ANZ bank (ANZ Bank) An executive at Blockchain Australia The forum held said , The cryptocurrency industry has developed to a scale that can not be ignored by traditional finance .

The day before this statement was made , ANZ's competitor, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (Commonwealth Bank) announce , Through its Commbank Application launch support 10 An encrypted transaction service for digital assets .

Blockchain Australia On 11 month 4 Day was held “State of Play” Forum , From MasterCard 、 Representatives of institutions such as ANZ bank and National Bank of Australia are in CBA After announcing their initiatives, they expressed their views on the encryption industry .

Today we held “State of Play” Forum , There are more than 1200 Person registration , The speakers are from some of the most famous enterprises in Australia .

This conversation clearly shows that , A payment revolution is coming .

——Blockchain Australia (@BlockchainAUS) 2021 year 11 month 4 Japan

Head of ANZ banking services portfolio Nigel Dobson Express , Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the past 12 to 18 Months of growth has made the industry the focus of ANZ's attention :

“ In a way , You can't ignore the weight of money , Right ? We are DeFi In the world , Even in the field of money , Observed for a while , The weight and quality of money are entering these areas , This makes us think , What's happening here ?”

He added :“ When studying this problem in depth , We came to the conclusion that , This is a major agreed shift in financial market infrastructure .”

Dobson Is a senior banker , At Buckley bank 、 Citibank and ANZ have more than 30 Years of working experience . He compared the technological progress brought by blockchain technology to the Internet in 21 The transformative impact on global business at the beginning of the century .

He said :“ We see the same shift taking place here . We are moving towards more decentralization 、 More believable 、 More secure 、 faster 、 Cheaper 、 A better way —— This remains to be proved —— But if these agreements can produce better results and new business models , Then they can't be ignored ,”

Other members of Australia's four largest banks did not announce any immediate follow-up CBA Encrypted transaction support program .Dobson Express , Not clear yet CBA How the experiment will be carried out , But he hinted that ANZ might join it at some stage .

He said :“ In my submission CBA The move made yesterday was bold , Whether the customer will accept it remains to be seen . But one thing is for sure , Everything we're talking about today , Especially in this part of the review , Yes, the ship has set sail . therefore , What we need to do is guide us to use these networks .”

These optimistic comments mark a major change in ANZ . ANZ recently worked with kampalabitcoin traders Aaron Flynn A settlement was reached , before Flynn Sued ANZ , The reason is that he is 2018 Years and 2019 Because of the digital currency exchange (DCE) Was cancelled by ANZ .

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