India regards bitcoin as legal tender? Prime Minister modi's social account was stolen

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india regards bitcoin legal tender

Early this Sunday morning , Indian Prime Minister modi's personal twitter account was briefly hacked by hackers . Although the account was soon recovered , But during the theft , The account has shared a bitcoin tweet , Then it was deleted .

The Indian Prime Minister's office announced in a tweet :“ Prime Minister modi's Twitter account @narendrammodi Briefly embezzled . The matter has been submitted to the twitter platform , The account has been immediately protected . Please ignore the tweets shared in the short time when the account is invaded .”


During account theft , Modi's Twitter account posted a tweet with a link , It says :“ India has officially adopted bitcoin as legal tender . The government has officially purchased 500 Bitcoin , And distribute it to all residents of the country .”


This year, 11 End of month , Indian Finance Minister nirmara · Sitaraman (Nirmala Sitharaman) Once said , The government has no plans to treat bitcoin as legal tender .

It is worth mentioning that , This is not the first time modi's Twitter account has been stolen .2020 year 9 month , A self proclaimed “ John · Wick ”( John Wick) Our hacker group broke into modi's Twitter account , Posted a lot of tweets , Call on people to use cryptocurrency to a so-called Relief Fund “ contribution ”

Javier, member of the national media group of the Indian National Congress party · Xie Jill (Jaiveer Shergill) Commented on twitter that , The theft of the prime minister's account is a big concern , Exposed the loopholes of network security . With the progress of technology and reliability , Policymakers must be aware that , Network security and border security 、 National internal security is equally important .

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