Is it wise or impulsive for Facebook and Microsoft to fully enter the meta universe?

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wise impulsive facebook microsoft fully

What are the hot words on the Internet this year ? Believe in “ Meta universe ” I'm sure I'll be in line . Especially not long ago Facebook The company changed its name to “Meta” the , Let this concept completely out of the circle , Further into the public view .

In fact, the meta universe is not a new word that has just emerged this year , It comes from 1992 Neil, American novelist · Science fiction published by Stephenson 《 An avalanche 》 in “Metaverse” The word" , And from the Millennium , Through film and television 、 Novels and all kinds of games , Convey similar concepts to people over and over again .


But until now , The meta universe finally has the possibility of being put into practice , It has attracted industry giants to layout . Whether it's social media “ overlord ”Facebook Or technology “ Big brother ” Microsoft is hard to resist its charm . Regarding this , People in the industry have also expressed their different views ……

Facebook Change of name Meta, Xiao Zha's meta cosmic ambition is not small

This year, 7 month , Zuckerberg publicly described his vision of the metauniverse , And hope that in about five years Facebook Build a meta universe company , After that, it also announced the establishment of a team dedicated to the development of the meta universe . here we are 10 month 29 Japan , stay Facebook Connect 2021 Augmented reality and virtual reality Conference , mark · Zuckerberg officially announced , Change the company name to “Meta”, The new name is the metauniverse “Metaverse” The prefix of . At the same time, its stock code will change from 12 month 1 From “FB” Change to “MVRS”. This move is so clear that Facebook Ambition in the meta universe .

At the press conference , Zuckerberg painted a very cool future world around the meta universe . At the time , Seamless switching between reality and virtual , Everyone has their own digital avatar , You can enter the virtual meta universe at any time , And have all kinds of entertainment with real or virtual friends 、 social affair , Like watching a concert 、 motion 、 Play online games, work remotely, attend meetings, etc .

Zuckerberg said :“ today , We are often seen as a social media company , But in us ( company ) Of DNA in , We are a company that builds technologies that connect people . Metauniverse is the next frontier of science and Technology , Just like when we built social networks .” And the moral of the new name , Zuckerberg mentioned “meta” The word comes from Greek , intend “ transcend ”. For him, , It symbolizes the need to constantly build new products , Open the next chapter of the story .


actually , According to Zuckerberg , He officially launched the restructuring plan secretly more than six months ago . He said , since 2012 Years and 2014 Annual acquisition Instagram and WhatsApp since , I've been thinking about rebuilding the company's brand . And these years ,Facebook It seems that he has been doing “ matting ”, For example, create more profit opportunities for content creators , Build community cohesion and related functions , And ongoing research VR And increased efforts in hardware .

Such as last year , The company has released the latest virtual reality helmet Oculus Quest 2. This year, 8 month ,Facebook Launched a Horizon Workrooms Virtual reality Services , This virtual conference can bring together people using virtual reality headgear , It's like they're actually attending a work meeting . This year, 9 month , The company also announced to cooperate with ray ban to create smart glasses that can record video Ray-Ban Stories. At this year's Conference , The company also showed an augmented reality glasses that is still under development Project Nazare.


so to speak , After the change of name Facebook No longer limited to social , all-new Meta Integrate the company's applications and technologies into a new company brand , The point is to make the metauniverse lively , The goal is to get out of the social field , To build a new digital virtual world . It will be social 、 game 、 Work 、 Education and other fields , Include all aspects of people's daily life . Zuckerberg wants , In the next ten years , The universe will have 10 Billion users , With hundreds of billions of dollars in digital commerce , And provide jobs for millions of creators and developers . And before the metauniverse reaches scale , Meta Billions of dollars will be invested in the next few years .

Microsoft layout metauniverse , Not on a whim, but prepared

Following Facebook renamed Meta after , Microsoft is not willing to be weak , stay 11 month 2 Day Ignite It was announced at the meeting that , Introduction Mesh for Microsoft Teams Solution , That is, Microsoft's hybrid reality platform Mesh Integrate into video conferencing tools Teams in , Allow people from different geographical locations to collaborate and share holographic experiences , Join the virtual conference 、 Send chat 、 Collaborative processing, shared documents and more .

Mesh for Microsoft Teams A series of immersive spaces can be pre built , Various environments that support meetings and social activities , Anyone can use an animated avatar to attend the meeting . The launch of this software also means , Microsoft has officially become a leader in the meta universe “ No. 1 player ” One of . In addition, Microsoft Mesh Katie, chief product manager · Kelly said , Microsoft's implementation of the metauniverse began with human experience , So the sense of existence 、 Talk to people 、 Eye contact and reaction will be crucial .


The software is currently being tested , Expect to 2022 This platform will go online in . When the time comes , Users can use Microsoft's MR Head display HoloLens or VR、AR Experience with head display device , Customers without corresponding equipment can also experience 2D The content of . The first function of the software is to have a digital avatar Microsoft Teams Chat and conference program version , Maybe it won't be long , People can write in the metauniverse created by Microsoft Word、 do PPT 了 .

Although this is the first announcement of a move into the meta universe , But it's actually a long time ago 2017 year , Microsoft bought VR Social companies “AltspaceVR”, And hope to become the best mixed reality community in the world . According to relevant data , Microsoft and its affiliates , Currently in the world 126 A country / Regional , More than 1600 Pieces and “AR/VR” Related patent applications . among , Valid patent 690 More than , Grant invention patents 710 More than . These measures also seem to indicate that Microsoft will start from AR/VR The field officially explores the world of the meta universe .


Besides , Besides working in the meta universe , Microsoft also revealed that the future Xbox The game will be added to the metauniverse project .Nadella Express ,《 halo 》 series 、《 My world (Minecraft)》、《 Microsoft Flight Simulator (Flight Sim)》 Can be a meta universe , But the point is how to get them from 2D To a complete 3D The world .

Brad, President of Microsoft · Smith. (Brad Smith) In an interview with Reuters at the European Network Summit, he said , All technology giants will enter the meta universe ,Facebook、 Microsoft 、 Companies such as Google and Apple may develop their own versions . Smith thinks it's important not to let hype cover up long-term technology trends :“ I think the meta universe will be very big , And it's very important . It must protect privacy and digital security , And prevent false information and manipulation . We're all talking about the meta universe , As if we were going to enter a new dimension . But it's not like the heaven we're going to after death . We will still live in the real world with people .” Besides , He called for cooperation in the development of the metauniverse , To promote interoperability .

Meta& Microsoft's entry into the meta universe , The response in the industry has been mixed

With Facebook More and more details about the metauniverse are officially disclosed , Many supporters are excited to say “ The meta universe has come ”. However , Resist or doubt Facebook There are also many voices , In particular, the views of people in the industry have attracted more attention .

First ,CoinDesk Publish analytical articles 《Facebook Steal encryption ideas again with its absurd renaming 》. The article said , Zuckerberg's vision of the meta universe and the blockchain industry's first open plan 、 The vision of interoperability has little to do with . Even though Facebook Online virtual reality (VR) There will be some form of NFT Integrate , But the broader vision is not Zuckerberg's .CoinDesk The author also mentioned user privacy 、 monopoly 、 Legal and regulatory issues , Finally, it is concluded that ,Facebook The metauniverse being built is a digital version of hell .

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt The same is true of Facebook We doubt whether we can successfully build a metauniverse , And think Facebook The metauniverse may not be the best choice for mankind . In an interview with CNBC“Squawk Box” In an interview with the program, he said , He said :“ I look forward to the excellent innovation of metauniverse , I've been waiting for about thirty years , But as for Facebook Whether it will be established , I don't know .” Eric Schmidt Also said , He will continue to use Facebook, Rather than using “Meta” To call this company , Just like others call Alphabet by “ Google ” equally . When it comes to the regulation of the meta universe , Eric · Said Schmidt :“ We need to figure out the meta universe regulation , But now I don't think we know how to regulate this field , I don't think today's regulators have the right statement , Not even how to discuss the problem .”

And in the HTC According to Wang Congqing, President of China , The construction of the meta universe , It has rich technical logic , Including the underlying technology 、 Interaction layer 、 Decentralized systems 、 Spatial computing layer 、 development tool 、 Search layer 、 Experience layer and other seven layer technologies , Only by doing solid work at each level can we have a truly complete meta universe . Wang Congqing thinks ,Meta The push for the meta universe is to see it as a product 、 A system , Adopt closed and controlled ideas to develop , Not as the next generation Internet . The next generation Internet needs an open mind 、 Interoperability 、 Privacy protection , Need rich and open industrial ecology .

Compared to Meta The skeptical view of building a meta universe , Microsoft presents the views of all circles on it in another form . comparison Meta The market value of , As of Beijing time 11 month 3 Early morning , Microsoft's market value broke through 2.5 Trillions of dollars ( About us 16 Trillion yuan ), First in U.S. stocks , About... Higher than apple 400 Billion dollars . Microsoft's breakthrough in market value , It seems to send a more positive signal , Whether from enterprise applications or consumer applications into the meta universe , Will bring more pragmatic to the industry 、 More explicit 、 Demonstration effect with more development confidence .


The definition of the metauniverse and what it contains vary from stakeholder to stakeholder , But the competition is becoming more and more fierce , except Meta and Microsoft , Many companies related to the meta universe are quietly making efforts , In China, such as Tencent 、 Byte beating and other companies also act frequently , Even triggered “ Meta universe ” Trademark rush registration . so to speak , Technology giants in the direction of the meta universe “ The fairy to fight ” It's almost certain , Maybe in the near future , We will enter the world of the meta universe .

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