Fantasy adventure of "squid", the running leader: meme token, is fun or crazy more important?

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fantasy adventure squid running leader

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2021 year 11 month 5 Japan 15:55, CCTV released the title “ Squid currency soared 5 Fall to... In minutes 0.1 cents ” News and broadcast video .

CCTV news : With a hit online play 《 Squid game 》 Named cryptocurrency “ Squid coin ” There was a crash recently , The price from 10 month 26 Date of issue 1 The cents soared , It soared hundreds of thousands of times and reached... A few days ago 2861.8 The culmination of the dollar , And then 5 It plummeted to less than... In minutes 0.1 cents . The market value of millions of dollars evaporated instantly . Analysts say , This is typical “ Draw carpet ” A scam . There are technical websites , Squid coin developers therefore earn 338 Thousands of dollars . This squid coin has not been approved by Netflix, the publisher of the online drama .

 Pass card

in fact , The report is relatively late , Earlier ones have greater influence , Have more than 4000 Thousands of fans ( There may be a brush amount ) Daily economic news official microblog , stay 11 month 3 Japan 6:18 The title of the release is 《 Instant reset ! In a matter of 5 minute , from 2681 The dollar fell to 0.0007 dollar ,“ Squid coin ” crash ,4 Ten thousand people are confused 》 weibo 、 Articles and videos .

What neither of these media reported was , The real-time message at the time they released the message . stay 11 month 3 Japan 6:18 when , Squid prices have rebounded to 0.03 dollar ;11 month 5 Japan 15:55 when , The price of squid pass is about 0.06 dollar , It's nearly a hundred times from the lowest point .

The irony is even greater , When I look back K Line graph , It is found that the time point of the CCTV news release is very easy to be “ The composition chapter ”, Because then the squid started a round of large-scale lifting .


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11 month 6 It's a big day V With slogans like this :“ CCTV only said bitcoin 、 The etheric fang 、 Dog money 、 Shit money and squid money are scams ”. Although it's a little big V Just making fun of , But big V Their influence can't be underestimated , In the community 、 It is passed on among retail investors “ Consensus ” Part of . The overwhelming publicity of the community makes Ben have IP The hot squid pass and the central media topic have become more attractive to investors . The articles of the central media vigilant against risks have become tools for publicity , It has become the gate to open the flow .

A classic economic concept —— Law of diminishing marginal utility , After several verbal and written attacks by the media under the guidance of policies and policies , Repeat with similar stimulation , The excitement of market feedback continues to decline , Investors believe that its impact is getting smaller and smaller , From the first panic to dull to possible negative feedback : Instead, regulation becomes to expand popularity 、 A tool to stimulate speculation .

Squid pass , Lend to 2021 One of the hottest Internet dramas in 《 Squid game 》, However, before the accident, they were not the only one in the whole network 《 Squid game 》“ Agent pass ”, On the contrary, in my opinion , It is precisely because as 《 Squid game 》 After the named developer run was reported out of the circle , Squid pass (SQUID) Just started to be 《 Squid game 》 Authentic pass , Running became “ De centralization ”、“ Community oriented ” start , So there is the so-called “ The concept of running Token”.

But from another point of view , Whatever the dog money 、SHIB Or squid , More cohesion lies in its “ The effect of making money ”. The running of squid leads to decentralization 、 Community autonomy ; Media coverage has brought great popularity ; Plus the money making effect of pulling up . Of course , Squid's current problem is to concentrate on Chinese communities , Not like dog money 、SHIB It has a global effect .MEME There must be an extremely high turnover rate , If there are not enough takers , Even the short term is unsustainable . This is also made in China Token The overall problem , Not a poor technical level , The essence is that the number of people and the amount of funds can not be compared with the English world .

stay Shib etc. Meme After the upsurge brought by the fire , More and more pass cards are written Meme Make crazy marketing propaganda with the slogan of , And ignore the impact on community culture and Meme Effective polishing of culture .“ Interesting ” Is losing , In its place “ insane ”.

The core of the dog coin may be “ Nonsense jokes ”; In the last year or two , It may be another incarnation of a cute dog with a facial expression ; In Musk's time , It may also be a national “ Musk and his dog ” Second creation . And anyway , Are inseparable from fun and fun , Fun and fun is a kind of Meme Pass is the best way to publicize . Dog money from 13 Date of birth , It is one of the oldest tokens in the cryptocurrency market , Although participants who enter at different times may have different feelings about dog coins , But the culture behind it has been precipitated and accumulated for a long time , This is the reason why its consensus can be so strong , Even in an era without musk .

SHIB To some extent, it's a fake version of dog coin , Airdrop to V God Wallet 、V God will then value 10 Billions of SHIB Donated to India to fight the epidemic , A reversal effect similar to the above occurs again . Although there is a short-term smash , But then because of MEME The moral element added to culture , Even sparked a nationwide pursuit in India ( Monks have to buy SHIB), Once hit a new high , Even more than dog money .

The cryptocurrency industry is also layered . If you want to win the recognition of higher-level people or head exchanges , You can't just stay in the money making effect . For example, will musk make money to push because of dog money ? He must be because of this MEME Interested in the concept of . From this perspective , A successful MEME, Madness and fun are indispensable .

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