With the advent of blockchain Technology , Take traditional games to the next level , Playing and earning has become a popular concept in the game industry . However , With so many players entering the market , If these platforms can't bring anything beyond the model itself , So in the long run , They will face great competition . Aloha DeFi The goal is to “ Play and earn ” The pattern of “ Learn to earn ” Combined with the concept of , Give participants many opportunities to make money , So as to raise it to a new level .


Aloha Initially as a WiFi Sharing platform , Focus on providing users with passive revenue opportunities . actually , The platform allows users to gain revenue by sharing mobile bandwidth . With decentralized Finance (DeFi) All the potential benefits ,Aloha Always hope DeFi Provide more passive money making opportunities for its users , Enter as a user DeFi The gateway to the world , Provide NFT、Surf Invaders  game 、 pledge 、DAO Platform and learning college .

The opportunity to make money passively


Aloha The key to an ecosystem is its NFT. Participants can expect to release a new set of Aloha NFT, There have been six seasons so far . The new season will be 《 Surf story 》 and 《 Cult Fiction 》 Original theme release , All six roles will appear . Because there is a limited edition every quarter , all NFT There is a certain degree of scarcity , And with the development of the platform , This scarcity will only increase . lately ,Aloha Released their latest season NFT, Every season, Quentin · Inspired by Tarantino films , And these NFT A powerful use case for ——Surf Invaders Part of .


Surf Invaders It's a play and earn platform , Provide users with an entertaining way to take advantage of their NFT. What is the only requirement to start ? Hold one NFT.

The game is related to Flappy Bird be similar , Easy to use , And challenging . The core premise of this game is to run through the sea monsters produced in the game , These sea monsters may have been designed by developers or other players . then , Participants perform cool skills , Avoid other obstacles , And clean up the plastic in the ocean , To get points , This is also an eco-friendly transformation . This game is not as easy as it looks , Force players to test their decision-making skills , To reach the top of the list , So as to have the opportunity to learn from Aloha Share in the cost of the platform .

NFT It also provides users with the opportunity to make money through lucky draw . In this way , Anyone who holds... In a wallet 5000 individual ALOHA Participants in tokens may be eligible for benefits . The more tokens the user holds , The more raffle tickets you can hold , The greater the chance of making money .Aloha Since the announcement that the first lucky draw will start from 10 month 14 solstice 31 The day lasts two weeks , There will be the first lucky draw . The lucky draw uses Chainlink VRF To choose the winners .

“ Learn to make money ” Patterns in Aloha Academy Start to play a role in .Aloha Academy Is an online educational tool , The module is set , To educate users about blockchain 、DeFi As well as Aloha Any platform related ( And all ) Content . Users can not only increase their existing knowledge , You can also get some rewards . Any and all community members can learn without upfront costs or investment . therefore , Anyone can learn to make money .


To realize these opportunities ,Aloha Have already put Polygon Network (MATIC) and Chainlink (LINK) Integrate into their ecosystem , To support their DeFi service , And provide a variety of money making opportunities .Polygon It has always been considered the gold standard in the game field , And for 《Surf Invaders》 Games and NFTs Platform support , Its advantages include low cost and eco-friendly network . On the other side ,Chainlink yes VRF The basis of , For their lucky draw .

Riding the wave of development

Next 12 Months ,Aloha The platform will present a huge plan . In the past year , Team members turned their attention to Aloha college 、SHAKA Pledge platform 、Aloha Market and Aloha 4 Business. Two of these initiatives mainly focus on bringing businesses into Aloha The ecological system , So as to establish a mutually beneficial relationship .

Aloha The market will serve as a place for businesses to sell their products and services to users . by comparison ,Aloha 4 Business Will help small businesses take advantage of the digital currency world , And pass Aloha Rewards Applications bring locals to the enterprise . Platform users can also Aloha  Colleges expand their knowledge , The college recently launched its first course .

When reviewing their progress over the past three years ,Aloha A member of the team shared :

“DeFi The field has proved , Artificial barriers no longer limit financial services . Now anyone can fully tap the potential of financial services from anywhere ,Aloha We are making full use of decentralization Technology , Provide a range of... With a variety of money making opportunities DeFi service .”

Developments on this platform continue to prove ,NFT It's not just about buying millions of dollars Punk、Ape Or others .NFT It's about inclusion and allowing each user to be part of a new and exciting financial revolution .Aloha To bridge this gap , So that everyone can get DeFi and NFT, At the same time, it provides endless opportunities to make money .

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