web3. 0 is getting closer and closer. Where are the opportunities contained?

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web3. web getting closer closer.

recently , The United States Congress has concluded a more special hearing , Some companies in the blockchain industry Coinbase、FTX And other companies testified about the growing importance of the market and the industry's desire for regulation . It is worth noting that , At this hearing ,BitFury CEO of Brian Brook He also asked the congressman to popularize science Web3.0 Concept .


Web3.0 It is the underlying protocol of the current Internet “ web ” A derivative of . In this concept , The Internet has gone through Web1.0 Time , Currently in Web2.0 Time , and Web3.0 Is people's expectation of the next generation Internet , It means that the machine can read any information ( That is, the Semantic Web ), The website can provide intelligent deletion and better information according to the information ( Artificial intelligence ), The Internet is everywhere ( The Internet of things ), what's more , The ownership of Internet data will be decentralized .

Web3.0 And Web1.0、2.0

“Web1.0 In this era, Internet content is only readable , Similar to a magazine , Can only see, can't interact .Web2.0 The innovation of the times is that Internet content becomes readable + Can write , Internet users can not only receive content , And create content , But these data are commercialized by a few companies , Include Facebook、Google etc. ,Web3.0 The difference is that users can have ownership of Internet content , You can't have the Internet now ( That is Google And other companies ), But you can have Ethereum .Web3.0 Let users become the owners of the Internet , Not just a monopoly company .” The former Office of the Comptroller of the currency (OCC) Acting director 、 present BitFury CEO of Brian Brook When answering the congressman, he said .

Web1.0: You can only read

Since the last century 80 s , The Internet has officially existed . Content creators have a place on the Internet , but 90 In the s, most users of the Internet were consumers of static web pages , Rarely produce content , People enter the Internet for consumption or just for reading .

Compared with printed publications , We have seen less content review during this period ( Although still dominant ). therefore , People began to question the credibility of the rapidly growing information database .Web1.0 There are loose social networks on , minority “ Internet company ” Controls the content on the Internet .Web1.0 Style websites still exist today , But not very typical .

Web2.0: read - Write

Next is Web2.0 Or the network we know today .Web2.0 Affected by server upgrade 、 Driven by developer skills and faster Internet speed , This is interactive Web The leading way for applications . Some people attribute it to the result of the Internet boom .

Although many companies dominate Web2.0, But there are some giants we are all familiar with . essentially ,Web2.0 It provides everyone with a space to be both a content creator and a consumer , Although not everyone really makes money from what they create . Users make media on social networks , Such as Facebook, Then they can sell personal data to generate considerable income . This is entirely permissible , Because a centralized company has ownership of user data and all user generated content . Although users are both suppliers and consumers on this network , But they are subject to where they create and consume , Transfer power to .

Platform in Web2.0 Is isolated in , Users need to create an identity between each platform to interact , Because platforms don't interact with each other “ conversation ”. Besides , Capital accumulates at the top . Privacy is also a huge problem , Although these centralized platforms have the responsibility to protect our privacy .

Web3.0: read - Write - Have

Ownership is Web3.0 One of the biggest characteristics of —— Participants are interested in their content 、 Full ownership of data and assets .

Born in 2009 The bitcoin network in provided Web3.0 The pioneering spirit . although , The Internet has not yet reached what we think Web3.0, But the products and services being built are considered “Web3.0”. Because they abide by the following principles to varying degrees : to open up 、 De centralization 、 Anti censorship 、 Non modifiable 、 No trust and no permission .

And from the Web1.0 To Web2.0 The change is the same , from Web2.0 To Web3.0 The change is mainly due to the progress of infrastructure , But because governance will be more user centric , Therefore, the way of thinking of builders and developers will also change . With the removal of intermediaries and the existence of data on an unchangeable infrastructure , Data out of control , Therefore, there is no review , The risk of data loss is also lower .

Web3.0 infrastructure

Web 3.0 As a new Internet movement , The first thing to build is Web Underlying infrastructure . In the past few years , Technologies based on mainstream public chains such as Ethereum have been developed to a certain extent .Web3.0 This name appears earlier than blockchain . But before the rise of blockchain ,Web3.0 Due to the lack of solutions, we can only stay in the conceptual stage . With the development of blockchain technology, a number of Web3.0 Related items .

1) Blockchain and side chain technology

At present, the main ecology of blockchain is Ethereum , But the load of Ethereum main chain is increasing , Side chain or layer-2 Layer 2 network has become an increasingly important solution , The side chain structure is ecological , The probability of the technical architecture of the main chain responsible for security is the mainstream trend .

2) Decentralized identity ——DID

Throughout Web3.0 In the framework of , Decentralized identity (Decentralized Identity,DID) It's a crucial part .DID And Web3.0 Consistent with the core concept of , Allow users to own and control their digital identity .DID It contains the user's identity information and privacy data , You can only use... With the authorization of the user , It's safe 、 Verifiability and interoperability .DID The system realizes identity discovery in a decentralized way 、 Identification and verification , Do not rely on the audit and licensing of a centralized identity system . The ID It's completely decentralized , All the data and information belong to the user , Users can independently authorize who can view their data , And whether the behavior is paid .

3) Distributed storage

Web3.0 Committed to changing the data control of the centralized platform , From this point of view ,Web3.0 The project does not store data in a centralized server . therefore ,Web3.0 The project will have massive data storage requirements , Distributed storage is an important infrastructure . Distributed storage has high security 、 Privacy protection 、 Advantages such as preventing single point failure .

4) Point to point network communication

such P2P The network is designed to be decentralized 、 Fully encrypted , And make sure users have their own data . At the same time, it is also the front end dApp Provides opportunities . Imagine a real P2P Communication applications , Completely decentralized , Completely independent of the server , Information 、 picture 、 Video and other information can be instantly transmitted from one device to another with the greatest degree of privacy and security , Users can determine that no third party can access their data , Users will be able to safely store 、 Send and receive files .

Web3.0 Before , Users and builders have to Web1.0 Limited function or Web2.0 Choose between enterprise centralization models .Web3.0 Provides a more open , A fair and secure network , Its network form is not the current Web2.0 Simple upgrade , Combining the advantages of previous times , The core problem it wants to solve , In fact, it is the distribution of platform interests .Web3.0 We should try to solve the problem of benefit distribution on the basis of encouraging people's subjective initiative and value creation . Now is the early stage of the movement , It's also a good time to participate

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