Low code development blockchain application

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low code development blockchain application

Building low code applications in an enterprise is a big deal . according to Gartner The data of , To 2024 year ,65% Our application activities will be on a low code platform . Embedding blockchains into low code methods is a way to change the rules of the game , Because it allows the organization's processes to be connected to the underlying ledger , And synchronize the processes of multiple organizations through blockchain protocol , Building a de facto enterprise Dapps.

Blockchain development tutorial link : The etheric fang | The currency | EOS | Tendermint | Hyperledger Fabric | Omni/USDT | Ripple | Tron

1、 Why blockchain needs low code development

Low code method is necessary , There are many reasons :

  • Blockchain development needs to be simplified , In order to be adopted by enterprises , Provide an excellent user experience and the ability to integrate with existing processes
  • Enable enterprise users to build blockchain enabled applications , So as to speed up the development of innovative use cases
  • Low code developers will eliminate the bottleneck caused by the shortage of talent and skills in the blockchain , This has been widely recognized
  • Enterprise processes can be extended to inter company use cases

2、 be based on ServiceNow + Provide Blockchain low code development example

To meet this demand , We've integrated ServiceNow and Provide:

  • Now platform Is the leading low code platform , Support IT、 Native workflow for employees and customers , And allow customers and partners to use the application engine 、 Process designer And integration Hub Build powerful low code and no code applications .
  • Provide It is a multi blockchain , Enterprise level two-tier solution , Allow customers' applications Through its API Seamless connection to blockchain , Support advanced functions such as zero knowledge proof , And provide a secure environment to store keys (Vault).

In this prototype ,ServiceNow Connect to the Ethereum public network through an application (Ropsten Test chain ), The application acts as Provide Technology stack connector , Provide complete API With the integration Hub Interaction . This enables other applications on the same service instance to seamlessly connect to Ethereum and other blockchains . This connector application can take full advantage of Provide service , Include Ident、Vault、Nchain、 payment 、 Privacy and Shuttle( That is, the baseline ).

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Upper figure ️ yes ServiceNow Instance and Provide Between " Local " Graphical representation of the connection . for example , We develop a simple application on this connector , Non homogenous tokens can be managed in a business environment (NFT), Allows organizations to create new models using the authorization model library Token class , Casting new Token, And transfer these between users Token. Whereas ServiceNow current " Single service platform " Pattern , this NFT Applications can immediately interact with other applications , For example, asset management 、 Human resources service delivery 、 Interconnected operation 、 Financial services operations 、 Customer service management 、 Procurement service management 、 Delivery of legal services, etc , With this example , We can see with " General certification " The connection between stories .

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By expanding the diagram above ️, We can see multiple organizations / How instances are connected to the underlying blockchain ( Multi blockchain ), And how they use two-tier technology to exchange private information in dynamic workgroups .

3、 Blockchain low code development demonstration video

You can go to Youtube View demo video .

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