To understand the decentralized picture network numbers of money security investment, just read this article

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understand decentralized picture network numbers

Numbers Protocol It aims to make use of traditional cryptography methods and blockchain technology , Create communities in the digital media world 、 Value and trust .  The project uses capture 、 seal up 、 The tracking approach provides authentication of authenticity and traceability of data and content at the beginning of the content lifecycle , Enables users to Claim And retain ownership of its data .

As a platform native protocol token ,Numbers The core of the agreement is $NUM, This is a practical token , Designed to motivate users to create 、 Archive and verify content with good integrity .

In this paper , We will introduce $NUM Several key components of , Include $NUM summary 、 General token economy 、 Upcoming roadmap and token allocation 、 How to get $NUM As a reward ( Such as through Staking ), And how to use... In different network applications Numbers Protocol.

  One 、 What is? $NUM?

Numbers Protocol Our vision is to create an ecosystem , By using evidence 、 Integrity records and data sources to improve the credibility and legitimacy of registered photos on the network , To create a photo ( Including images and videos ) Ecosystems that play an important role . $NUM Token as Numbers Protocol Native token of , Can be used to pay for services running in decentralized photo networks .

$NUM It's a kind of compatibility ERC20 Token of , The total supply is 10 Billion . $NUM One of the great advantages of is that it can also cross the chain to BEP20.


Two 、Token Distribute

This is a $NUM Allocation details of :



$NUM Will be allocated to multiple ecological participants , Each party has its own unique unlocking schedule . 

private —— Invest in the early stage of the project or join the token sales strategy round and promise to act as a technology 、 Business 、 Marketing partners or network ambassadors are investors who make long-term contributions to the network .

Unlock :TGE 10%, lock 3 Months ,21 Every month for a month 4.29%.

Public offering - Contributors participating in the token selling community round .

Unlock :TGE 20%, lock 3 Months , Then every quarter 20%.

 * notes : The details of the public pool and boot pool will be updated after the activity .

Team and consultant —— Consultants and developers involved in building the initial version of the decentralized image network .

Unlock :TGE after 1 year Cliff Or after the network starts 3 Months Cliff( Shorter ), Then every month 2.78%.

  Tokens have Cliff Time limit .

Pre IPO partners and consultants —— Participate in the listing process , Make sure $NUM Pre IPO partners and consultants for a smooth token listing process .

Unlock :TGE 10%, lock 6 Months , The first 7、13、16、19 Each month is 22.5%. 

User rewards and pledges —— Benefit network users participating in decentralized image network ecosystem .

Unlock : Every month in the first year 1%, Every month from the second year 2%, Until all tokens are distributed .

The distribution of user rewards starts after the network is started .

Mobility —  Used to create AMM Liquidity pools and market making , To create a healthy trading environment .

Unlock :TGE 10%, Every month in the first year 3%, Every month in the second year 5.2%.

The ecological system —— Network operators 、 Technical or business partners , And community developers who contribute to the decentralized image network ecosystem .

Unlock :TGE 1.5%, monthly 2%, Until all tokens are distributed .

With the transition from network to community governance , The distribution of ecosystem rewards will be determined by the community .  The fund can also be used in extreme cases , For example, when the network is attacked and cannot run , The money may be used up according to the results of governance voting . 

marketing - Marketing tokens , incentive KOL Participate in and disseminate the project to the community .

Unlock :TGE 17.5%, Then every month 7.5%.


3、 ... and 、$NUM The roadmap

Community / The public sale will take place on 2021 year 11 Month begins , During this period, individuals can buy a limited number of... At a relatively low price NUM Tokens, . During the offering , Only finish KYC Only individuals on the white list of the process can buy . After the sale , Tokens will be listed on the exchange and can be freely traded . 

once $NUM Listed on the exchange ,$NUM The price of tokens will be driven by both market demand and inflation caused by the release of incentive tokens .


$NUM stay Numbers Protocol There are various incentives and practical effects in the ecosystem .  for example , It will be used to reward users , You can earn... By pledge , And use in multiple network applications .


Four 、 Integrity and verification rewards

In by Numbers Protocol Provide support for decentralized image networks , It is essential that the content be traceable and verifiable . This allows users to trust content in order to consume it . 

Although there are no rigid restrictions on creating content that does not have some integrity , But creating content with good integrity ( For example, photos with immutable provenance information ) Or users who consume content with good integrity will get $NUM token economy .


Integrity can only guarantee the traceability of the content , There is no guarantee that the content is credible ;  therefore , There are two ways to build trust in content . 

The first is through professional trust .  If professionals with a good reputation in the relevant field support the content , The content will be considered trustworthy . 

The second is social trust .  If most users agree that the content is trustworthy , This content will be trusted by the system .  Gain expertise and experience by creating / Or the content of social trust , Users will be rewarded .


Earn... By pledge $NUM

Through our pledge plan , Interest will be allocated to the pledge on the platform $NUM Participants . Users can also use pledged tokens to participate in network governance . More details of the pledge plan will be in 2021 Released in the fourth quarter of 2013 .


Use... Across different network applications

And upload to Instagram Or photos on other social media platforms , stay Numbers Protocol Registered photos will be provided such as the creator's signature 、 ownership 、 Transfer information such as history and provenance information . 

This opens up a new way for third-party applications to provide photo services and help users make better use of their photo assets . In some cases , Users will be able to profit from these photo assets . 

These third parties are called web applications , Include NFT market 、Web3.0 Storage 、 Social media platforms and stock images / Video service .


In order to understand this correctly , We provide two sample scenarios :

scene A:

Users can use Capture App Create a photo asset and create NFT.  then , Users can go to Numbers Protocol Put it on the market .

scene B:

Users can use Capture App Create photo assets , And use Filecoin Network App Archive assets to Filecoin.

Because these photos can now be verified , The first 3 Party media websites can cooperate with creators , And leverage proven user generated content at a relatively low cost . 

All web applications can be accessed from Capture App visit , And use $NUM Token payment .  This will create a better user experience for anyone hosting or using photos .


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