Squid coin crash, popular IP chain tour swarmed in

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squid coin crash popular ip


In phenomenal online drama 《 Squid game 》 When it's hot , With the plot set as the creative prototype GameFi There have been . stay BSC On the chain , be known as Squid Game Our game imitates the plot , Attract players to enter the competition with the temptation of considerable ultimate Awards , It's just , Players pass every level , All need to pay a certain amount 「 Squid coin 」SQUID As an admission fee .

11 month 1 Japan ,SQUID There was a roller coaster trend , First, it soared tens of thousands of times to the highest 2861.80 dollar , But only 5 Minutes later 「 Free fall 」, tumbling 99.99% to 0.0007926 dollar . According to gamers , The developer designed 「 Anti dumping mechanism 」, As a result, the token cannot be sold at the high point , Participants can only watch it fall to the bottom .

After this incident , The money security exchange launched an investigation , Finally decided that this chain squid game was a hoax , The development team has run away with money . In this game , Players almost 「 No life 」, Browser data display , After the collapse of the project, there are still more than 4 Ten thousand people hold the token .

Squid Game Bring about negative effects , But there's no denying it , Focus on popular celebrities IP Building a chain tour is becoming an effective means to quickly attract traffic , It has attracted many developers to follow suit .

11 month 4 Japan , Another paragraph 「 squid 」 game SquidGame Online appear , In addition to the way of playing through customs , Also opened a bet play , Considered by some players to have gambling elements . besides , Take materials 《 The Jedi survive 》 game IP Create a shooting escape game Nyan Heroes Preparations are under way ,《 A good fisherman 》 Class games and imitation Flappy Bird Chain tour also appeared .

Developers on the chain choose well-known IP Build the game , Help to quickly attract players , However, players should carefully identify whether the chain game has genuine authorization when participating , At the same time, it is also necessary to tighten the string for fraud risk .

Chain squid game crash SQUID tumbling 99.99%


American streaming media giant Netflix Produced 《 Squid game 》 It has become a popular phenomenon film and television drama , The play describes 456 A marginal person in Korean society , When he was desperate, he was lured by a mysterious organization with a huge bonus 「 Battle royale 」 The chamber of secrets , after 「 One, two, three   Wooden man 」、「 Pick the sugar cake 」、「 tug-of-war 」、「 Squid game 」 After a series of games , In the end, there can only be 1 One can live to get 456 The ultimate reward of 100 million won , And the price is the rest 455 In the game of human death .

stay 《 Squid game 》 When it is popular and has accumulated a large audience , Blockchain application developers are aiming at this popularity IP.10 month 26 Japan , With the same name as the online play Squid Game 「 Chain Tour 」 land BSC chain , The design mechanism of this blockchain game is based on 《 Squid game 》 The cruel plot in , Players want to participate in the game and get the final bonus , Need to go through 6 round , And to enter each round of the game, you need to buy 「 Squid coin 」SQUID As an admission fee , Token consumption from the first round of 456 More and more , In Game 6 , The admission fee will be increased to 15000 gold SQUID.

first SQUID With 0.01 The price of US dollars is BSC On the chain DEX application Pancake Swap Go public . With the help of 《 Squid game 》 This hot IP, Players follow . In order to participate in the game , Participants have to buy SQUID The coin , Its price also soared .

The craziest moment happened in 11 month 1 Japan ,SQUID In the early hours of the day 3800 Times to 38 dollar  , This makes it attract more people's attention . For the next few hours ,SQUID Continue to skyrocket , Until it rises to 2861.8 dollar . However , Because the developer designed 「 Anti dumping mechanism 」, The profiteers who participate in the game find , They can't cash their tokens at all , A huge increase is visible 、 Unable to touch .

An unfortunate scene soon happened , At the high point, only 5 Minutes later ,SQUID The lightning plummeted to 0.0007926 dollar , Compared with the high point flash collapse 99.99%, This scene 「 Squid game 」 In the end, the whole army was destroyed , Only the game designer who ran away with money survived , None of the participants survived .


SQUID Skyrocketing 2800 The flash crash after the dollar

And then , The currency security trading platform launched an investigation into this vicious incident , The platform believes that SQUID It's a hoax , And announced that it was considering working with SQUID The wallet address associated with the developer is blacklisted , And start chain analysis to identify bad actors .

stay SQUID After collapse , According to the data of blockchain browser , There are still more than 4 Ten thousand people hold the token , This means that the number of victims of this scam is very large . It is estimated that , The developers of squid coins at least took away the value 330 Million dollars in encryption assets .

After realizing that he was cheated , The players involved are annoyed . Some people admit that it is because FOMO Emotions drive , Invest assets without careful research . This one says GameFi Flag scam , Once again exposed the high risk of participating in games on the chain .

borrow IP Make a chain and swim into a tuyere   Beware of fraud and infringement


Squid Game It has proved to be a hoax , But it also reflects the popularity from the side IP Powerful drainage 、 Ability to absorb gold . Around popular IP Chain game creation is beginning to be regarded by more and more developers as GameFi Effective 「 Open mode 」 One of .

Soon , Another one with 《 Squid game 》 A chain tour for creating prototypes appeared .11 month 4 Japan , be known as SquidGame Online Squid IP Class survival competitive game announced the completion of the public beta , It also engraves the playing method of squid game on the chain . According to developer disclosure , During the public beta, a total of 2 Ten thousand people participated .

From the introduction of the website , The entry threshold for this new squid game has been lowered , Players spend 1 You can take part in the competition with a ticket of US dollars , The final winner can get tickets for all players 90% As a reward . It should be noted that ,SquidGame Online Also developed a new way to play , That is, players can act as game viewers , Watch the fighting of game participants in God mode , And bet on the player , Get rewards by guessing .


 SquidGame Online The game page

The spectator's playing method is similar to gambling , It is easy to think of guessing games derived from equestrian and football competitions . stay Squid Game Just after the thunderstorm , The launch of this new game has aroused the vigilance of some users on the chain . Someone said on social media , This betting game design is much like gambling , And the probability of betting is very low , It is likely to cause losses . At the same time, participating in gambling on the chain itself has legal risks .

except 《 Squid game 》 Out of the class chain , There are also a number of other IP To build the GameFi Already on the way .11 month 4 Japan , Built on Solana The big escape on the chain is a meta universe game Nyan Heroes Announce that it has completed the seed round of financing , It is a third person shooting escape game , From the description, it looks like the popular game circle 《 The Jedi survive 》, Be commonly called 「 Chicken eating game 」.

Besides , stay 10 month , An imitation of 2013 The phenomenal game of the fire in 《Flappy Bird》 Blockchain game was born , It was named Fancy Birds, And claim to have obtained, including from Synthetix、Aave With the support of protocol developers .

Not so long ago ,《 A good fisherman 》 Chain like tour Fishing Master There have been , It is described as a 「 Fishing and earning 」 The game of . Before starting the game , Players need to buy turrets and shells to fish , Then make money by selling fish . Seemingly simple and classic play , But there are hidden risks . Some players said after experiencing , The value of the fish is often less than the consumption of shells ,「 Play and lose 」.

You can see , More and more GameFi Developers began to choose popular and classic IP As a reference for game design . Some practitioners think , Choose well-known IP Build the game , It will help to attract players quickly , It also reduces the threshold for players to be familiar with the game , Will these IP Introduced into the chain and even 「 Meta universe 」 in , Disney world and Universal Studios, which resemble the real world. , Will be famous IP Combined with recreational activities .

however , The person also suggested , Because most famous IP All registered copyright , And the cost of obtaining copyright authorization is relatively high , Many chain games may involve infringement , Therefore, copyright protection will be a topic that can not be ignored in the development stage of chain tour . It's already thundering Squid Game That's one example , stay CoinmarketCap On , The item is prompted 「 Do not belong to Netflix official IP, Just used the same name .」

For longing Paly To Earn For players on the chain , Choose genuine IP Chain game will undoubtedly have a stronger guarantee , Therefore, there are IP The chain tour of attributes should be verified and discriminated ; besides , Players are participating in GameFi front , A thorough investigation should be made , Including game mechanism 、Token The economic model of 、 Liquidity and whether there is a safety audit , To avoid repeating Squid Game Mistakes , Fall into the trap of fraud .

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