From uni V3 video to punk, understand those Daos born for NFT

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If we know the blockchain industry in a historical way , The earliest time node may be traced back to AD 1 century .

at that time , Greek Herod aimed to sell holy water , Designed the world's first vending machine , After thousands of years of development and evolution , As a Cryptologist Nick Szabo Put forward the concept of smart contract to open up ideas .

1993 year ,Szabo Invent the opposite of traditional contracts 「 Intelligent contract 」 The word" , That is, a self executing contract . however , Limited to the immature technical conditions at that time , Lack of trusted execution environment , The idea has not been widely used , until 2015 year Vitalik Launch Ethereum .

As a blockchain platform supporting smart contracts , Six years after the birth of Ethereum , The market has emerged one after another 1CO( New forms of financing )、DeFi( Challenge traditional finance ) And NFT( Creation 「Token turn 」) These three landmark new concepts , The key to supporting these three from concept to implementation is 「 Intelligent contract 」 Large scale application of .

thus , Not only has Ethereum ecology developed rapidly , The narrative consists of the original 「 World computer 」 Develop into 「 Global financial settlement layer 」, Blockchain technology itself has also attracted more attention , And began to penetrate into more and more segments of the traditional financial industry .

It is also worth noting that , The significance of the existence of smart contracts does not just affect the traditional financial structure , Lower the threshold for the public to access financial services , It also lies in providing technical support for the change of human organizational form , namely DAO( Decentralized autonomous organization ) Establishment and development of .


Since the beginning of this year , With NFT The boom continues , Of collectible value NFT A series of works began to emerge , For investment NFT Established DAO It also increases , These include Pleaser DAO、Flamingo DAO as well as Party DAO etc. .

if , In the past six years , We have witnessed the driving effect of smart contracts on the blockchain industry , So how should we understand its impact on DAO significance ? from NFT From an angle , This article will focus on those for investment NFT Born DAO, And explore this kind of investment DAO How will it affect the cryptocurrency market in the future .

One 、 Smart contracts and DAO

DAO(decentralized autonomous organization) It is called decentralized autonomous organization , It acts according to the rules written in the contract , Essentially equivalent to a chain vending machine . stay DAO in , There is no hierarchy among members , Decisions can be voted on democratically . Although most analogies will DAO There is no CEO The company , But in fact, smart contracts play a role in organizations CEO Role .

from 2016 First year DAO project (「The DAO」 Hundreds of millions of losses due to hacker attacks ) Since its birth , There are several token based services in the cryptocurrency market 、 government 、 investment 、 Risk management 、 social contact 、 Media and development DAO, for example Bankless DAO、Gitcoin DAO And Moloch DAO.

according to openorgs data , By 10 Next month , The top 20 Of DAO Holding more than 160 Billion dollar assets , a 6 The monthly rise is more than 2500%, among Uniswap、Compound etc. DeFi The asset management scale of the agreement is the highest . And in terms of numbers , at present DAO There are already super 97 10000 members , a 6 Growth in the second half of the month 5 times ,Sushiswap、Gitcoin And Uniswap The number of members reached 2500 above , rank the top .


( The data come from consensys)

DAO The rapid development of is inseparable from DeFi Push forward , The latter experienced exponential growth last year , It will strongly promote Ethereum and even the whole cryptocurrency market , And feed back DAO The rise of the track , Encourage more people to choose to enter the market in the form of decentralized organization .

Today, ,NFT Enter the market center , Related to it DAO Also announced the establishment of , Open up again for capital layout . Last year to date , The market has sprung up Pleaser DAO、Flamingo DAO And PartyDAO Such as decentralized autonomous organizations , On the chain VC Investment in the form of NFT.

Two 、 by NFT Born DAO

1.Pleaser DAO

Pleaser DAO This year 3 Enter the market on a monthly basis , The story behind its creation is wonderful .

3 month 24 Japan , By digital artists pppleasr The design of the UNI V3 Video( In memory of Uniswap V3 A commemorative video created for ) With 15,000 The price of US dollars starts . at that time , Bidders bid one after another , Prices are also slowly rising , The bidding situation is not warm . However , With Andrew Kang appear , The situation has changed , The reason is that 100 gold ETH Your offer completely ignites the auction atmosphere .

However , Just a few hours before the auction , Everyone thinks Andrew Will be the ultimate winner , be known as 「Pleaser DAO」 New entrants to the competition , With 110ETH The offer beat Andrew.

in fact ,Andrew Kang The offer at that time directly pushed up the purchase cost of other bidders , And want to have the NFT Of Leighton Cusack(PoolTogether founder ) brainwave , Decided to push for linkage , Hope to establish DAO To bid NFT.


Make Leighton To my surprise , His idea was quickly answered ,DAO Each member contributes 10ETH, Make the final offer (110ETH) exceed Andrew Kang offer .

Interestingly ,Andrew Kang Not with DAO Launch a bidding war , Instead, it will 100ETH input PleasrDAO And get Membership , Then with DAO Continue to participate in the auction as a member .


After getting more money ,PleasrDAO Enhanced competitive advantage , There are only two bidders in front of it 「0x421595」 and 「Vas Rel Por」. When PleasrDAO Raise the bid to 165ETH when ,0x421595 Forced out , At this time, the only bidder left is 「Vas Rel Por」.

but 「Vas Rel Por」 It's not an easy 「 To overcome 」 The opponent .Leighton Say ,「Vas Rel Por」 At that time, it was constantly from Tornado Cash Transfer... Into your wallet 100 ETH, This is daunting , Because I don't know how many bullets the other party has , and DAO The amount of money held is public .


After fierce bidding , Pinch a cold sweat Leighton A sigh of relief ,PleasrDAO With 310 ETH The price won the auction .

This is it. PleasrDAO The story behind the establishment , An excellent case that reflects the power of the community incisively and vividly .

purchase UNI V3 NFT after ,PleasrDAO And I've got dog money NFT And Snowden NFT . among , Dog money NFT By PleasrDAO Fragmentation , Split into 160 Million pieces ERC-20 Tokens, , Raise... In the secondary market 11,942 gold ETH, The value is much higher than the starting price (1696.9 ETH).

In terms of Membership ,PleasrDAO At present, there are 52 Bit member , Including Sanjian capital su zhu as well as a16z member .

although PleasrDAO Is for NFT born , But this is not its only mission . After buying Snowden NFT after , Members of the organization revealed , Although the future direction is still uncertain , But in the art collection 、 Angel investment and incubation are three lines of development .

2.Flamingo DAO

Flamingo DAO Established before PleasrDAO, Last year, 10 Month creation . differ PleasrDAO Is formed in an improvised state ,Flamingo DAO Was founded from LAO, The latter is itself DAO, And is NFT trading platform SuperRare And collectible games Aavegotchi Early investors .

As a for-profit 、 An autonomous organization with limited liability ,LAO It aims to establish a new financing and management model , To reduce transaction costs , It is registered in Delaware, USA , from ConsenSys its OpenLaw Introduction , Use smart contract and blockchain technology to design protocols that can create and execute legal contracts .

because LAO Nature has 「 Compliance genes 」, Its hatching Flamingo DAO Therefore, it needs to be developed in accordance with American Law . According to the setting ,Flamingo DAO Membership is limited to U.S. qualified investors ( Such as : Annual income exceeding 20 An individual or joint income of more than $million in the last two years exceeds 30 A $million married couple ; Total assets exceed 500 Million dollars of funds and trusts ), The maximum number of members is 100 people . Before joining the organization , Need to fill out the form , adopt KYC、AML Authentication .

Except to comply with 「 Qualified investors 」 Outside identity , Join in Flamingo DAO Still need to contribute 60 gold ETH. And then , You can get 1% The right to vote , And pro rata investment income . In order to avoid individuals occupying too much decision-making power in the organization , Each member holds a maximum of 9% Right to vote , That is, you can invest up to 540 gold ETH.

Flamingo DAO Disclose in the announcement , Each voting right corresponds to 10 over Flamingo Tokens, , The right to vote is determined by the amount of money held in the member's address . Tokens are not transferable , If the transfer is required, a majority of the members shall vote . As Flamingo DAO Initiator ,The LAO get 20 Ten thousand token .

After obtaining the right to vote , The members may decide on DAO Organizational structure , Liquidity of assets held 、 Use and distribute for voting , And decide whether to issue a new governance token to replace the existing Flamingo Tokens, .

To help the community capture NFT market trends , Get valuable investment advice ,Flamingo DAO On top of the basic organizational structure, a consulting team is also established , Members are called 「 Supervisor 」, and Opensea Lianchuang Alex Atallah、SuperRare Lianchuang John Crain、AxieInfinity Lianchuang Aleksander Leonard Larsen And artists Kevin McCoy Are members of the Advisory Panel .

according to LAO cofounder Aaron Wright Reveal the news ,Flamingo DAO Currently raising 1000 Ten thousand us dollars , attract 40 Members join , Purchase NFT super 600 individual , These include NBA Top Shot Star card 、CryptoPunk And the land in the meta universe .

stay Flamingo DAO Held NFT in ,CryptoPunk The series has the highest popularity . This year, 1 month , The organization announced that 605ETH Buy rare encrypted punk 「CryptoPunk#2890」, The time is about 761,889 dollar , With ETH Prices continued to rise in the second half of the year , The NFT The value is now more than 270 Thousands of dollars .


PartyDAO This year 5 Month set up , The most distinctive feature is that it is more open , With tool properties . if Flamingo DAO It's the garden of high-level players , that PartyDAO It's the playground of retail investors , It can help market participants invest with lower access threshold NFT.

say concretely , Anyone can go through Flamingo DAO The design of the PartyBid( One for NFT Products for collective bidding ) For your favorite NFT Create a crowdfunding pool 「Party」, Attract more people to participate by raising funds NFT Auction , And split the assets after the successful auction , Get the proceeds . in other words ,PartyBid yes PartyDAO Help the public form a temporary DAO Tools for , To make it more open , Help ordinary investors more easily reach DAO. Of course , In addition to launching tools ,PartyDAO It has its own mission , That is to develop into a long-term organization that can fund its sustainable existence .

In terms of use ,PartyBid Currently only supported Foundation and Zora Platform NFT The auction , After the successful auction ,DAO Members can use Fractional Contract to 1:1000 The proportion is right NFT To break up , Simultaneous setting ERC-20 Token code . so to speak , stay NFT In the industrial chain ,PartyBid be in Fractional And other upstream links of the fragmented platform .

PartyBid yes PartyDAO The key to being more open , Provide inspiration and ideas for the product 「 The designer 」 Include Paradigm researcher Dave White/Anish Agnihotri、 Mirror founder Denis Nazarov as well as Solidity developer Anna Carroll etc. .


This year, 4 Mid month ,Dave White Tweet and call on everyone to brainstorm , Discussion and DeFi/NFT Related new ways to play .Denis Nazarov Response statement , You can design an automatic auction NFT Products , And named it... On the spot 「PartyBid」.

Dave White、Denis Nazarov Their ideas were soon by the other Paradigm researcher Anish Agnihotri Put it into practice , Write as a smart contract . thereafter , developer Anna Carroll See the news about the contract on twitter , And get in touch with the above three people , Join the team , Start co creating and optimizing PartyBid.


This year, 8 month ,PartyDAO The document revealed that PartyBid V1 Market performance , call 「 Before going online 48 Within hours ,PartyBid Deal with super 1200 gold ETH And earn more than 60 gold ETH. Since its launch , The user has reported to 「Party」 input 2600 More than one ETH」.

4.Jenny DAO

PartyDAO Reduce public access from the product side DAO, And participate in NFT The threshold of investment , and Jenny DAO It is realized from the aspect of structural design .

According to introducing , Anyone who has at least 1 gold uJENNY Tokens, , And deposit the capital into Metamask Waiting for Wallet , You can pass Discord Channel join Jenny DAO. at present ,Gabby Dizon(Yield Guild founder )、Sebastien Borget(The Sandbox founder ) and Roberto Ceresia(Wrapped Punks founder ) Are members of the organization .

Jenny DAO By selling tokens (uJENNY) The funds raised (70%) Buy NFT, After buying NFT There will be fragmented platforms Unicly Of Jenny Pool in .uJENNY Token holders can pair by multiple signatures NFT Vote on the deal . To be specific , Contemporary coin holders account for more than 50% when , Locked in a smart contract NFT Will be unlocked , Allow third parties to buy . And then ,uJenny Token holders can share in the auction NFT Acquired assets .


Address data display , at present Jenny DAO hold NFT The quantity is over 110 Pieces of , These include Bored Ape Yacht Club、PUNK And Meebits And so on NFT works . And in the Jenny DAO In the vault , The organization currently holds 706.01ETH, Value exceeding 330 Thousands of dollars .


Jenny DAO This year 4 Month set up , And then complete the following month 700 Ten thousand dollar financing , Institutional investors include Multicoin Capital、Animoca Brands And Ascensive Assets etc. .


This year, 9 Established in RED DAO Although it is also due to NFT born , But it is significantly different from the above three , That is, more focus on investing in digital fashion NFT.

“ Digital fashion on the blockchain is a huge emerging opportunity in the ecosystem ,“Red DAO Member and crypto investment company Magnetic The managing director Megan Kaspar In an interview with Decrypt The interview said . According to introducing ,Red DAO The main hope is to bring together members interested in supporting the digital fashion ecosystem , Support... In the digital wearable device and fashion world 、 Buy 、 collect 、 Investment goods and digital clothing .

This year, 10 At the beginning of ,Red DAO With 423.5 ETH( Time value 127 Thousands of dollars ) The price is a Jewel Crown 「Doge Crown」, Obtain physical objects and corresponding NFT, At the same time, two digital clothes were photographed , The total amount of the three investments exceeds 190 Thousands of dollars .


Red DAO The reason why I favor digital fashion , It also stems from optimistic about the meta universe (Metaverse) Coming of age . Megan Kaspar Express ,“Metaverse Wearable digital fashion NFT by NFT Brings a new use case , Some of these use cases are related to real objects . This vertical industry will become Web 3.0 One of the largest categories in . Items can be in Metaverse In real time 、 Public and global display , With immediate ownership verification . Fashion is part of one's identity , Naturally, it is also part of their digital identity .”

What's interesting is that ,Red DAO The establishment of is also related to Flamingo DAO of .“Flamingo DAO Our deep insight has led to a focus on fashion NFT Of DAO incubation .“ Megan Kaspar Say .

according to Red DAO Website , at present DAO Membership 42 position , Each member can use 50 gold ETH Buy 100,000 gold Red ( Voting weight 1.59%), You can buy up to 300,000RED.

3、 ... and 、DAO Present and future

2016 So far this year , As the project technical team pays more attention to the security of smart contracts , And more new concepts 、 New ways of playing keep coming up , The cryptocurrency market has changed from 「The DAO」 Out of the haze of events , Start to get to know DAO The value of , And start building DAO Market structure .

Except for NFT The investment type DAO, Other types of projects are also seeking to DAO The way continues to develop .10 month 30 Japan , Blockchain media Decrypt Announce launch PubDAO, It plans to promote its development by issuing tokens . future , If more projects choose to adjust the organizational structure , So focus on helping build DAO Tool projects will get more attention .

in addition , With DAO Continuous development , Accompanied by 「 compliance 」 The problem is also noteworthy . And here's the interesting thing , Ethereum startups OpenLaw Seems to feel DAO The undercurrent of the track is surging , Recently announced that it is reshaping the brand , Will become DAO The incubator , Focus on helping DAO Operate legally in the United States .

In the long run ,DAO This kind of organization may not focus on a certain track in the future , But pay more attention to the structure of the organization itself , Participate in the cryptocurrency market with an elite community .

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