Blockchain development technology selection

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blockchain development technology selection

Blockchain development technology selection

DApp framework

DApp, namely Decentralized Application, Go to Centralized application .

We know , General , A complete project includes : Display operation layer Logic layer Storage layer . Blockchain can be used as Logic layer ( adopt Intelligent contract Implement logical processing )、 Storage layer ( adopt Blockchain structure Store the data ) Implementation of . ordinary , We can say that : If... Is used in the application Blockchain Such as decentralized technology , Then we can think of this application as DApp application , The difference is that the application proportion of this decentralized technology in the application is different .

  • Pure DApp application , Logic layer Storage layer They are all realized by decentralized technology , The structure is as shown in the figure :
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  • Considering that the storage cost of blockchain is too high , In the actual project , We only put the key 、 The data that needs to be decentralized is stored on the blockchain , Most unnecessary decentralized data are stored in the database in the traditional way , The structure is as shown in the figure :
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Public chain and alliance chain

With the development of blockchain up to now , It is mainly divided into two directions : Public chain and League chain . Both public chain and alliance chain are blockchains , All have the basic characteristics of blockchain , The difference between them is :

  • Public chain
    • Open style , There is no restriction on the joining of nodes .
    • The public chain needs a corresponding incentive mechanism , Motivate the miners' nodes , To ensure that the blockchain is continuously maintained .
    • There are many nodes in the common chain .
  • League chain
    • Non open , Networks belonging to community components ; There is an admission mechanism for the addition of new nodes .
    • No incentive mechanism is needed , Maintained by the group forming the alliance chain .
    • Alliance chains often have fewer nodes than public chains .

Up to now (2021-08-11), Common public chain technology ( application ) Yes : The currency 、 The etheric fang EOS etc. ; Common alliance chain technology ( application ) Yes :Hyperledger FabricQuorum、 various BaaS(Blockchain as a Service) platform etc. .

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