What are Xi'an blockchain game development companies in 2021. NFT metauniverse game development

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xi blockchain game development companies

With the recent explosion of the concept of meta universe in major media , Many people are paying attention to what blockchain games look like , At present, which companies can develop blockchain games , Blockchain NFT Is there a face room for yuan universe game now ?

Cryptocat , The world's first blockchain game . Cryptocats are a group of adorable digital mews , Every cat has a unique genome , This determines its appearance and characteristics . Players can collect and breed mews , Create a new meow star and unlock rare properties . Every cat is unique , Different cats can reproduce in two to produce the next generation , The next generation of cats will inherit some characteristics of their parents , Even new features , A rare breed of cat .CryptoKitty One of the core concepts of is , There is a chance to breed a rare cat with a good market price . Airdrop : Early users can get one for free CryptoKitty.

Buy : adopt ETH Buy , On the official website “For Sale” See what's on sale CryptoKitties.

1. stay For Sale The page can filter the target cats according to their needs , The page will show the external characteristics of the cat 、 The price is 、 Algebra. 、 Cooling rate and other properties

2. Click on the cat you want to buy , Enter the cat details page , You can view the detailed properties of the cat , If it's your target cat , You can use ETH Purchase on this page .


If you already have 2 A cat , A special fertility algorithm will extract some from the code of two cats , Back together . Cultivate a new generation CryptoKitties, This includes dominant and recessive inheritance , Cat breeding costs gas fee .

If all you have is 1 A kitten , Can be in siring Find the other half to breed , There is a fee for breeding other cats , The breeding price of each cat is clearly marked , Use ETH After successful payment , You will succeed in getting a cat that inherits its parents' genes .

Blockchain based games are just in their infancy , So it's an opportunity for many game manufacturers in China , It's also a challenge . I am also a senior blockchain game developer , I hope to have the opportunity to communicate with my peers .

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