Japanese game giant skwell Enix will enter the field of NFT chain games

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japanese game giant skwell enix

Video game publishers Square Enix Plans to release more by  NFT  Driven projects , Including encrypted video games .

It recently released a series based on The etheric fang Of NFT Transaction card , It's sold out .

Traditional video game publishers are embracing NFT And encryption games , Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts) And Ubisoft and other third-party giants have expressed interest or announced their intentions in recent days . Now , Have 《 Final fantasy 》、《 Dragon Quest Monsters 》、《 Tomb Raider 》 Wait for super IP The Japanese publisher of skywell annix ( Square Enix) Also joined the ranks .

As of 9 month 30 In the financial briefing for the six-month period on the th ,Square Enix Describes further exploration by providing collectibles and blockchain based video games NFT A plan for the field .

Square Enix Recently through with developers Double Jump.Tokyo/MCH+ Cooperative commissioning , Set foot in NFT market .Square Enix  Distribution in Japan based on video games and animation franchises “ Million Arthur (Shi-San-Sei Million Arthur)” Of NFT Digital transaction card , These transaction cards are in Ethereum Layer2 Solution Immutable X  Cast on top of .

according to Square Enix The report of , these NFT Stuck in 10 month 14 Issued and sold out .Square Enix The plan passed LVC Increase secondary market trading support , Then explore around NFT Other initiatives . It is reported that ,LVC It's Yahoo Japan (Yahoo Japan) Create a new market , It's also a popular messaging application Line Subsidiary company .

According to the report ,“ We have realized that ,NFT Have a high affinity with our assets .( Proof of concept ) The phase is over , Will transition to full commercialization .”

according to DappRadar The data of ,NFT The market erupted at the beginning of the year , Only recently , In the third quarter alone, the trading volume reached 106.7 Billion dollars .

Square Enix writes , It is now “ Consider stepping into blockchain games ”, And mention digital entertainment “ The changing environment ”, Include “ More and more diverse personal portraits of game participants (profile)/ incentive ”.

The report says , The game is expanding from centralized to decentralized .“ In addition to the kind of content creation we traditionally engage in , We will also focus on blockchain games based on token economy , As a form of decentralized content .”

Ethereum based games  Axie Infinity  Fire in summer , To date, it has generated more than 28 Billion dollars of trading volume . After that , Traditional game publishers use their latest financial reports to show their interest or plans in the field of encryption .

Ubisoft has set foot in NFT field , And provide support for encryption developers . The company recently said , Investing in  Animoca Brands  after , Will make your own NFT game . Wednesday , CEO of ea Andrew Wilson Said on the latest earnings conference call , He thinks that NFT And make money while playing (Play-to-Earn) The pattern is “ An important part of the future of our industry ”, Although he warned that “ It's too early ”.

The encryption game industry has also recently issued a series of major financing announcements , among NFT Game startups  Mythical Games This week announced the financing 1.5 Billion dollars ,Andreessen Horowitz(a16z) Lead investment , Investors include the NFL (NFL) Investment Department 32 Equity、NBA Star Michael · Jordan (Michael Jordan).

Earlier this week ,Animoca Brands  Its meta universe game  The Sandbox  financing  9300  Thousands of dollars . Besides , Crypto exchange  FTX、Solana Ventures  and  Lightspeed Venture Partners  Declare to be based on  Solana  The game set up a  1  A $billion mutual investment fund .

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