For mark · Will Zuckerberg lead Facebook Into the meta universe , Encryption industry leaders have expressed different opinions ,Hodl Asset Of Jenny Ta Express , If Meta To be successful , Zuckerberg needs to resign , and Animoca Of Yat Siu Express , Zuckerberg is the only person who can push the company forward .

Ta It's a nonhomogeneous token (NFT) Platform developers Hodl Assets Chief operating officer of , She said , Zuckerberg needs to avoid litigation and protect the company's image by giving up the position of CEO .

But blockchain games and virtual real estate developers Animoca Brands Co founder and chairman of Yat Su Express , Zuckerberg is a “ The power of nature ”, He can make Meta Our vision comes true , But he wants Zuckerberg to embrace the decentralized model .

These comments are in Facebook Recently renamed Meta Published in the case of , The company aims to provide a platform for creators , To establish a virtual online business , And in the process of creating the metauniverse, it is called “Reality Labs” Virtual reality hardware business .

Zuckerberg's metauniverse

Ta tell Cointelegraph, Because regulators are targeting Facebook Data mining 、 The privacy and content policy reviews the CEO , He'd better resign , by Meta Provide an innocent history . She then compared it with Bill • Gates and 21 Microsoft made a comparison at the beginning of the century .

“ bill · gates , When he was CEO of Microsoft , He is a monopolist . So the government pursued him . One lawsuit after another , Until one day he said ‘ Forget this . To save the company , I need to resign .’ Guess what? ? It's really useful .”

Ta Express , zuckerberg 、 Gates and Jeff · Bezos and others never actually wanted to “ Give up the throne ”, But if you need to , They do , in order to “ Protect your wealth ” And repair the company's image .

“ mark · Zuckerberg's wealth is Facebook, Not the meta universe . The universe hasn't proved anything to him yet .…… In order to make Meta Start over with a new attitude , He must step down , He must let a new CEO manage Meta.”

although Siu Not necessarily very supportive Facebook The meta cosmic move , But he thinks Zuckerberg needs to stay at the helm .Siu Call this CEO a stock “ The power of nature ”, At this stage , He's more focused on getting his project done , Instead of getting monetary compensation .

“ It's ironic . In my submission Meta Need mark · Zuckerberg to realize this vision , Because it's a founder led organization , Right ? For everything mark might have done inadvertently , What would you say ? He is smart . He is one of the smartest people in the world . He will promote the development of the company in a mission oriented way .”

However ,Siu Think , The question is whether the organization can “ Fight side by side with him at the speed he wants , And fight him properly ”.Siu Also think that , If Meta And Zuckerberg wanted to really create one “ Open ” And a successful metauniverse , It needs to reconsider its current centralized business model :

“ In my submission Facebook Facing the dilemma of innovators , This may be the opposite of what mark wants to do .”

Mainstream adoption

More broadly ,Ta Compare the current state of metauniverse to the initial adoption of SMS when mobile phone calls are standardized .Ta Take her mother as an example , Her mother didn't think there was any point in using this technology at first , but 5 To 10 After year , It became one of her main ways of communication :

“ The one who really knows what the meta universe is 5% People are like 20 People who used text messages for the first time years ago .”

Siu Think ,“ Large scale adoption ” It will come soon , Because the discussion in this field has shifted from a niche topic to some topics that touch the mainstream audience .

He said :“ It has reached the point where every interaction becomes an exponential focus , Because it is no longer a person talking to another person to introduce another person . This is a conversation between a thousand people and a thousand people , Created thousands of people to come to this field .”

“ What we have to discuss now is , How do we change from tens of millions of people to hundreds of millions of people .”

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