Viewpoint: the meta universe will bring infinite development to NFT

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viewpoint meta universe bring infinite

Although non homogenous tokens (NFT) Trading has sprung up and made headlines , But for most people outside the encrypted world , They're just a gimmick . The primordial universe will change that .

When new technology suddenly becomes a part of life from an inexplicable marginal interest , There will always be a turning point . This point often comes from the combination of many drivers , And now , We are experiencing two such trends, what happens when we reach the turning point at the same time .

mark · zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) take Facebook Renamed Meta Your decision is enough to make the metauniverse headlines all over the world , Although this concept already exists, at least 30 Years. . It was the sudden emergence of the meta universe , by NFT As a speculative encryption gimmick, the restoration of this image provides escape speed .

Morgan Stanley (Morgan Stanley) And other major companies are now predicting NFT The future of , and “ Digital luxury ” Industry forecast , To 2030 year , The value of the universe will reach 500 Billion dollars .NFT The next phase of the cycle has begun .

Not just virtual

The metauniverse is usually considered to be virtual reality and augmented reality , But it's not that simple , Even though VR/AR Increase the expected immersive experience . The meta universe can also be considered from the perspective of games , Such as 《 No. 1 player 》, But it's not limited to . However , Both provide clues about what it will be .

Quote Zuckerberg , Work on the metauniverse has tended to “ Physical Internet ”(embodied internet): An interconnected virtual experience network , Combine numbers with reality , Offer new jobs 、 entertainment 、 Social and creative ways . It can be seen as an extension of COVID-19's home office experience. —— But now it's 3D In virtual space , Whether you're through a helmet or an ordinary 2D Screen access it . Teleconferencing does not mean that a large number of people discuss ; contrary , You can share a virtual space with a group of virtual characters . It's important , Because having a real sense of being can achieve more subtle 、 More natural interaction .

Of course ,Facebook I saw this opportunity very early , And there are good reasons to continue to promote it . The company's Oculus Quest Helmet in 2020 Sold out for most of the year , by VR The market has added a huge impetus , This is mainly due to its ease of use . The speed at which the device gains appeal highlights consumers' interest in 3D Experience new interests : In the past 18 In the months , People who want to get rid of blockade and isolation creatively design the game as a place for social communication , Whether it's 《Animal Crossing》 The wedding in is still 《Red Dead Redemption》 Working meetings in .

There is no more clear indication that , How does the game lay the foundation for a broader experience in the future . Another company that has been concerned about the metauniverse for some time is Epic Games, It's a game giant 《 Fort night 》(Fortnite) The studio behind , A whole year before the blockade , It held an electroacoustic producer Marshmello Virtual concert .Epic CEO Tim Sweeney Bet all your money on the meta universe , Various services including unreal engine design tools are provided free of charge . What is the purpose ? Push the development in the direction he wants to see —— One obstacle is less 、 More interoperable 、 More data sharing directions . Less centralized ; Less harmful .

Metaphysics …… With the help of blockchain

Of course , There is no potential need for a decentralized structure , But it meets the ideal goal considered by many metacosmic advocates :Sweeney Describe it as a “ Open framework , Everyone can control his own existence , Not bound ”.

To create a true metauniverse , Not an independent 3D Space collection , The platform needs to be interoperable and seamless . Payment must be secure 、 Frictionless and immediate , And wherever you are in the meta universe , Must be able to retain and use the assets created ( Like your custom avatar ). Until recently , To participate in the digital world , You must also leave a series of crumbs , Let the gatekeeper ( Game creator, etc ) Recognize you . When individuals use blockchains to track their accounts 、 Assets and transactions , It adds great potential , Users can choose how they behave 、 What you own and what you decide to trade .

Venture capitalists and influential meta universe commentators Matthew Ball Think , Blockchain is the of metauniverse “ The core driver ” One of . He defined another key factor in the meta universe as “ The individual's sense of existence , as well as …… Continuity of data ”. You're online “ life ” The longer it takes , Your personal “ The skin ” The more important it is . Even the most basic pixel art is closely linked to personal identity , Just as people think about CryptoPunks As shown by your enthusiasm , Its owner often says , They feel like they're not punk Closely connected .

in fact , Whether through randomly generated or well-designed functions ,NFT Make it more possible for people to express their personality online . The virtual clothing and accessories selected by users in the virtual world will help everyone feel real about their online identity , And deepen their participation . Fashion and art are important components of self-expression in the real world ; Why should the online world be different ?

As mentioned earlier , Digital fashion is booming , It's in NFT There are new growth opportunities in . Design companies and celebrities are putting skin 、 clothing 、 Hair and pets as NFT sell ;“ issue NFT” It's as popular as releasing an unexpected album . in fact , Musicians and athletes are accepting and selling NFT The possibility of earning royalties on assets , Hope to create a new property right system , Not bound by traditional broker practices .

As digital property rights become legal , Blockchain becomes more secure ,NFT May become a more important bargaining chip . for example , Imagine a team negotiating with Disney about using their characters . Sounds far fetched ? Sotheby's recently saw a DAO( Include 17000 Donors ) Bid for a rare copy of the U. S. Constitution to 4300 More than $ . Although they didn't win the copy this time , But it's clear ,NFT Promoting shared ownership will become a real economic force .

Invest in the future

All this is for capitalism 、 What innovation and creativity mean ? What does it mean for the business model and our life experience ?

From games to ticketing , From software subscriptions to healthcare , A series of revenue sources provided by the meta universe may change the technological paradigm , Keep it away from advertising and big data , And all the privacy and security nightmares they bring . This is certainly not inevitable , But at least one possibility .

The more open the platform 、 The easier it is to access , The stronger this narrative will become . The interconnected platform attracts more users ; then , Seamless 、 Interoperable payment and asset mechanisms increase the motivation for design and transactions —— Circulating revenue throughout the system , And increase the potential of parallel economic order .

Major game companies are already widely providing their meta universe development tools , The clear goal is to encourage interoperability , So it's more widely used . These companies believe that open metauniverse is best for business . This is certainly the best way to create a thriving online economy —— In this economy , Users are encouraged to participate and create value , This will benefit platform developers and user creators .

This time, , technology 、 Philosophy and economic cases may both point in the same direction : The ability to use blockchain Technology , Towards a distributed metauniverse , In which the , Online citizens can eventually escape Web 2.0 The walled garden , And benefit from its contribution . In this exciting new world ,NFT Will bridge the gap between reality and virtual . From identity to enterprise , Tangible ownership will make everything different . This is a new reality .

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