Ethereum capacity expansion and ecological debate: cross chain vs. EVM

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ethereum capacity expansion ecological debate

The public chain track is always full of highlights . 

last year , DeFi Ecological rise ,NFT project 、GameFi game 、DeFi The number of projects is increasing rapidly , This not only enlarges the asset scale of the mainstream public chain , Also let the emerging public chain 、 Cross chain projects 、 The etheric fang Layer2 Ecology has developed rapidly .

The Multi Chain era has come , stay Polkadot Parallel chain slot auction is coming , Cross chain old brand projects are also facing a new competitive environment .

Polkadot Parallel chain slot auction is imminent , Heterogeneous common chain confrontation EVM 

The present , The importance of cross chain is self-evident . 

DeFi It has played a strong role in promoting cross chain demand . Between products with strong financial attributes on the chain , The demand for circulation and mutual transfer is very strong , This requires very high communication and interconnection between chains . 

DeFi Ecology first expanded in Ethereum Ecology , at present , Thousands of teams based on different application requirements have developed a lot of business , It has established the non replicability of Ethereum Ecology , But due to Ethernet congestion ,Layer2 And other expansion methods and derivatives came into being , And promote the personalized development direction of non Ethereum public chain . 

Be able to see ,DeFi The project is for expansion projects 、 Cross chain projects and projects on non Ethereum public chains TVL Is increasing . 

 The etheric fang ( Data sources :defillama)

 2020 Opened in the first half of the year DeFi boom , Let different public chains and smart chains 「 Hot style 」DeFi、NFT、GameFi game 、 The successive emergence of concepts such as the meta universe , These distinctive products have intensified the cross chain demand of users . After this , More and more technology developers are following this trend , In all kinds of isomorphic common chains 、 Easy to construct public chain 、 The etheric fang Layer2 And other projects to seek better cross chain solutions . 

For a long time , Mainstream public chain and Multi Chain ecology grow together , More and more cross chain solutions are connecting different public chains and Ethereum Layer2. Let the rapid increase of these programs , Even the expansion of Ethereum is not so urgent . 

Head team of cross chain technology Polkadot It was born a few years ago when the public chain ecology was initially prosperous , Cross chain technology was called the key breakthrough point of blockchain technology under the background of that time , It can solve the island problem between a single chain and a single chain , Try to make data exchange between applications in a more complete system , Form a benign Ecology . 

Polkadot A flexible heterogeneous multi chain system is proposed , With 「 Shared security 」 as well as 「 Cross chain interaction ability 」 For the main features , Let the scalability of the blockchain be magnified . After long-term development , forthcoming 11 month 11 The day is Polkadot Proposed time of parallel chain auction . This makes Polkadot Another wave of heat . 

For now , To some extent ,Polkadot The competitive environment has changed , What we are facing is a world full of all kinds of EVM chain 、 The etheric fang Layer2 ecology 、 The cross chain bridge project 、 And also aimed at EVM Emerging public chains of compatible solutions . 

Sorting out these projects that are dealing with cross chain requirements can see , contain Arbitrum、Optimism Ethereum, etc Layer2 Solution 、 contain BSC、Polygon Inside EVM Isomorphic chain 、 contain、Poly Network Cross chain bridge technical team including 、 And actively adopt EVM Compatible solutions NEAR、Solana、Fantom Isoisomeric common chain , Have ushered in a phased period of rapid development . 

These schemes should not be underestimated .Layer2BEAT On the data platform , The number of these products continues to grow . 

 The etheric fang  ( Data sources :Layer2BEAT)

EVM ecology : Limitation and improvement

 Layer2 At the same time of rapid development ,EVM The development of series products has become a concept of its own . In overseas community discussions ,EVM The technical improvement and application development of the system is likely to become the next technical focus . 

EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) namely 「 Ethereum virtual machine 」 Abbreviation . As a programmable blockchain . Ethereum allows users to create their own operations , Its core lies in EVM,EVM Can execute code with arbitrary algorithm complexity . Developers use programming languages (Solidity) You can create a EVM On the application . 

2020 In the first half of the year ,DeFi Concept momentum , Many developers have suspended the long-standing debate on the details of the underlying technology of the public chain , And turn to improving the user experience 、 Improve the mobility of Ethereum applications . How to be compatible EVM Has become an important point . For users ,EVM The advantages of the compatibility chain include Gas It's cheaper , Fast settlement 、 The address format is the same as Ethereum , Make the operating environment more friendly . 

The effect of this method is obvious :2020 In the second half of , Many intelligent public chains have appeared one after another , To promote the EVM New camp across the chain , Instead of continuing to adjust and migrate across the chain , The technical team and users began to choose BSC、HECO Wait for the smart chain . These products rely on resource advantages and user groups , Enter a period of rapid development . The smart public chain is compatible EVM after , Fast 「 Copy 」 With Ethereum DeFI The whole ecology of , Including stable currency 、Swap、 To loan 、 Asset management, etc , Expand your DeFi ecology . 

meanwhile ,NEAR、Fantom、Avalanche、Substrate Blockchains with innovative underlying technologies are also rapidly entering EVM, Become a high-performance fragment in the Multi Chain Ethereum ecosystem . Many public chains are actively compatible EVM, To get more developers and users . Again , These public chains are also from  EVM Benefit from , Avoid the overflow of ecological resources . 

These are compatible with EVM Other public chains are often clearly positioned , such as ,BSC Focus on self built Ecology , At present, it has developed into a certain system ; and Avalanche、Fantom、Solana Prefer to EVM Compatibility , Its own technological route and ecosystem are also developing . 

This trend 2021 The year continued and intensified , Current Ethereum EVM It is gradually becoming a global 「 standard 」, compatible EVM It is becoming the standard configuration of high-performance public chain , In terms of progress , The male chains are right EVM The compatibility of has been basically implemented .EVM Mainly for end users , about NFT、GameFi、 Small settlement 、 Reduce user overhead Dapp It is more suitable to be deployed on the side chain or compatible EVM On the public chain . 

however ,EVM There are still some limitations . The industry view is that ,EVM In fact, it is 「 Semi Turing complete 」 Of , Call... In the contract 、Gas Limit 、 There are still problems in terms of vulnerabilities caused by built-in operations . This also leads to 「EVM System improvement 」 New concept of , This track still needs to be developed .    

「 Multi Chain Ecology 」 And 「 Cross chain dispute 」 

Polkadot Also adapting to this new cross chain environment . stay Polkadot Among the recent outward signals , I have confidence in supporting each public chain to do cross chain interaction . Through the form of adapter bridge or parallel chain , Many mainstream public chains can be accessed . 

meanwhile ,Polkadot about EVM The discussion of is also continuing . Multiple public chains are compatible EVM Then there was a boom in the public chain , It has become an effective reference for the rapid expansion of Ecology , This makes EVM Laid a certain foundation for outbreak . 

Here's the thing to watch ,Polkadot Compatible with EVM after , It is also proposed for Wasm Support for .Wasm VM It is another virtual machine commonly used in blockchain .Wasm The virtual machine originally designed for browsers , With Wasm Expansion of use scenario ,Wasm It has become one of the more common formats .EOS、Cardano、Ontotogy  Equal common chain has also been explored in this direction .eWasm It is sometimes described by the community as 「 Ethereum's next-generation virtual machine 」. 

Polkadot And many items on the chain choose to be compatible EVM And support Wasm. about Polkadot Speaking of ,EVM And Wasm Switching between may become a new technical focus . 

Under the multi chain parallel Ecology , I believe in the old cross chain products 、Layer1、Layer 2、 compatible EVM And other related tracks with different cross chain themes , There will be more technological improvement and market innovation , These products may jointly promote DeFi Interoperability between , Form an ideal environment for common prosperity of Multi Chain Ecology .