DAPP October report: the yuan universe broke out, and seven public chains competed for the dominance of TVL

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dapp october report yuan universe

10 In June, the blockchain industry showed an obvious bullish trend . After a record quarter ,NFT Areas continue “ Barbaric development ”, There is no sign of slowing down . meanwhile ,DeFi The field has reached an all-time high in terms of total value locking , among 7 Blockchains account for 95%. Last , The audience of the game industry is increasing , by 2022 The possibility of large-scale adoption in paved the way . 


After months of falling into a bearish trend , Mainstream cryptocurrencies are 10 The month reached their all-time high .ETH、SOL、LUNA、AXS Wait to follow their way BTC, Position yourself within the price discovery range .  stay Dapp field , The blockchain industry continues to expand . Average daily 200 Ten thousand only active wallets (UAW) Connect to blockchain Dapp. in addition ,NFT Produced 42 Billion dollar deal , Some public chains are also beginning to play a role in this category . This article will 10 The whole month Dapp Data analysis of industry details , And make a certain prediction for the next industry development .

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stay DeFi In the field , As multiple networks significantly improve their respective value indicators ,TVL The competition for dominance is becoming more and more intense . And blockchain based games , Especially those games involving the meta world , because Facebook The brand reshaping news has won great attention from the market .

Be careful : The only active wallet Unique Active Wallets(UAW) or unique wallet Refers to the unique address that interacts with a given smart contract ; therefore ,UAW Will not be converted to a unique user . A person may use a different wallet with a single Dapp Interact . 

Key points

1.Dapp industry 10 In January, the only active wallet registered every day exceeded... For the first time 200 ten thousand , rose 21%, Year-on-year growth 626%.

2. The etheric fang NFT front 100 Famous collections and NBA Top shot The market value of is 167.2 Billion dollars , Than 9 The number recorded in January increased 18%.

3. after 2021 After the bull market summer of ,NFT The field continues to maintain the growth momentum , only 10 The trading volume reached 42 Billion dollars , rose 2%.

4.DeFi Ecosystem TVL achieve 2198 Billion dollars , rose 39%; industry 93% Of TVL Focused on the 7 On a blockchain .

5. stay DeFi in ,Solana TVL More than the 120 Billion dollars , Than 9 The month has increased. 50%, At the same time NFT Registered in the transaction 2.4 Billion dollars , And provides a large number of upcoming games .

6.Metaverse The token is in Meta from 10 month 1 The date of ,MANA Rise 303%,SAND Rise 128%.

Daily interaction super 200 m UAW

according to 10 Data for the month , The blockchain industry continues to expand . More than 200 ten thousand (216 ten thousand ) individual UAW Connect to blockchain Dapp, This is the first time . This is more than 9 The average usage in January increased 21.24%, Year on year (YoY) Significantly improved 626.5%. except Wax The base number of the wallet is month on month (MoM) falling 23% outside , Other important blockchain UAW The number has also increased .


Different from the trend observed in the third quarter ,DeFi stay UAW The most significant growth in , The index increased month on month 32.49%, On average, it reaches 803,500 individual UAW. Not surprisingly , Because in recent months , image Solana、Terra、Avalanche and Fantom Such a blockchain has a stable DeFi In the network of ecosystems . 

meanwhile , Game categories are also growing .10 Month and game Dapp The interaction of UAW The number increased month on month 19.72%. Among them in Polygon The growth is most obvious in , and Polygon In essence, it is also one with its DeFi Dapp And the famous network . 

meanwhile , stay NFT aspect ,UAW The number is also increasing . More than 142,000 individual UAW Connect to NFT dependent Dapp. This is mainly composed of Solana and BSC Push , Because they improve their NFT Alternatives . 

The explosion of the universe

The sixth largest company in the world by market value Facebook Announce the change of name to Meta after , Meta universe It has become the main focus of the social media giant . Although for those engaged in blockchain , Especially for people in the game field , This may be a familiar concept , But for most people , The meta universe is still a rather novel and abstract topic .

After the metauniverse gradually goes out of circle , The prices of cryptocurrencies closely linked to them have had a direct impact . for example , image Decentraland、The Sandbox or Ember Sword Wait for the virtual world . On Halloween night ,Decentraland Native token of MANA That's it. 4.11 The dollar's all-time high .


A similar thing happened in Sandbox Native token of SAND On . at present ,SAND stay 2.35 The price of US dollars is found to be within the range of . Than 9 The record high in January increased by 125%.


Although most of these projects are still under development in the metauniverse , But it is becoming clear that , The meta universe will potentially change the way we socialize , Even monetize some aspects of our lives . Build a place where people can get together and play 、 Trading and moving around community space were just a dream concept a few years ago . Now it is clear that this concept has completely gone beyond the blockchain .

Game accounting Dapp Industry usage 55%

Even though DeFi yes UAW The fastest growing category , But blockchain based games still represent Dapp Most of the activities of the industry .10 Month has 119 ten thousand UAW Connect to the game Dapp. The dominant position established by the game category remains 9 In the 55%, Compared with the third quarter's 49% Some improvement .


Splinterlands Is one of the main contributors . In the third quarter , The user base of this card trading game increased quarter on quarter 320%,Hive Dapp stay 10 The month continued to grow .Splinterlands It has always been the second largest game in the industry based on activities on the chain , stay 10 There is more than a month 65.1 Ten thousand UAW register . This number is higher than 9 The month grew 44.38%.


From the data under the chain ,Axie Infinity It is undoubtedly the most played game in the whole industry . According to the Sky Mavis The team said , More than 200 Million active users . However ,10 Chain activity surged in January , Make it the third most popular... Considering only data on the chain Dapp. stay AXS Driven by the mortgage function , Users connect more frequently to popular Dapp.10 month , share 647,000 individual UAW And AXS There's a connection , a 9 The month's data improved 27%.

Besides , There is also a strange BSC Case study . Since the third quarter ,BSC Has become GameFi A reference to . The network hosts Mobox and CryptoBlades And other popular games , Its game usage increased month on month 16%. Despite the above two Dapp They've gone down 26% and 25%, But new GameFi Dapp Keep improving BSC Monthly gamer base .

although Mobox(157,000 UAW) and CryptoBlades(89,700 UAW) Seems to be locked to the front 10 Name game , But every month there are new BSC succedaneum .10 month ,CryptoMines Attracted more than 112,000 individual UAW.


Polygon Greatly improved

not long ago ,Polygon Just a hundred percent DeFi The player . Although it has a favorable ecosystem , But its activity has lost to other networks . However, in 10 month , The second... In the form of game activities 2 Layer solution makes Polygon The ecology has come to life .

from Gamee Developed a hand game to earn while playing 《Arc8》 On 9 Monthly online . At the launch of the game , They also announced a mining plan , To make registering this game more attractive , At the end of the mining phase ,Arc8 The application is fully started , New mini games have been enabled and Dapp Native token of GMEE Has had a positive impact on the price of .10 month , Although the mining activity is over , But there is still more 373,000 name UAW Connect to Polygon game .


except Arc8,Polygon It also has established game options , for example GameFi Dapp Aavegotchi And racing games Revv Racing. Besides , The coming meta universe , Such as The Sandbox and Ember Sword Integrate yourself into Polygon In the network . In addition to the obvious correlation that the metauniverse will provide , Bollywood and cricket stars recently announced their entry into NFT The market may be right Polygon The prospect of plays an important role .

It is worth noting that ,Polygon It's an India based project . Bollywood and cricket are as important in this region as Hollywood and sports stars are in the United States , such as Tom Brady or stephen Curry, perhaps Lionel Messi and F1 Influence in the eurozone .


stay DappRadar Under the monitoring of , In recent months , Several Hollywood and sports celebrities joined NFT The trend of , Join from CryptoPunks or Bored Ape Yacht Club(BAYC) Wait for the blue chip series , To launch their own on Ethereum or other alternative blockchains NFT series , Give space another unique feeling . 

in addition , The Bollywood effect will certainly receive attention in the coming months . As the future NFT Part of the market , Recognize celebrities from this part of the world , Will not only strengthen Polygon Of NFT product , And it will make NFT The market goes beyond a very concentrated U.S. base . At the same time, it also interacts with a very active game driven region in Southeast Asia . 

Each public chain NFT The track has developed

NFT The sector grew explosively in the third quarter , During this period, the cumulative trading volume exceeded 104 Billion dollars . What's impressive is that , The field is in 10 The growth rate was maintained in January . Only in the past 31 Days. ,NFT The transaction volume exceeds 42 Billion dollars . Than 9 The number of months increased slightly 1.48 Billion dollars . 

besides , Before the transaction volume 100 An Ethereum collection , add Flow Of NBA Top Shot, Than 9 The monthly record has increased 17.81%, In this process 167.2 Billion dollars . Although the reserve prices of some blue chip collections fell month by month , But the reserve price is still rising . for example ,CyrptoPunks Floor prices fell month on month 21.44%,BAYC Floor prices have fallen 10.23%, and CyberKongz and Cool Cats The price of the floor is higher than 9 It fell at the end of the month 6% about . 

On the other hand , In the Current hype around the meta universe ,Decentraland and The Sandbox The equivalent universe project pushed up its floor price , It also promoted the rise of floor market value . Plus and 9 month 30 Day comparison ,ETH The price of has gone up 50.32%. 


It is worth noting that ,10 The dominance of in-game items decreased slightly in January , Shrink less than 2%, send NFT The dominance of the game has reached 15.46%, lower than 9 In the 17.02%. The most remarkable thing is ,Axie Infinity Reduced the size of its transactions , This pair of in-game NFT Has had a negative impact . Despite the negative situation , but NFT The field continues to expand .


Although the current market for NFT It is still in short supply , But in 10 Month still appeared 370 Wan is independent NFT Traders' record high . And this also shows that NFT The market is still moving in a positive direction . 

In Ethereum , Some managed collections are widely regarded as units of stored value , Others are truly passive sources of income . Some of the above NFT Project and Art Blocks Series and Cryptoadz And other projects .


The status of blue chip collection must be in Ethereum NFT Played a role in dominance ( Occupy NFT Of the total volume of transactions 82.11%). However , As mentioned earlier , Some of these collections are reduced to others unnamed OpenSea The surge in the market opened the door . 

although 10 Ethereum's trading volume increased month on month in January 1%, But the network's most important market OpenSea Over the same period, the trading volume decreased 14.37%.OpenSea For the second consecutive month, this index has decreased , Further support NFT The domain does not depend on a single blockchain .


It is worth noting that ,Solanart yes Solana Upper NFT market ,10 The volume of transactions in the month exceeded 1.873 Billion dollars , rose 13.79%. according to 10 The transaction volume of the month is calculated , This level of sales makes Solanart Become the third largest market , Second only to existing OpenSea and Axie The market of . 

Besides ,Wax Upper AtomicMarket There has been an important surge in trading volume . In the from FarmersWorld Of NFT Driven by the game project ,AtomicMarket Our trading volume has increased over last month 459.25%.

stay BSC,PancakeSwap It is already the most used in the whole industry Dapp. However , stay 10 month ,DeFi The platform consolidates its new capabilities PancakeSwap NFT market . Only in 10 month ,PancakeSwap As a market, it attracts more than 37,000 A unique wallet address , And accumulated more than 3900 Ten thousand dollars of trading volume . These numbers represent 140.72% and 676.67% Significant growth in .

What's impressive is that ,PancakeSwap In the market 10 The trading volume of the month ranked sixth , More than the NBA Top Shot, Even though “Run it Back” Series sold successfully ,Top Shot The volume of market transactions has increased 122.42%, And the number of unique wallet addresses has increased . rose 30.46%, achieve 124,000. 


TVL reach 2198 Billion dollars , Record high

stay DappRadar In the third quarter Industry Report , We noticed that , image Solana Powerful DeFi Products and Avalanche Notable stories such as intensive liquidity mining plans are already in DeFi Domain occurrence . Besides , Driven by the soaring price of encryption , Of the industry TVL stay 10 The month reached 2198 US $billion record . Than 9 Value growth in the month 23.4%. meanwhile , Seven blockchains hold the industry 93% Of TVL.

In terms of the above indicators , Ethereum is still the leader .10 End of month , Ethereum holds 1200 $ TVL, It is almost the of the industry indicators 55%. Although in recent months DeFi Dapp The supply of has increased , And despite the high gas All negative effects of costs , But Ethereum is still a place full of DeFi Active network .


stay TVL aspect ,BSC By Solana transcend . Despite having the most commonly used in the industry Dapp, And from 9 At the end of the month TVL Added 23%, but BSC Can't compete with the hot Solana The pace of . except PancakeSwap outside ApeSwap、Venus and Alpaca Finance Others, such as DeFi Dapp Provide attractive high-yield operation options , It attracts a lot of users .10 End of month ,BSC Of TVL achieve 218.9 Billion dollars .

Just TVL for ,Terra Still the fourth blockchain .Terra Our target exceeds 99.5 Billion dollars , rose 18%. A positive trend , But it was overwhelmed by an avalanche . Driven by strong liquidity mining products ,Avalanche Of TVL rose 129%.10 End of month ,Avalanche Of TVL by 83.8 Billion dollars . The difference between the two blockchains ranges from 9 Month end 47.8 Billion dollars, down to the current 15.7 Billion dollars .

Fantom Another one is talking about DeFi Blockchains worth considering . Highly scalable network in TVL Has surpassed Polygon.10 End of month ,Fantom Have 54.5 $ TVL, And 9 Compared with the end of the month , This indicator has increased significantly 287%.  

To make a long story short ,DeFi The competition is a sight worth seeing , Seven public chains are competing for TVL Rule over . In less than three months , This field starts from Ethereum 、BSC and Polygon The dominant , It has become a very competitive field , There are many interesting choices for different types of investors . In the next few months , It is worth paying attention to the development of this field .

Solana: Three monsters

As mentioned earlier ,Solana stay DeFi The footprints in the competition are more obvious .10 End of month ,Solana To become TVL The second largest network of Computing . Beyond BSC On the way to 249 Billion dollars . Its TVL rose 35%, At present, it accounts for... Of the total industry 11.32%.


Slowly, ,Solana Dapp Position yourself as DeFi An integral part of the industry . for example , An automated market maker as a liquidity provider Raydium Become the most widely used in the whole industry DeFi Dapp One of .10 month ,Raydium Attracted more than 238,000 name UAW, Only lag behind in this regard PancakeSwap and 1inch.Serum Benefit from Raydium Of AMM Of DEX, stay 10 At the end of the month 16 $ TVL. 


Besides , It is worth noting that ,Sabre、Marinade Finance、Sunny and Orca, In their respective agreements, there are at least 10 $ TVL. Create a very complete network DeFi The ecological system .  But we should not Solana Deemed to be limited to DeFi The platform of . This network is probably the most powerful after Ethereum NFT One of the markets . Despite hosting a few NFT collection , These collections are obviously a part of the famous Ethereum collection , But the market is looking for its foundation . just as Solanart As it turns out , Just 10 In terms of transaction volume in the month , It is the third largest market . 


Dapp The industry may be at its best , Because the use and value of all three major categories are achieving organic growth . Games are still the main driving force behind the use of blockchain . In addition to the existing metauniverse , Some of these game projects have announced that metauniverse is a key part of their development . for example ,Axie Infinity、Splinterlands、Aavegotchi、Dark Country And many integrate land features into their game mechanisms . With the recent media attention to the meta universe , The concept of virtual land ownership will become popular among the public . We expect the importance of decentralized virtual worlds to grow further . 

After several impressive months in a row ,NFT The field may be cooling . The trading volume has exceeded... For several consecutive months 40 After $100 million ,10 The trading volume reached... Again in January 42 Billion dollars . Although some of the most important Ethereum collections are in a period of natural integration , But other blockchains ( Such as Solanart、AtomicMarket and PancakeSwap Own platform ) The market on the is creating value . Besides , It is worth mentioning that ,NFT The market value of is rising .

This is an assessment NFT One of the most important indicators of the project , Therefore, its visibility is very important . Overall speaking , It's important to check the reserve price , The actual valuation considering rarity and other types of indicators adds another layer .

in addition , current DeFi Is still “ sleeping giant ”. The field is becoming more and more mature and consolidated , The mainstream public chain plays a vital role in the decentralized financial industry . Ethereum has become a giant whale network , and Solana、BSC And other blockchains will continue to attract new users , Because now we , Has left DeFi The large-scale adoption of the field is a step closer .

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