With the transaction price of bitcoin at its highest level in history 2% Within the scope of , And Ethereum 、Solana and Polkadot The price of has entered a range that has never appeared before ,CoinGecko It is estimated that , The total market value of cryptocurrency exceeded... For the first time 3 Trillions of dollars .

according to CoinGecko The data of ,10 month 20 Japan , The total market value of cryptocurrency has broken through the previous 2.62 A trillion dollar record , And further increased in less than three weeks 14.5%.

before , The total market value of cryptocurrency in this year 5 month 12 The day is approaching 2.62 A trillion dollar peak , And then in 7 month 20 Day from 1.24 A trillion dollar low rebounded . In the previous bull market cycle , The total market value of digital assets is 2018 year 1 month 6 The sun set a new record 8486 Billion dollar high .

CoinGecko The data tracked 518 Of a cryptocurrency exchange 10418 Digital assets .

Although the price of bitcoin has risen sharply in the past two years , But since the 2019 year 9 month 6 Daily reach 70.8% Since the high point of , Bitcoin's market dominance has declined 42.8%.

Bitcoin is still 40.5%(1.22 Trillions of dollars ) Its market share beat its biggest competitor Ethereum , Ethereum's market share is 18.6%(5600 Billion dollars ), The share of the total market value of all other cryptocurrencies is 40.9%(1.24 Trillions of dollars )-- It proves that the field of digital assets is increasingly diversified .

Messari Ethereum filter currently tracks 209 A project built on the Ethereum network , Based on the data of the filter , The current market value of Ethereum ecosystem is 8290 Billion dollars , The dominant position is 27.6%.

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