Mars weekly | DCG, the parent company, raised $700 million; Enjin announced the establishment of US $100 million efinity yuan space fund

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mars weekly dcg parent company

Arrangement | Rachel

Mars editing moment

《 Mars project | NFT One of the preferred storage methods ,Arweave Why stand out ?》

Founded in 2017 Perpetual storage agreement for Arweave take NFT boom , Become NFT One of the preferred storage methods , Storage growth over the year 20 Many times . As division Filecoin Outside , The only storage project that can grow ecologically ,Arweave Why stand out ? Mars finance will take you to explore Arweave Storage mechanism 、 Ecological progress and application prospect .

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《Vitalik: The era of encrypted cities has come 》

Another interesting trend in is the rapid mainstreaming of cryptocurrency ideas , For example, coins 、 Irreplaceable tokens and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). that , What happens if we combine these two trends ? This article takes you to find out ……

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《Multicoin cofounder :DeFi、Web3 And non sovereign currencies are the investment themes of the next decade 》

Multicoin Capital cofounder Kyle Samani On investment methodology : insist DeFi、Web3 And the core investment theory of non sovereign currencies , Or will focus on agreements that produce real-world value .

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《a16z Partner dialogue Coinlist founder :NFT Will open the future 20 The wave of creativity in 》

The core of the meta universe is ownership , We will focus on NFT and token And other primitives to uniquely enable new applications ;NFT Is a concept as common as web pages , In the future, it will be equally extensive .

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《a16z Partners and Coinlist founder Naval Talk freely Web3: Why will it eventually defeat Web2》

Web3 Is an Internet owned by users and builders , and token It's part of it ,token Why it's so important , Because they now also provide a mechanism , Through this mechanism , Value and control can be given to users and builders , Instead of simply giving centralized companies .

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《 First class : In depth interpretation of popular blockchain sandbox games The Sandbox》

Just got the investment led by Softbank 9300 US $10000 financed The Sandbox What's the charm ? We might as well start from the product features 、 In depth understanding of economic model and competition pattern .

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《 The Federal Reserve announced a reduction in bond purchases , Powell :“ Be patient with rate hikes , Take action on inflation if necessary ”》

The FOMC (FOMC) Promise to buy less every month 100 Billion U.S. Treasuries and 50 Billion dollars of government backed mortgage bonds , Then issued a statement saying , The Fed keeps its benchmark interest rate at 0%-0.25% unchanged , In line with market expectations .

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A big event not to be missed

Important project progress

  • Axie Infinity cofounder :Sky Mavis Super unlocked this month 573 over AXS Tokens, Pledge all
  • Algorithmically stable currency protocol Fei Protocol take On 12 month 15 Launched on the th to achieve FEI And the US dollar 1:1 Hooked up V2 edition
  • Real Madrid will be in Flow Launch smart tickets on the blockchain NFT
  • Aave V3 Support for Ethereum will be introduced Layer 2 And cross chain functions
  • Layer 2 Rollup High performance framework Godwoken Online main network test version
  • Polkadot 41 The referendum has been passed ,Crowdloan Module started
  • Poka ecological privacy protection project Manta Network Will take out the total amount of 15.6% As a reward for crowdfunding
  • Cross chain smart contract platform Clover Announce Boca slot auction strategy , With CLV Of the total supply 20% Establish token reward pool
  • Acala Announce the complete parallel chain slot auction strategy , Will take out the total amount 17% Compete for the head slot
  • Cross chain virtual machine Composable First network Picasso gain Kusama The twelfth parallel chain slot auction
  • be based on Ronin Side chain DEX Katana Go online and launch ecosystem tokens RON
  • Fixed rate loan agreements Element Finance The audit report has been made public , The Governance Committee contract code is open source
  • Stable currency agreement Angle The Ethereum master network has been launched , Simultaneously push out the lever 、 Liquidity, mining and other functions
  • Solana Market value exceeds Tether, Ranked fourth in cryptocurrency market value
  • Bitwise Announce launch Bitwise Compound (COMP) fund
  • OlympusDAO Community members plan to launch a trading platform to improve the liquidity in the ecosystem Ohmieswap
  • Balancer Grants DAO Start the second round of funding , Assign 42,500 BAL
  • Injective New trading front end MarsX Release
  • Fixed rate loan agreements Notional V2 Online main network
  • Aggregation protocol OpenOcean Atlantic Upgrade to support Ethereum main network , Aggregated UniSwap Such as multiple DEX
  • Ethereum domain name service ENS Announced that the governance token will be launched within a week
  • Terra The new proposal intends to shorten the voting cycle on the chain to 7 God , Reduce the minimum voting security to 50 gold LUNA
  • Huobi Introduction NFT market “Deep Suns”, It's in the testing phase

Investment and financing  information

  • Coinbase Pro go online Protocol(CRO)
  • Blockchain company SurgePays published 1980 A public offering price of $million , Coming online NASDAQ
  • Avalanche The Foundation launched 2 $100 million special fund “Blizzard”, To accelerate its ecological development and innovation
  • Ark Ark fund bought nearly 6400 Thousands of dollars Facebook Stocks
  • Encryption trading platform Biconomy And LT Capital cooperation , Introduction 1 Billion dollars Biconomy Ecological fund
  • AOL brokers TradeStation The plan passed SPAC list , The valuation is approximately 14.3 Billion dollars
  • Coinage and French Fintech cooperation , It will fund 100 million euros to support the development of French and European blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem
  • The New York Stock Exchange Arca towards SEC Submit documents for listing Bitwise The currency ETP trust
  • Direxion Withdraw the launch of short bitcoin Futures ETF Application for
  • Zhishang Office (CME) Will be in 12 month 6 Launch date Micro Ethereum futures
  • The United States SEC take Valkyrie The currency ETF The time limit for our decision was extended to 2022 year
  • Coinbase With 4000 ten thousand dollar Acquisition Indian AI customer support platform startups Agara, To improve the user experience

  • Blockchain sandbox game The Sandbox complete 9300 Ten thousand dollar financing , SoftBank Vision Fund 2 Lead investment
  • The parent company DCG financing 7 Billion dollars , Softbank vision fund phase II and Latin America Fund Lead investment
  • Blockchain game development platform Enjin Announced the formation of 1 $ Efinity Yuan universe Fund
  • Digital identity authentication company Spruce complete 750 Ten thousand dollar financing ,Ethereal and Electric Lead investment
  • Fixed rate agreements Tempus complete 400 A new round of financing ,Distributed Global Wait for the vote

  • The report : In the third quarter, encryption and blockchain companies won 65 Billion Dollar venture capital , Record high
  • Google to the futures trading platform CME investment 10 Billion dollar , And migrate its core trading system to the cloud
  • Sfermion Declare it 1 Billion US dollar venture capital fund Fund II Complete fundraising ,Animoca Brands Wait for the vote
  • Market maker GSR It is expected to invest in... Through its venture capital department during the year 6000 ten thousand dollar , Two thirds of them will be invested in DeFi field
  • AscendEX complete 5000 ten thousand dollar B Round of funding ,Polychain Capital and Hack VC Lead investment
  • Meta cosmic platform SecondLive With 3000 ten thousand US dollar valuation completes the seed round of financing ,ArkStream Capital Wait for the vote
  • focus NFT And the meta universe XENO Labs start-up , The initial investment capital reached 2500 ten thousand dollar
  • Sanctor Capital Introduction 2000 ten thousand A dollar fund to guide GameFi and DeFi project
  • Digital real estate trading platform Upland With 3 Billion dollars valuation completed 1800 ten thousand dollar A Round of funding ,Animoca Brands Lead investment
  • Cricket NFT platform Faze Technologies complete 1740 ten thousand Dollar seed round financing ,Tiger Global Lead investment
  • Data monetization solutions Swash adopt IDO To raise 1210 ten thousand dollar
  • Practical NFT trading platform Hawku complete 400 ten thousand Dollar seed round financing , Led by Lightspeed venture capital
  • Australian encryption investment application Bamboo complete 300 ten thousand dollar A Round of funding , And consider expanding to the U.S. market

  • Cosmos Ecological privacy layer 1 network Penumbra complete 475 US $10000 seed round financing ,Dragonfly Capital Lead investment
  • Game start-up studio Faraway complete 2100 Thousands of dollars A Round of funding ,FTX and Lightspeed Venture Partners Lead investment
  • Cross border payment start-ups in Africa Chipper Cash complete 1.5 Billion dollars C Round of deferred financing ,FTX Lead investment
  • NFT Game startups Mythical Games complete 1.5 Billion dollars C Round of funding ,a16z Lead investment
  • Decentralized financial platform Beta Finance get 575 Ten thousand dollar financing , Sequoia Capital India led investment
  • NFT Social networking platform Monaco Planet complete 300 US $10000 seed round financing , Sanjian capital and other investment
  • Shooting escape game Nyan Heroes complete 250 US $10000 seed round financing , Three arrows capital, etc
  • GameFi The ecological system Project SEED complete 310 Million dollars in private financing ,Solana Capital Wait for the vote


  • CryptoCompare:10 Monthly digital investment products AUM growth 45.5% reach 747 Billion dollar , Record high
  • Galaxy Digital The scale of asset management has increased to 32 Billion dollar
  • The total market value of cryptocurrency has exceeded 2.8 One trillion dollar , More than Microsoft and apple
  • North American mining companies Marathon Digital Now holds more than 4.57 Billion Bitcoin for dollars
  • Tether Add banknote printing in the wave field 10 Billion gold USDT( Authorized but not issued )




  • Gartner: The third quarter “ Extort software as a service ” And bitcoin payment demand Attacks surge
  • Cream Lightning attack The report : The key flaw is the price calculation of packable tokens , Loss 1.3 Billion dollars
  • Fairyproof Risk warning :BSC On SQUID GAME The project is suspected of running away or Be attacked
  • Rari Fuse On Vesper Lend The lending pool was attacked , The attacker manipulated VUSD Price to profit 300 Thousands of dollars
  • Passive income agreement Indexed Finance Propose a hacker event compensation scheme

Next week's Outlook

  • Decentralized content publishing platform Mirror Launch an incentive program , Will be in 11 month 8 Open governance voting on the th ( Next Monday )
  • ENS Governance token Of the total supply 25% Airdrop to users ,11 month 8 Open claim day ( Next Monday )
  • Of EVM Compatibility chain Cronos The main website release date is postponed to 11 month 8 Japan ( Next Monday )
  • game Guild of Guardians(GOG) Will be in 11 month 10 in CoinList Start token sales on ( Next Wednesday )
  • Polkadot First parallel chain auction Plans to 11 month 11 Day opening ( Next Thursday )
  • Optimism Will be in 11 month 11 Day deployment OVM2.0 edition , Will implement EVM Equivalence ( Next Thursday )
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