A brief analysis of the new pledge mode: superfluid pledge

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brief analysis new pledge mode

Original title :《DeFi The way to understand what is Superfluid Staking( Superfluid charge )》

Staking、Liquid Staking、Superfluid Staking……

These three words stand for PoS Pledge of assets 3 In the form of , among ,Staking Is the initial form of pledge , Its capital efficiency is also the lowest , and Liquid Staking Is an alternative that has become popular this year , It allows users to pledge any number of ETH( Or other PoS assets ), And don't worry about locking up , Users can get pledged derivative assets immediately ( for example stETH), And deposit these derivative assets into a third party DeFi application ( So as to improve capital efficiency ), The projects represented are Lido etc. .

that Superfluid Staking( Superfluid charge ) And what is it ? This is from Paradigm A new model of leading investment AMM project osmosis A core concept to be implemented .


Osmosis brief introduction

Osmosis It's a use Cosmos SDK Build a cross chain AMM, Its push comes from 2021 year 6 month , Currently connected to support IBC Blockchain of the protocol , So far , The AMM Protocol locked TVL More than the 6.5 Billion dollars , The daily trading volume is also growing steadily .


Osmosis Of AMM yes Balancer The iterative version of , It allows custom weights and pools of more than two assets ( as well as Balancer Of LBP function ).

stay Balancer On the design of ,Osmosis utilize Curve The instrument is designed to distribute liquidity rewards , And allow external agreements to load their rewards into Osmosis In the instrument of .

And these functions are just the beginning , To 2021 end of the year ,Osmosis Will be the first to eliminate MEV The attack DEX, No preemptive trading , No sandwich attacks or gas The war , Traders will also enjoy trading privacy .

Superfluid charge (superfluid staking) What is it?

Osmosis A method called “Superfluid Staking”( Superfluid charge ) The mechanism of , It allows the OSMO Holders pledge their tokens , And provide liquidity ( So you can enjoy two returns ), This can not only improve the security of the network , At the same time, it can maximize capital efficiency .

Now let's understand what superfluid pledge is in a simple way , for example :

A take 1000 Put dollars in atom/osmo A pool of liquidity ( The weight of 50%/50%) in , This way LP Market maker APR At present, it is about 100%, But through superfluid pledge , You can put it in the pool 50% Of osmo Pledge to a verifier , therefore ,A Now through the same pool staking Pledge incentives and liquidity mining incentives .

For example ,staking Of APR Also for 100%, be A Deposit in 1000 dollar , In general LP In this case, the income is 2.7 dollar , In the case of over current pledge , His daily income is (2.7+1.35)=4.05 dollar .

There are also early alpha The opportunity to , for example , stay juno/osmo Pond , You can get triple rewards :swap cost 、osmo Rewards and juno Reward .

as time goes on , We are likely to see other AMM Turn to your own blockchain , This design may be to build AMM The best way .

DeFi Superset

Imagine ,Uniswap Have its own proof of interest (PoS) chain ,Uniswap Now you can connect hundreds of networks , Thousands of asset pools , Most of them use UNI As an underlying asset ( instead of ETH),Uniswap AMM Soon it will support the whole chain DeFi The ecological system : Loan agreement 、 Option market and stable currency supported by multiple chain assets ……DeFi Completely transferred from Ethereum to Uniswap On the chain .

In this world ,UNI Not just a governance token , It is also a pledge token of the Internet ,LP It can be in the liquidity pool and Staking Use their... In the pool UNI Tokens, , Earn transaction fees and Staking Reward .

under these circumstances ,UNI What will the market value of ?1000 Billion dollars ?5000 Billion dollars ?UNI Not only will it be the most valuable DeFi Blue chip , It will also be the only blue chip , It will replace ETH Become DeFi The base currency .

Is this a dream ? in fact , This is it. Osmosis What I'm trying to do now : take AMM As the whole blockchain , Connect all other chains , And take the protoplasm pledge token as the basic asset of the liquidity pool .

This function cannot be realized on Ethereum blockchain , Because Ethereum can't go to Uniswap or Sushiswap LP issue ETH Reward .

Osmosis The over current pledge will make everyone in the market AMM Feel depressed , Eventually we'll see DEX( Especially cross chain DEX), Will turn to their own blockchain , So that they can copy Osmosis Formula .

And when people realize what they need to do ,Osmosis The network effect has been realized .

You can take Osmosis Imagine a strange asteroid , Like Frank · Herbert's science fiction 《 Sand dunes 》 Medium   Arakis (Arrakis), Arakis (Arrakis) It looks simple and barren , But under the sand , The most valuable commodity in the universe is forming : An extremely rare spice , be called melange.


seek OSMO The benefits of farmers

If you Osmosis current TVL To judge it , Then you'll end up with those who drive through arakis (Arrakis) Like an Explorer ,OSMO It will be possible to become cross chain DeFi Most valuable in 、 The most demanding asset , It will become more and more scarce .

Reference article :https://fionamurakami.medium.com/the-defi-superset-understanding-the-value-of-the-osmo-token-f88fdc999388


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