Blockchain game NFT game development DAPP mode customization

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blockchain game nft game development

What is? NFT? Why can a pure digital work approach 7000 Ten thousand dollars was auctioned off ?NFT What's good for me ? I believe many people are full of doubts about these problems .

at present , The game industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world . Technological progress is one of the important factors affecting the rapid growth of the video game market . With the continuous innovation and development of emerging information technology , The game market continues to integrate , It makes the competition in the online game market increasingly fierce . Blockchain is one of the latest technologies , It is possible to change the global game market .

Now blockchain technology seems to subvert the traditional video game market . in fact , The current game industry is facing many constraints , Including the lack of powerful hardware to run some games . This social problem and some other problems can be solved by changing from the traditional centralized hardware platform to a distributed eco-economic system .

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