Digital Universe: the meta universe strategy of Korean giant NFT

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digital universe meta universe strategy

Meta universe (Metaverse) May be 2021 One of the most cited words in . Now in Korea , Regardless of size , Enterprises are actively entering the meta universe arena to seek the future , Even the Ministry of economy and finance of South Korea has publicly recognized that metauniverse is one of the key industries in the future .

When well-known Korean information technology companies compete to join the competition in the meta universe field , The noteworthy phenomenon is : Before big companies fully carry out meta universe business , Their first step is basically to use existing content resources , structure NFT platform .

 South Korea

Korea's largest chat software company Kakao, its Kakao Games Recently announced on the company's website , The company will make serious efforts to enter the meta universe . According to the announcement ,Kakao Games The commercial operation of “ Beyond Korea ” and “ Beyond the game ” The slogan of the .

“ Beyond Korea ”, It refers to the company's commitment to build a more global infrastructure , It aims to release each new model from a wider international scope ;“ Beyond the game ”, Marks the company's commitment to NFT and metaverse Expansion of field .

Kakao Games Through its subsidiaries Friends Games, A is being developed that specializes in sports and game content and the metauniverse NFT trading platform . The transaction category will include Kakao Games Digital assets already used in , Like game items 、 Made by fans K-pop doll , There are even golf tee time reservations .

It is reported that ,Kakao Games Is developing its own meta universe . When the Kakao The group's assets can be in Kakao Games Application on open meta universe platform .

Another big game developer COM2US, It is the earliest and largest mobile game developer and promoter in Korea , by 39 A country's 58 Two operators offer mobile games . The company's recent investments have focused on the meta universe :

First, I participated in Sandbox Project B Round investment , This is based on The etheric fang The meta universe platform of blockchain , By blockchain game company in Hong Kong, China Animoca Brands structure . stay Sandbox In our metauniverse , Players can create and display their own NFT, And own the company 165 Various from multiple partners IP( intellectual property right ), Including Smurfs 、 Snoopy dogs and walking dead IP; Second, participated in Upland Of A Round investment , This is a meta universe game project , Players can trade virtual land .

 South Korea

COM2US The strategic investment in the above two meta universe projects shows that , Although South Korea's top game developers have not announced plans to build their own metauniverse , But already very focused on blockchain .

meanwhile , Outside the game industry , Korean online live and streaming service providers AfreecaTV, stay 11 At the beginning of this month, a new product called AFT Market Of NFT trading platform . Even though AfreecaTV Recently, its popularity in Korea has declined , But it still has 600 More than million unique visitors .

AfreecaTV Of AFT The market is about to launch NFT The auction , these NFT It's the wonderful E-sports program it plays 、 Video on demand and popular streaming 3D avatar , Then you can plan 12 Used on the meta universe platform launched in June .

Korean payment platform Danal It is also planned to launch a NFT platform , Users can use Danal Own payment token PCI Buy NFT.

 South Korea

that , Why did these South Korean new economic giants before developing the meta universe , First, build NFT What about platforms? ?

Seoul comprehensive graduate school of Science (aSSIST) Park Huizhen, an associate professor of venture capital, believes that :“NFT Will become the core tool of the metauniverse , Show a person's digital assets or rights . But metauniverse is not just done with the technology of a company .”Park Insist that , Each enterprise needs to go all out to build a comprehensive infrastructure for a complete meta universe , For example, hardware development 、 Improve network speed and stability , And better computing power .

She said :“ Unless these infrastructure layers are well equipped , Otherwise, these companies will not be able to provide users with seamless services 、 Immersive meta cosmic experience .”. She thinks , establish NFT Infrastructure is the first choice of the above companies to develop , Other floors are still under construction .

Looking forward to the future of the meta universe in Korea , Park Huizhen thinks , except IT Outside the company , Korea's booming creative industry , Include K-pop、K- Drama and movies , It has greater potential in the field of metauniverse ,“ A world without borders is coming . When various physical constraints disappear in the metauniverse , The creative content industry with strong core values will become the focus of attention .”

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