The head of the European Central Bank questioned the utilization of the digital euro CBDC

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head european central bank questioned

according to Chainalysis 9 The research report in January shows that , The world Crypto The economy is dominated by central Europe 、 Nordic 、 Based on Western Europe . In the past year , These areas have received about $1 trillion Crypto assets . what's more , This is equivalent to the world Crypto A quarter of the activity .

therefore , The digital euro has naturally become a noteworthy asset . In this context , The ECB (ECB) Executive board members Fabio Panetta Recently published on CBDC Speech .

Panetta Firstly, it points out the problem of the decline of cash utilization in Europe . He believes that the central bank needs to issue digital euros , So people can use cash to store value .


Panetta Pointed out that ,“ Digital euro and cash will complement each other , It will ensure that the central bank currency remains the main currency for the payment ecosystem , And continue to be a means of exchange 、 Value storage and unit of account .”

meanwhile ,Panetta Additional explanation ,“ To achieve this , A large number of people will use the digital Euro regularly . But they don't have to use digital euros in most daily payments .”

Panetta Also on the CBDC Expressed doubts about the success of , He admits that people may prefer other Crypto.

Users may lack sufficient motivation , Not fully aware of CBDC The public interest brought by the existence of , And in view of private Crypto A huge supply of assets , Users may be interested in CBDC Insufficient demand for .”

It is worth noting that ,Panetta Reiterated that compared with the stable currency ,CBDC The advantages of . stay Panetta In my early speeches , He hinted that due to the emergence of stable currency , Central banks may face financing challenges , And called for more regulatory measures .

Based on these comments , Maybe CBDC The founders of inadvertently competed with the stable currency .


The Bundesbank investigated how German citizens feel about the digital Euro . Again , The German Central Bank found ,“ Only 13% Of respondents supported the adoption of the digital Euro .”

As report goes , Most opponents of the digital Euro worry that this will mean the cancellation of cash . However , Most supporters believe that , The digital euro will be a good tool , And look forward to it as a private payment option .

At the same time, on the other side of the English Channel ,Crypto Users are also worried . stay COP 26 Before , British Prime Minister Boris Johnson The promise to take action on cash triggered FUD The storm of .

Boris Johnson Tweet that ,“ I will ask world leaders in coal 、 automobile 、 Take action on cash and trees , To keep the global temperature rise limited to 1.5 Within degrees .”

With the launch of the UK digital Sterling Foundation , Many people are worried about CBDC It may not be a good choice .

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