Analysis: blockchain based game economy is the five major reasons for the future

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analysis blockchain based game economy

Anyone who knows nothing about the outside world may know it , The game industry has been developing rapidly . It is one of the industries that have benefited from the COVID-19 pandemic. . in other words , Ordinary investors may not know the following growth figures : Current value of the global game market 1800 Billion dollars , It is the fastest growing form of entertainment in the world . As a reference , Global film industry value 1000 Billion dollars , The total annual income of all sports in North America is 730 Billion dollars .

 economic Global game market revenue source : Bloomberg 、Pelham Smithers、

Experts predict , To 2025 year , The number of online game anchors will rise to 10 Hundreds of millions of people .2018 Of the four most watched U.S. sports events in , Three are not even traditional sports events . They are E-sports events . for example ,《 Hero alliance 》 The number of tournaments visited is more than that of the FIFA tournaments 3000 Ten thousand times , Than NCAA Many football tournaments 4500 Ten thousand times .

 economic E-sports audience in the United States source :[email protected]

Travis Scott last year 4 On the popular game platform 《 Fort night 》 There was a live performance on . according to TechCrunch and The data of , It gains more than 1230 Million views , by Scott Brought more than 2000 Ten thousand dollars in net income . that , What happened here ? Where does this growth come from ? We can attribute most of it to technological development and exponential growth . Technology continues to change our communication 、 Gather 、 Create and consume information 、 How to transfer value and build an online community . Former CEO of Starbucks Howard Shultz Popularized... With his concept of coffee shop “ Third, physical space ” The concept of . He thinks that , Human beings need a “ Third space ” Come and gather outside the office and home . The answer is Starbucks .

We see the same idea today among the younger generation . But this new space is digital , It's called the meta universe . Now more and more children are playing here . They go there to socialize with their friends , Listen to the music , Or play video games . We can think of it as the next iteration of the digital community :AOL Online chat room , And then there was Myspace,Facebook, Finally, the meta universe . We now have a concert in the meta universe . Fireman Festival (“ Fireman Festival ” Began in 1986 year , Its basic purpose is to promote the concept of community 、 inclusive 、 creativity 、 Fashion and anti consumerism .) It has been digitized . And we're just beginning .

The history of the game

The first video game appeared in 50 Late S , It's similar to 《Pong》 A simple tennis game . later , Where's yadali 1977 It was invented in . Nintendo from 80 Popular games were released in the early s , Such as 《 The Mario Brothers 》、《 Legend of Zelda 》 and 《 King Kong 》 etc. .

It is worth noting that , Over the years , Great changes have taken place in the business model . for example , We used to be in GameStop flowers 60 Buy a game for $ , Then we left . This is a one-time payment , You can play unlimited times . The distribution of the game is similar to the promotion and distribution of Hollywood films .90% Our revenue will be generated in the first two weeks .

This model is now obsolete . Free value-added model is popular . Users experience the game for free , And be attracted to buy in the game , To upgrade your skills 、 Dress up the character 、 Buying weapons 、 Enhance animation effects, etc . Today we are 《Roblox》、《 Fort night 》 And other popular games see this . For game developers , This is a more profitable model , Because it can immerse users , And keep upgrading , Compete with friends . We are turning to such a world , In this world , Social signals pass through the characters in the game 、 The weapons they use and the skin they have are produced in the younger generation . Welcome to this future .

Why is the game transferred to the blockchain

Today's game takes place on a closed data network . This means that users cannot have their own in-game assets ( Like skin 、 role 、 Ability, etc ), And the platform has them .Axie Infinity Breaking the first mock exam. , Because users are Axie Own your own assets on , Such as non homogenous token (NFT), And be able to work in the free market / In the game economy, these assets are sold for profit . Here are Axie Infinity Users since this year 5 Income since January :

 economic Axie Infinity Gross income source :Token Terminal

according to Token Terminal The data of , The annual revenue of this open and unlicensed paid blockchain game is about 27 Billion dollars . Important note : Blockchain technology is a tool for users to own their in-game assets . This is not possible in the technology used today .

Blockchain allows game economy to be formed organically . Users can pay to play games .Axie Infinity Take the lead again in this regard .Axie Users get... Through investment Axie NFT and AXS Native tokens to start the game . From there, , They can play / Compete to earn SLP Tokens, , Because the tokens earned can be exchanged for other encrypted assets or legal currency . In the novel coronavirus pneumonia and economic difficulties , Many users in the Philippines play Axie Infinity Earned several times the usual monthly salary , This is cool . Let me ask you a question : Playing games on the blockchain is paid compared with not getting paid on non blockchain games , Which one would you choose ? As Charlie • What manger said :“ Show me the incentive mechanism , I'll show you the results .”

The public blockchain is open to everyone , No permission is required . Do you have a cell phone and Internet ? very good , Welcome to . In today's closed data architecture , This is not the real way of operation , Especially if you live outside the United States . You can not only participate in the blockchain , And you can get income . With 4G and 5G The development of technology in emerging markets , The adoption of smart phones continues to expand , We can predict , In the near future , More and more users will be exposed to cryptocurrency and blockchain games .

Open protocols will collapse existing technologies and reduce costs . The public blockchain is an open protocol . Ethereum is an open protocol . Anyone can build a game on Ethereum . To do so , Basically, it is to outsource most of the operation and capital costs to Ethereum's basic layer blockchain , This means that it's easier for entrepreneurs to start a game . Low barriers to entry increase competition . This ultimately benefits end users . We have seen this situation many times in history . Blockchain is just the next iteration of open source technology .

De centralization . Because the blockchain is open and does not require a license , Anyone can build on it . This means that we should expect blockchain games built on various primary blockchains in the future , Such as Ethereum 、Solana、Cosmos etc. . Users will be able to easily switch games , They will be able to carry their assets , Like skin 、 In the form of an avatar or weapon NFT. This is impossible today . Besides , If the user chooses , They will be able to trade their NFT Assets for profit , Or they may want to build NFT? Do it —— You don't have to have a game platform to do this .

The game economy is the future , They will happen on the blockchain .

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