Explore the future development of NFT segmentation, gamefi composability and fragmentation deserve attention

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explore future development nft segmentation

stay 2021 Years since NFT On the upsurge , Ethereum has proved to the world that it is not just decentralized Finance DeFi The paradise of , More so CryptoPunks As the representative of the decentralized distribution center of world cultural values .

Maybe in the past NFT In the boom, you focus on big companies and NFT On the close relationship between , for example Visa Purchase Cryptopunk、 Alipay online two limited edition Dunhuang theme NFT The skin 、《 Time magazine 》 Introduction NFT series 、 Sotheby's 、 Christie's and other auction houses have repeatedly NFT Included in auction 、LV Introduction NFT Treasure hunt game Louis the Game wait , But it's just NFT One of the many landscapes on the road of development .

With NFT The overall return of the market to rationality , Perhaps more possibilities are worth exploring , This may include NFT Social properties of (SocialFi)、 Game properties (GameFi)、NFT The composability of 、NFT Fragmentation properties of .

1、NFT Is returning to reason

Obviously , A lot of data shows ,NFT The market is returning to rationality .

although NFT The market value and number of holders are growing , But decided NFT The most important data of market activity “ Daily trading volume ”(24H Volume) But it's falling .Nftgo Latest data , The data is in this year 8 Touch at the end of the month 3.5 A record $100 million , And in 10 month 29 Japan touched the extreme value of history 5.6 After $100 million , Then step into the descent channel , At present, the data is only 3100 Thousands of dollars , Compared with the former , The decline is more than 90%, Compared with the latter, the decline is more than 95%.


Data sources :Nftgo

Besides ,NFT The overall ecological data is not so bright .Nftgo Latest data , Whole NFT The number of ecological transactions this year 8 month 25 The day reached a phased high 1.87 After 10000 people began to decline , at present 24H The number of active traders is less than 0.9 ten thousand people , The decline is more than 50%.


Data sources :Nftgo

Encryption was once a leader in art CryptoPunks NFTs The same performance is not so satisfactory ,dappradar data display , This application is used in 30 The number of active users in a day is 990, falling 24.3%, The number of contract interactions is 4380, falling 34%. The downward trend is very demanding for liquidity NFT For the market , Almost fatal , That's why there have been a lot of new releases recently NFT The root cause of art breaking .


Data sources :dappradar.com

NFT It is a fact to return to rational development , It also makes us think ,NFT In what direction will the future develop , In my opinion , stay NFT In the next development , Its social attributes (SocialFi)、 Game properties (GameFi)、NFT The composability of 、NFT The fragmentation properties of will get important development .

2、NFT Social properties of (SocialFi)

So-called SocialFi Refer to Social+NFT+DeFi, stay SocialFi People build social and financial links around several common goals .

stay 《 Brief history of mankind 》 in , By Yuval · Herally thinks “ The reason why man has become the master of the earth , Is that humans can create and believe fictional stories ”. The driving force behind this is social .

although NFT Images also have certain social properties , For example, buy at the same time Beeple There will be a connection between collectors of works , Will also establish contact with the author , Hold what was once the most expensive CryptoPunk#7804 And CryptoPunk#4156 Investors must have the impulse to connect .

So ,NFT Avatars become labels of identity . Like when you ask some boring ape holders why they chose to buy , They will answer , Having a monkey head can enter the monkey holder community group , And you can contact other monkey avatar users through private letters . Although there is a deep element of showing off , But then NFT Holders do organize online social networking .

At the social level ,Loot Do it more thoroughly , Because he brings community creativity into the project , Greatly open the enthusiasm of participants .

Loot founder Hofmann Allow the community to use it in any way they want Loot NFT. This includes social .Loot The creators of the community will even be based on Loot Make exquisite game characters with the attributes of ,Loot Really inspired the great creativity of the community . Of course , This is not the end . The future may be based on Loot There may be more RPG game 、 Characters 、 Place class 、 Nurturing games , Even Metaverse Included in the Loot ecology .

Of course , come from NFT The social attribute of is also reflected in the level of community identity .

2021 Since the start of the year , With the help of retail investors on Wall Street GameStop Prevent the movement of financial institutions from spreading into the currency circle , The dog money bucket erupted , The hurricane that blew into the coin circle made the crypto community realize , The original consensus of encrypted assets can be shaped in an instant , Millions of retail investors in Tesla founder Elon · musk ( Twitter fans exceed 6000 ten thousand ) Lead by , Successfully created a dog coin .

This is sort of SocialFi The earliest form , Although there is no NFT involved , But this model is not the present DAO Tissue morphology —— Community Leader adopt Discord/Twitter/Telegram Wait for social software to organize fans , To support an artist 、 A certain type of art form , This is the purest SocialFi.

3、NFT Game attributes of (GameFi)

stay Axie Infinity With the help of , We recognize that blockchain + The game introduces a new economic model , So that game players can directly participate in the bottom construction of the game , And can get the long-term development bonus of the game , This new model depicts a picture that everyone can participate in “ Play and earn ” Beautiful picture .

Although the realization of this beautiful picture is not satisfactory , But the market value is close to 90 $ Axie Infinity It still shows a growth trend in the near future . In the last month , The most popular in the encryption game section Axie Infinity In succession 30 Keep the number of users growing within days ,30 Daily increase 27%, The total transfer amount of the contract is 10.75 ten thousand ,30 The daily increase is 22.2%.

Besides , according to 01 Block chaining 《2021 year NFT Investment and financing report 》,2021 Since then ( to 10 End of month ), The global NFT Related industries have 201 Start financing , Games and encryption assets account for the majority , Occur separately 50 Start up and 42 rise ,NFT The trading market 25 Start financing 、 Investment management occurs 16 Start financing . It can be seen that the capital market is also paying high attention to the future development of encryption games .

Besides , Here's the thing to watch , People for GameFi Our cognition is undergoing profound changes .

If I go back 3 Years ago , When the encryption cat explodes , People are still talking about how to send a NFT Tokens and make him more valuable , It seems that whether the game is fun or not is not the key to the problem .

Axie Infinity The emergence of encryption game developers “ Made a sample ”, Developers are beginning to realize , It turns out that a less complex encryption game can directly defeat the king's glory at the revenue level , Ascend the throne of the industry . So fun has become the most important focus of such games .

therefore , People just found out , It turns out that before a game really becomes fun , Game built-in assets are impossible “ valuable ” Of , The number of players you can attract is the key to determining whether the game assets are really valuable , If you only focus on assets , So I made “ Climb a tree to look for fish , concentrate on trifles and neglect essentials ” Error of , After all, unimportant things , Even if you do it well , At best, it can only be regarded as “ Unimportant good things ”.

at present , A large number of beautiful pictures have emerged in the industry , A game project with a grand story background , Although most of them are still in the early stages of development , But it's definitely worth looking forward to . This includes running in Solana Star adventure strategy game on Star Atlas, Adopted Axie Infinity Strategies are specifically developed to improve performance Layer 2 Layer 2 network Immutable X The role play of 、 Battle and collection games Illuvium, Run on high-performance basic public chain WAXP Upper Alien Worlds etc. , Are worth it in 2022 Focus on .

GameFi I'm afraid it's following SocialFi After that, the most potential project . according to Newzoo stay 《2021 Global game market report 》 Described ,2021 year , The total number of global gamers has exceeded 30 The million mark , Expect to 2024 year , Gamers can reach 33.2 Billion , Global game revenue will reach 2187 Billion dollars , If nothing goes wrong , Hundreds of billions of traditional game markets , Will become the target of the encryption game .

4、NFT Composability and fragmentation properties of

The word composability appears more in DeFi in . We know DeFi Also known as financial LEGO , Composability is DeFi The most basic feature . On the Ethereum network , Different DeFi Aggregation and interaction of applications are very common , Aggregate transactions 、 Flash loan , Liquidity mining , hold LPtoken ( Liquidity voucher ) dig , Even the NFT combination DeFi How to play the platform , And it's gradually emerging , This is because everyone is based on the bottom of Ethereum , In a single transaction , Multiple smart contracts can be called at the same time .

NFT And DeFi The combination of , For example, in Uniswap V3 Became the first liquidity provider (LP) Positions are denominated in non homogenous tokens (NFT) Present in form DEX, This innovation is known as making NFT Really plug in the wings of Finance , Imagination is infinite .

Of course ,NFT The composability of is by no means limited to this .

As mentioned earlier Loot It is NFT The standard example of LEGO ,Loot The project only provides the basic minimum unit that can be combined —— A blank sheet of paper , The subsequent imagination is created and followed up by the community —— Fill in various attributes 【 weapons (Weapons)、 Breastplate (Chest Armor)、 Head armor (Head Armor)、 Waist armor (Waist Armor)、 Foot nail (Foot Armor)、 Hand armour (Hand Armor)、 The necklace (Necklaces)、 ring (Rings)】, This decentralized model still has huge imagination space .

Besides ,Loot The imitation disk of , from Yearn founder Andre Cronje(AC) stay Fantom The development of Rarity, The project is under visualization UI、 Add some 、 Automatic adventure upgrade 、 Bulk upgrade , The trading market has made more bold attempts ,Rarity Set the 11 An adventure character (Loot Yes 8 individual ), The subsequent game play is decided by the developer ,Rarity The game is written by members of the community , Eventually these projects , Under the combination of many attributes , It will eventually evolve into a game created by the public , This is impossible in the traditional market .

however , So far , Limited to NFT Low liquidity efficiency ,NFT The composability of is far from happening between different projects . For example, the most three months , Even though Opensea etc. NFT The trading platform is NFT The transaction has laid a lot of complete infrastructure , but NFT The turnover still has a big decline , data display ,NFT The trading volume is this year 8 Touch at the end of the month 3.5 A record $100 million , And in 10 month 29 Japan touched the extreme value of history 5.6 After $100 million , Then step into the descent channel , At present, the data is only 3100 Thousands of dollars , Compared with the former , The decline is more than 90%, Compared with the latter, the decline is more than 95%. Low liquidity is NFT The biggest obstacle to development —— After all, no one wants to participate in a market where few people are involved in trading .

therefore , promote NFT Liquidity is very important , One of the strategies is NFT Towards fragmentation properties .NFT Fragmentation refers to the design of mechanisms to make NFT From indivisible to indivisible , Finally, it can be like trading BTC Trade like that NFT, Of course, this is not for the sake of division , The essence of segmentation is to NFT Give a new price discovery mechanism . If it can be effectively implemented ,NFT Will be able to participate in mortgage lending 、CEX And DEX Trading and other financial activities , The utilization rate of funds will be greatly improved .

We use Beeple value 6900 Ten thousand dollars 《Everydays: The First 5000 Days 》 Take works of art as an example , How many people around the world have the strength to participate in the trading of works at such a price ? Besides , This work was very valuable at the beginning of the year , Is it still worth the money at the end of the year ? If you will Beeple The works are fragmented and typed into the trading market , Then market traders will have the opportunity to participate in the pricing of the work —— If you like, spend 10 One for us dollars , If you don't like it, sell your own Token.

therefore ,NFT Composability and NFT There is a connection between fragmentation , It's also NFT One of the important directions of future development .

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