Blockchain game development NFT metauniverse game development project brings changes to the game.

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blockchain game development nft metauniverse

The concept of metauniverse, which has been very popular recently , But what is the metauniverse , No kidding , No one can tell , Because everyone's understanding of the meta universe is different , So now many people think that this side of the meta universe is VR,AR A combination . But some people think that the meta universe is just a concept .
Today, let's analyze what blockchain games are . Because our company now plays blockchain games .
1. At the game manufacturer level , Virtual assets in the game can be mapped to cryptocurrency , And can flow freely across platforms 、 transaction ( Compared with the present QQ Currency can only be circulated on a single platform , And not tradable , Game currency that cannot be exchanged for other platforms ).
2. At the level of game basic chain developers , Because the mechanism of blockchain is open 、 transparent 、 Unalterable , So gambling 、 Competitive games , Naturally, it is suitable for cooperation with blockchain platform . Major game developers have also launched many game chains , For developers , Lower the development threshold .
Game service provider level , Can be based on virtual assets , Provide a game asset trading platform 、 Project channel distribution 、 Copyright IP distribution 、 Game crowdfunding and other businesses . such as opskin Game asset trading platform ,bitgames Game asset incubation platform , Game distribution platform Ultra, Integrated R & D 、 operating 、 Blockchain community platform integrated with distribution FoundGame.
From game manufacturers , Game basic chain developer layer . Game service providers interpret it differently . In fact, we can find that , Blockchain games have really subverted the previous model . Especially on the side of the metauniverse currently being conceived , I want to use a tool to link the virtual digital world with the real world , Let the assets of the virtual world be applied in the real world .
Take the one that's hot now Splinterlands Come on .Splinterlands( primary Steemmonsters), It's based on Hive Round business card printing game on blockchain platform , It and Axie Infinity It is also an old blockchain game that has been out for several years , Join... With development NFT、 Land auction and other elements . At present, the daily life of the game is dappradar On , Occupy the top five positions for a long time , And this year 7 month 26 The governance token was launched on the th SPS.​
This game is different from traditional games 《 BFS legend 》 More similar , Players collect cards , Combine different cards and compete with other players , After winning the game, you can get cards and dark energy crystal (DEC) Reward . Cards can be used against 、 Upgrade level 、 Sell or rent to other players , Scarce cards have greater collection value . 
The game picture is well made , Special effects soundtrack is cool , Innovative and diverse playing methods , It can be called a chain tour boutique .Splinterlands In addition to putting all kinds of cards NFT turn , Land auctions have also been added 、NFT Card trading 、 Card synthesis and other elements , To increase the mobility of cards and land , It solves the problem that most digital card games do not allow players to trade or sell game assets to other players .

Playing games can make money , Players only need 10 Dollars can quickly participate in the game , Compared with the same type of games, the threshold is lower . Players have many ways to make money :

a. Complete daily tasks , Get the season Award

b. Play games to earn money DEC

c. Increase the proportion of airdrop points , Get daily SPS Airdrop

d. Card trading 、 land sale 、 Land leasing can make money

There are more ways to make money , You need to go into the game and explore slowly .
Splinterlands The larger imagination lies in the land-based meta cosmic world , Support players to create guilds , Build a castle , Create a broader meta universe .
2021 year 7 month 27 Japan ,Splinterlands The team will begin to test all players SPS The first airdrop of tokens , The total amount of airdrop is about 4 One hundred million , For a long time 1 year . hold DEC Tokens, 、 card NFT and / Or land NFT Everyone will get SPS The airdrop of , And determine the proportion of airdrop for each player according to the weight of in-game assets on the chain , Further improve the economic model and incentive mechanism of the game .
Splinterlands stay dappradar The data on shows , Total gamers and daily users , Long term top 3, All day long 10w+, The heat of the game is very high .

Splinterlands The economic model of

Splinterlands There are two kinds of tokens : Fuel token DEC And governance tokens SPS.

DEC It is mainly used to buy various card bags in the game 、 land 、 The props 、 Improve personal ranking, etc , Be similar to Axie Love potion in SLP. Access comes from two aspects :

1. Through various tasks and official activities in the game , Such as battle ranking , After winning, you can get DEC Reward

2. Buy out of the game : You can use TRX Purchase on trading platform

adopt DEC Buy more cards , So as to improve the winning rate of players , Get more battle rewards and scarce cards . Scarce cards can be in NFT Trading profits in the trading market .

notes :DEC Will continue to issue additional shares , The additional issuance rules are unknown , So its appreciation space is limited .

1、 Daily tasks . Daily tasks are completed according to the first time , Every time 24H Refresh once , The number of boxes rewarded for daily tasks at different levels is different . Bronze daily quest a box . The official value of each box is 65-75DEC, There is also a probability of issuing cards of various levels .

For less krypton ( Charging money becomes stronger ) Of the players , Opening a treasure chest may be the main part of income at present , It has a chance to drive thousands at a time DEC.

The winner of each game will win DEC( Dark energy crystal ) token economy , The current market price is 0.0086U, Bronze level usually wins one game and gets 0.0 What time 0.1 Several DEC Reward , less , But as the player level increases, a single game DEC Rewards will also increase .

DEC Produced by the battle , Can withdraw cash transaction , At the same time, it can also be used to buy props on the platform 、 Buy rental cards

  So for us , The blockchain game is just the beginning , In the future, he will be a way to change our way of life , Especially the meta universe .
As a senior chain game developer , I think our direction should be more innovation . Can bring more gospel to the world .

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