Blockchain's "apotheosis"

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blockchain apotheosis


Whether it's the newly emerging concept of the meta universe , Or digital retail 、 Other new species such as digital Finance , We can all see the blockchain from them . Unlike in the past, people simply regarded blockchain as an independent existence , Now? , People's views on blockchain begin to tend to a new type of 「 infrastructure 」.

In my submission , This is what a blockchain should look like . Blockchain can only be combined with real economy , Take on its responsibilities 「 blood capillary 」 The role of , Its development can really jump out of issuing money or ICO A development cycle dominated by , Really enter a new stage of development . conversely , The development of blockchain is bound to move towards the old road of barbaric growth .

Explore blockchain and real economy 、 The best way to combine new technologies , Find the coin or ICO There are more new ways out for development , In order to really bring the development of the blockchain industry into a new development stage . This is in line with the general trend of the combination of virtual economy and real economy , It is also in line with the new direction of new technology integration . In the process , Recognize the roles and tasks of blockchain , Find a new breakthrough in the development of blockchain , This is the main problem that every blockchain player should really think about .

Blockchain is not a subordinate role , But the leading role

In many cases , When we talk about blockchain , It is usually associated with big data 、 Cloud computing 、 Artificial intelligence and other new technologies together . This will give people an illusion , That is, blockchain technology is actually a kind of and big data 、 Cloud computing 、 New technologies such as artificial intelligence are the same . Ambiguity about the role and status of blockchain , Finally, the development of the blockchain industry has fallen into a relatively narrow development state .

What we see now 「 Blockchain +」 The emergence of the concept of , It is basically derived from this . When we think of blockchain as a with big data 、 Cloud computing 、 A similar concept of artificial intelligence , It has already entered a new strange circle , Did not really understand the true essence and connotation of blockchain . Carefully analyze big data 、 New technologies such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence , We'll find out , They are actually relatively top-level technologies , That is, they have the conditions for direct combination and application with the real economy , Compared with these technologies , Blockchain is at the bottom .

Whether it's point-to-point data transmission technology , Or distributed data storage , Or is it a consensus mechanism , We can see that blockchain is a lower level existence than other new technologies . therefore , If we only look at the blockchain as a relatively superficial role , Instead, blockchain is not really regarded as a relatively superficial role , The so-called blockchain will inevitably fall into a new development cycle , The function and role of blockchain cannot be brought into full play .

In my submission , Blockchain cannot be simply linked to big data 、 New technologies such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence are viewed side by side , But to be the leader of these new technologies , You can even use blockchain technology to integrate big data 、 New technologies such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence are combined , So as to play a greater role . As a starting point , Analyze and look for new ways and methods of blockchain development , It is more practical than just putting the blockchain in the basket of new technologies .

Blockchain is not a fragmented role , It's a fusion of roles

The present , A deep integration revolution of virtual economy and real economy is taking place . The rise of new concepts dominated by the meta universe , This is the direct embodiment of this phenomenon . Whether it's the digitization of the physical world , Or the materialization of the digital world , In essence, they are all in a sense of integration , Through such an integration, more new needs of users can be met .

However , Now many blockchain players look at blockchain , Just see the direction of the digitization of the real economy . such as , We see the reengineering of blockchain based operation logic , Decentralization based on blockchain, etc . Analyze these landing and applications based on blockchain , We will find that , Blockchain is digitizing the real economy as much as possible , Or in the context of digitization , Further improve the efficiency of the real economy .

Although this approach can indeed lead to efficiency improvement , It can really bring process optimization , however , If blockchain is only regarded as an existence focusing on Digitization , Instead of really looking for the correct function and role of blockchain in integrating real economy and virtual economy , that , The development of blockchain is bound to fall into a new strange circle .

in my opinion , Blockchain is not just an existence at the digital level , It should be an existence that can bridge and connect the digital world with the physical world . When the blockchain realizes the connection between the physical world and the digital world , And really find a new development model , The function and role of blockchain , It can be regarded as giving full play to .

Blockchain is not open-loop , It's a perfect closed loop

Another big difference between blockchain and other technologies is , It can build a perfect closed-loop system , Instead of just being limited to a certain stage or a certain process and link like other technologies . Carefully analyze the transformation of blockchain to traditional industries , We'll find out , It is a from the bottom to the middle , To the top , Finally, the process of returning from the top to the bottom . This is a perfect closed loop .

From the bottom , Blockchain realizes the most basic data transmission mode and efficiency improvement , It realizes point-to-point data transmission ; From the middle , Blockchain constructs a distributed storage system and consensus mechanism , It realizes a decentralized operation system ; From the top , Blockchain has constructed a new operation system based on digital currency , The realization is a new financial system based on digital currency , Last , Such a high-level financial operation system will feed back to the underlying data transmission , So as to realize the regression of data and numbers .

However , What we see now about the landing and application of blockchain , It is only limited to the low-level data transmission and the reconstruction of the middle-level consensus mechanism , We haven't really found a way to get through with the senior management , Finally, let the function and role of blockchain , Can't get the most out of , Blockchain also does not really form a perfect closed loop . The blockchain we see is in food traceability 、 Legal justice 、 copyright protection 、 Application in the field of organization reengineering , Basically, they all have the same problem , A direct result of the end result is , The function and role of blockchain cannot be brought into full play .

In my submission , The way and method to correctly view blockchain should be to build a perfect ecological closed loop , It realizes the depth of blockchain to the industry 、 Comprehensive and thorough upgrading and transformation . Just limit the blockchain to a certain industry , A certain field can not fully play its function and role , Only by truly bringing the development of blockchain into the whole process , During the development of the whole link , Build a network to get through the bottom 、 Middle and high-level operation system , That's the point .

When the development of blockchain begins to enter deep water , Especially when the meta universe rises , When Facebook Change of name 「Meta」 after , It triggered a lot of thinking . One of the most important thoughts is , Blockchain is becoming a dominant technology type , Instead of being a subordinate role . Deeply understand and understand the profound changes taking place in the blockchain industry , And find new development opportunities behind these changes , To really make the blockchain jump out of 「 Out of bounds 」, Achieve new breakthroughs . That's the only way , We can really understand , The primordial universe does not appear out of thin air , It's the real meaning of blockchain 「 The work of the gods 」.

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