5 minutes to learn about Ethereum NFT expansion solution immutable x

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minutes learn ethereum nft expansion

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In today's fast-growing cryptocurrency world , Many ideas and applications are expanding . And silent for a long time  NFT  A new storm is brewing in the circle . More and more people are talking about  Immutable X (IMX), As the first The etheric fang Of NFT Two tier solution , Why on earth can it become a dark horse to stand out from the Siege ?

 The etheric fang

What is? Immutable X(IMX)?

The official introduction ,Immutable X It was the first in Ethereum NFT Two tier extension solution . It realizes real-time transaction recognition , Great scalability ( Up to per second 9,000 Multiple transactions ), zero Gas cost , At the same time, completely ensure the security of users' assets —— The user keeps the private key . And more direct access to user pain points . Anyone can use their API Build your own... In a few hours NFT Business . It is not a centralized side chain , It's completely secured by the Ethereum chain , While inheriting a layer of security , complete “ Achieve greater, faster, better and more economical results ” Transactions . In addition to labeling yourself with the first NFT Outside the label of the two-tier solution ,Immutable X It also claims that the project is the first implementation 100 % Carbon neutral NFT market . This means that NFT There is no waste of energy in the process of creation and trading , Realized 0 discharge .

 The etheric fang

Immutable X It is essentially an open source protocol , Allow anyone to develop their own decentralized market , Blockchain based games , And various other decentralized applications , And realize real-time transaction , zero gas fee .

IMX yes Immutable X Native token of , It is a kind of ERC-20 Utility tokens . The token was created to accelerate NFT Confirmation and approval of transactions , And applied to ecological management , besides ,IMX It is also used in the following aspects :

  • Pledge to earn rewards
  • Pay for the transaction
  • Vote for the program ( Community governance )

Immutable X The main features are as follows :

  • zero gas fee & Real time trading
  • Inherit the security of Ethereum chain ( Absolute safety )
  • Make it chain NFT Trading is carbon neutral
  • Perform zero knowledge proof on Ethereum , Without obtaining user information , Always be able to confirm user identity and ensure security .

 The etheric fang

Why do we need NFT Expand the solution ?

There can be no reason to fire ,NFT The market is now the heart of players on the chain , At the same time, it can produce quite terrible herding .2017 year , Famous chain tour CryptoKitties Because of its explosion , Once created great chaos on Ethereum ,gas Fei Fei soared , Transfer transaction delay , Unable to transfer, etc .

gas Fee is used to pay the cost of computing power required to complete transactions on Ethereum network . therefore , When network activity is frequent ,NFT The transaction cost may be higher than NFT It's even higher ! This is the headache NFT Market situation .

Several existing NFT The market does provide users with a lot of NFT The choice of , However , When executing a transaction , high gas Fees and network congestion have become stumbling blocks for users .Immutable X It is also the first to create NFT Tier 2 extension solution . And without compromising user safety 、 Completed the expansion of transaction volume under the premise of privacy or user experience .

Immutable X Layout

Immutable X I chose to build on Ethereum , Because it is the world's largest blockchain supporting smart contracts , And this is equivalent to absolute security .2 The layer solution is a protocol based on Ethereum blockchain , It can be implemented through various development protocols or chains . These include side chains 、Plasma chain 、Rollups、Optimistic Rollups and ZK-Rollups wait . And in the end Immutable X The team chose to implement ZK-Rollups .

ZK-Rollups It's a second floor Option, It ties hundreds of transactions together , Become a single transaction . then , This single transaction can be deconstructed by smart contract , To validate each transaction separately . Use " Proof of zero knowledge " Methods publicly record transactions on Ethereum blockchain , And that's why ZK-Rollups Reduces the amount of storage and computing power required to verify blocks . Besides ,ZK-Rollups Allows unlimited scalability and instant transaction confirmation , Of course, without affecting the safety of assets .

Immutable X Exchange

Immutable X Exchange Our goal is to occupy P2P NFT Trading market , adopt 0 gas Fees attract users . Although it is technically a NFT market , But the project calls the agreement " exchange ". Besides , Because the throughput exceeds... Per second 9,000 Transactions ( TPS ), This makes Immutable X The transaction on the is almost instantaneous . For gamers , Trading time is crucial to achieving time sensitive tasks and challenges in the game , It means Immutable X Exchange Allow players to quickly get / Trade valuable game items , At the same time, there is no need to pay any fee , Create new opportunities for truly decentralized games .

For businessmen or artists , Users can set their own commodity prices . The exchange does not use centralized side chains , It can be used as an unmanaged transaction to promote exchange trading . This means that users are NFT Your private key has absolute ownership .

Immutable X Exchange At the same time, it also inherits the security of Ethereum main network , And added extensibility function . Besides , The exchange agreement also supports ERC-721 and ERC-1155 The etheric fang NFT Token standards . This means that items can pass through Immutable X As a unit (ERC-721, Like a sword ) Or sold as multiple units ( ERC-1155 , For example, a set with a helmet 、 Kit of plate armor and defensive weapons ).

Immutable X Minting NFT

Immutable X Minting NFT Allow anyone to create and distribute their token art on a large scale . Most of the people on the market now NFT Our coinage platform needs to pay for the creation of non fragile tokens gas cost . However , With Immutable X , Content creators don't need to be expensive gas Cost distress . Whether you are an artist casting a single piece or a whole series of works ,Immutable X Can be 0 gas Fee to complete this series of operations . It also includes the right ERC-721 and ERC-115 Token standard support . go by the name of "high-performance minting".

Immutable X The roadmap

Immutable X Alpha Version on 2021 year 4 month 9 Launch date . because Immutable X The team behind is also a chain tour Gods Unchained The developers behind , So by NFT The market offers the first NFT Naturally Gods Unchained Collection . It's also Immutable X The first stage on the road map “Deus”.

In the second phase “Cosmos”,Immutable X It will be integrated with other applications and exchanges on Ethereum .

In the third phase " Metaverse", The team will focus on scalability 、 Expand and optimize .Immutable X On its official blog , This phase will introduce wallet management and mobile applications .

As from the third stage " Metaverse" Enter the fourth stage “Multiverse”, The team will focus on improving the trading user experience . This phase will include a review of the graphical user interface (GUI) Update , Also for NFT Introduce automatic market makers AMM .

The fifth stage “Utopia ” As far away as its name , The official saying is , When " The world has become more free to trade "(“the world is a more tradable place”) This stage is entered only when , But what exactly is “ Trade more freely ”, There is no knowing. .Immutable X This stage is being used to continue planning the future of the project , Considering the new unforeseen emergencies along the way . vertical NFT Extending the solution may be the fifth stage “ Utopia ” Potential new features of the upgrade , Its vision is to trade in kind NFT assets , Like real estate .( Maybe the so-called free trade , That is, the regulatory regulations have been completely changed , Otherwise, according to the current regulations ,Utopia, It may always be Utopia .)

There is no fixed time frame for these developments . But they all set different milestones , To anchor the development direction of the project .

 The etheric fang

summary :

In addition to all the above technically related advantages ,Immutable X There is also an active community , There is a frequently updated blog , To learn about the latest features and updates of the project . The project aims to integrate with every application and exchange on Ethereum , Provide lossless scalability . If Immutable X As described , Called the cornerstone of the future two-layer Lego building blocks ( Integrate all Dapp、 exchange ), Its future is unlimited .

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