has greatly promoted the establishment of a decentralized identity system in the meta universe , meanwhile NFT The evolution of Technology , It also provides a strong support for the meta cosmic value system , As the basic hardware equipment VR/AR, As the basis of communication 5G、6G、 even to the extent that 7G technology , Brain nerve linking technology as real and virtual interaction , Under the leadership of the head factory , Also making breakthroughs .


At present , Meta universe industry 、 The meta universe market is showing great application scenarios and future potential , Famous enterprises at home and abroad have made plans one after another , Trying to take the lead . that , At the beginning of the current construction of the meta universe , Some of the early applications of the realized metauniverse ? Let's see .

Virtual Exhibition Hall

At present, most of the virtual exhibition halls are based on real 3D and virtual reality technology to create an open world , There are highly interactive in this world 3D Virtual reality environment , The virtual exhibition hall is completely based on the Internet , You don't need to download software. You can participate through the browser ,CHAUMET It's even more joint 5 A country's 17 A museum was created 18 The treasure virtual exhibition hall of the century , The development of virtual exhibition technology brings together exhibits from all over the world , Now we can enjoy different characteristic exhibition halls from all over the world online without leaving home , Interested partners can copy links to browse CHAUMET 18 The virtual exhibition hall of century Treasure Exhibition :

As early as 2018 year 7 month , Shandong Provincial Department of culture and tourism has already started the construction of the exhibition application and display digital system of the art museum , Committed to building an information-based enterprise 、 Supported by digital technology “ Smart venues ”, At present, the system is already in 2019 year 7 Start trial operation in . Tongling municipal government is 2016 In, it began to prepare for the construction of China Digital copper Museum (DMCB), The goal is to share Chinese ancient bronze and bronze cultural resources online all over the world - Especially those cultural relics lost overseas , The website is now in 2020 Open at the end of the year .

Compared with the traditional exhibition hall , What are the characteristics of the virtual exhibition hall ?

First of all , The virtual exhibition hall has no space restrictions . Before the traditional exhibition hall is built , Firstly, there is a problem of site selection and site planning , Generally speaking, the first condition will involve a lot of rent and decoration costs , This will inevitably become a factor that enterprises have to consider .

second , The virtual exhibition hall is not limited by the manufacturing process . Designers can be unrestrained , Display the enterprise's products in a more cool way , It is not necessary to consider its construction technology like the traditional exhibition hall .

Third , The virtual exhibition hall is easy to maintain and expand . The content displayed by enterprises will change with the development of business , Once the traditional exhibition hall is completed , To change the content, you need to redecorate , The virtual exhibition hall only needs to be rendered again .

Fourth , The virtual exhibition hall has unlimited interaction . If you want to add multimedia such as sound, light and electricity in the traditional exhibition hall , And interact with the audience , It often takes a lot of trouble , The designer of the virtual exhibition hall can create various wonderful interactive effects with the help of the function of the virtual engine .

The fifth , The virtual exhibition hall is easy to spread . Traditional exhibition hall , The customer needs to come and have a field experience , The virtual exhibition hall can break the restrictions of time and place , Combination of online and offline , Complement each other , make the old and new contrast and complement each other .

These also let us see the infinite possibilities of the virtual exhibition hall , Although now we can only log in to the virtual exhibition hall through the browser , But believe in the future , When we visit the virtual exhibition hall, we can also experience the effect of offline exhibition , In the future, the content displayed in the virtual exhibition hall is not only to display works of art and cultural relics , It's all digital assets .

Virtual characters

Virtual characters are familiar to everyone , TV play 、 The movie 、 comic 、 Fictional characters in games and other creative works are well known , With the development of network and live broadcasting, the role of using dynamic capture program to achieve the combination of virtual image and real person has emerged - Such as Hua Zhibing of Tsinghua University , stay 《2060》 Star City rally competition 26 A virtual character , stay YouTube There are 230 10000 fans Kizuna AI etc. , Tiktok Liu Yexi, the virtual beauty makeup master who is shaking the sound and blasting the fire. , Just one video has won millions of fans .

From China artificial intelligence industry development alliance 《2020 White paper on virtual digital human development 》 It is proposed that , Virtual digital human refers to a virtual character with digital shape , Will depend on the presence of the display device , And the owner's appearance 、 Human behavior and human thought ( Able to communicate with people ).

Actually , Virtual characters are not unique to the meta universe track , But the meta universe has driven the upsurge of virtual human to a certain extent . Insiders point out , There is a natural connection between the two —— Role realization in the metauniverse , Through virtual human technology . The main components of the meta universe scene are digital environment and virtual characters , The latter serves as the connection point between the real world and virtual space-time , Will become the main participants in each scene of the meta universe .

What should the virtual characters be like in the meta universe era ? We think he will become a second identity beyond our reality , You can appear in any form you imagine , Become the embodiment of our personality , Participate in various activities in the meta universe together in the future . In fact as early as 2019 year , The virtual character Luo Tian Yi played a part with Joker Xue at the Jiangsu satellite TV's new year's Eve party. 《 Dara collapse it 》, We believe that in the future, there will be more virtual characters of artificial intelligence avatars to participate in various social activities in the meta universe with us , We work with artificial intelligence 、 communication 、 Interaction , Will gradually become our daily , Think about cyberpunk .

Virtual characters can break all previous business boundaries , Time free 、 place 、 Skill limitations , Can make a lot of imagination come true . This can be infinitely exaggerated 、 The content of extreme madness takes virtual characters as the carrier , It is the future that users expect . From the perspective of the brand side , Virtual characters are easier to control than real people , Not too much affected by changes in public opinion ; In terms of content productivity , Virtual character content production is more efficient , There's a lot of room for imagination , Higher fault tolerance .

Although there are still many uncertainties in the meta universe , But we believe that in the near future , These visions will be realized in the real metauniverse , In the next article, we will talk about other applications of the early metauniverse , Welcome to pay attention to and collect excellent copyright , On this journey to the meta universe , We are willing to walk with you .