The "airdrop effect" helped ENS to the top of the list, and the heat of the meta universe remained high

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airdrop effect helped ens list

writing :Serena Pei

In the past week, the focus of users is still around chain travel 、NFT And the primordial universe . meanwhile ,Web3.0 Concept and to move towards Web3.0 The targeted products gradually go deeper into the user's attention circle . It is worth mentioning that , The etheric fang The domain name system  ENS  The release of governance tokens and the news of large-scale air drop have aroused great concern in the market ,「ENS」 It was also on the list for the first time this week and reached the top .

 Airdrop Data cycle :2021 year 10 month 30 Japan - 11 month 05 Japan

According to the ENS The token allocation scheme published by the team , ENS The airdrop claim will be in 11 month 8 It's officially open today , And the user must be in 2022 year 5 month 4 Recently claimed tokens . ENS Total amount 1 Million pieces , Of the total supply 25% Will be airdropped to hold .ETH Address users , Eligible addresses exceed 13.7 m ; Besides, there are 25% Your tokens will be allocated to ENS contributor ( super 100 Individuals and teams , And hundreds of Discord user ), in addition 50% Will give DAO Community Treasury . ENS While recruiting ENS DAO Governance representative , Coinbase  The application has been submitted .

The rapidly warming meta cosmic plate since last month is MANA、SAND The surge in has attracted the attention of more users . 11 month 2 Japan , Sandbox game The Sandbox Also completed by Softbank Vision Fund 2 The led 9300 Ten thousand dollar financing . Predictably , The future with the meta universe 、 Games and NFT Plate linkage development , More sense of community 、 More cohesive and more optimized management incentive mechanism DAO The organization will also have great potential .

 Airdrop MANA near 14 Day price change

 Airdrop SAND near 14 Day price change

Web3.0 aspect , People are interested in getting a16z Lead investment focuses on building Ethereum infrastructure WEB API Of  Alchemy  Show sustained high attention .Alchemy Provide fast service for developers 、 reliable 、 Expandable Ethereum network access mode , Can increase the network speed 12 times . meanwhile , It is noteworthy that this month 5 No. 1 focuses on expanding  Solana  Development companies of ecological and other blockchain infrastructure Syndica It's done 800 Ten thousand dollars seed round financing . Alchemy and Syndica There is a certain competitive relationship in products , However, due to different ecological and development stages , The relationship between the two becomes more interesting . It is worth mentioning that ,Syndica One of the leading investors Chamath Palihapitiya Is a top investor focused on cutting-edge technology investment , It can be seen that the Silicon Valley venture capital company he founded Social Capital Also started to work in the field of encryption and blockchain .

Public chain ,Polygon  Recently NFT And the metauniverse are very frequent . According to the Polygon Studio Of   Official news , front Amazon Studio Chief Strategy Officer Matthew Ball And former senior vice president of products and technology of the New York Times Jonathan Glick This week become Polygon Studio adviser , For the rapid development of Web3.0 The world Guides . meanwhile ,Polygon stay 11 month 1 Japan - 11 month 4 The day went on NFT NYC A series of activities have also been held in . Solana The total market value of has recently been 730 US $100 million ranked fourth , Ecological Wallet Phantom Breakthrough in number of active users 100 ten thousand , It is also making continuous efforts in the field of games ,Solana Ecological fund Solana Ventures And FTX、 Speed of light venture capital jointly launched 1 Billion dollar chain game Fund , Studios and start-ups that invest in making chain games . Terra  The growth rate of lock up volume is not bad , Over the past seven days 13.12 %. At present, the top five public chains are Ethereum 、BSC、Solana、Terra and  Avalanche.

 Airdrop The number of male chain warehouses is the top five , Data sources :defillama

other aspects , Ethereum layer 2 expansion network  Boba Network  Will be in 11 month 12 Take a snapshot every day , by OMG The holder 1:1 Airdrop BOBA Tokens, . Poca Ecologically , Parallel chain crowdfunding module has been opened , The project parties participating in the bidding have also launched different forms of reward mechanisms . The brighter thing is  Axie Infinity  In its dedicated Ethereum side chain Ronin Launch tokens on RON To pay for Gas Fei's news caused good data performance . outside ,Meme  Currency is still popular among investors in the secondary market , Its hype atmosphere is also far greater than the practical application value .