The report claims that a "comprehensive mcbdc network" can save $100 billion a year

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report claims comprehensive mcbdc network

Many powerful stakeholders are eager to reduce the cost of expensive cross-border remittances . under these circumstances , The International Monetary Fund pointed out that , There are about 100 Many countries are studying CBDC The development of .

lately , And BIS Together with the Innovation Center , Bank of Thailand 、 Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates 、 People's Bank of China [ Digital currency Institute ] And the Hong Kong Monetary Authority are working together to develop more than CBDC Platforms or bridges , For international remittance .

A report shared by the Bank of Thailand revealed the latest progress of the plan .

stay mBridge In all use cases of the project , According to the report “ International trade settlement ” Is a priority . That's why , Because it is reported that , The total value of participating countries or regions in international trade transactions exceeds 7300 Billion dollars . At the same time, the report points out that , The project participants are already in mBridge About hundreds of millions of dollars have been used on the platform .


According to the report ,“ There are... From four participating countries or regions 22 Private sector participants , And determined 15 A potential business use case .”

Bank of Thailand is mBridge The plan conceived its own use cases . Its official documents emphasize the importance of seamless payment channels with China , And imagine ,“ A Thai trading company uses L / C to purchase raw materials from Chinese suppliers , And pass mBridge Cross border payment . Thai trading companies assemble and export final products to Hong Kong customers , And pass mBridge Receive payment .”

Although the mBridge It's at the experimental stage , But it is reported that the pilot project will start next year .

In addition to 11 month 4 In the speech of ,BIS The general manager Agustín Carstens When it comes to the mBridge project , And point out that ,“…… At the most recent stage of the project , We investigated new DLT Whether cross-border payment network can reduce costs and improve cross-border payment speed . The answer is yes , The cross-border transmission speed has been greatly improved from several days to seconds . secondly , The cost of such operations can also be reduced by half .”

So , A report jointly released by JPMorgan Chase and Aowei consulting shows that , Use is called mCBDC Multi currency or multi currency central bank digital currency can save corresponding funds .

Unite the central banks in the world to create and test the of various currencies CBDC Remittance platform is not easy , And expensive , It can be said to be a feat . Therefore, the saved cost must prove that the input cost is reasonable .

An all-round mCBDC The Internet , Can promote 24/7 Real time cross-border payment and foreign exchange PvP Settlement , It can save nearly... For global enterprises every year 1000 Billion dollars .”

The report states that ,2020 The cross-border transaction flow in is about 23.5 Trillions of dollars . However, if foreign exchange expenses are not included , The cost of these transactions is about 1200 Billion dollars .

According to the report , The cost is about Singapore GDP One third . And it's not just expensive , It also takes a relatively long time , The average settlement time is about two to three days .


and mCBDC Can reduce costs 80%.

In China CBDC While making progress in , ASEAN economies are also trying and making efforts in relevant aspects .

The report states that ,“ ASEAN economies have also shown a drive for cross-border payment innovation , For example, develop Jasper-Ubin project 、Inthanon-LionRock project 、mCBDC Bridge and Dunbar projects, etc , It is also promoting regional integration , For example, the regional comprehensive economic partnership provides a strong impetus .”

However , The figures shown in the report do not guarantee . In fact, the report shows that , Part and all mCBDC Bridge networks may form in the future .

meanwhile , The report compares Ripple and SWIFT Existing systems including . although SWIFT It ranks first among blockchain companies in terms of transparency , but Ripple In terms of real-time settlement, it is obviously a winner . The two are more or less equal in terms of low cost , but XRP Volatility is considered a problem .

however , It is worth noting that ,FNALITY And its “ accurate CBDC The Internet ” In these three areas of performance is also quite good .

stay Thinking Crypto A podcast episode , front CFTC chairman Chris Giancarlo It is pointed out that the popularity of stable currency may be CBDC One reason for concern .

Chris Giancarlo say ,“ I believe the central bank is paying attention to CBDC , Because of the amazing rise of the stability currency . In the past 18 In the months , The emergence of stable currency as an international payment and settlement mechanism , Let the central bank fall into the so-called moment of battle or escape .”

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