Viewpoint: Why are we wrong in understanding the meta universe?

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viewpoint wrong understanding meta universe

Original title :《 Why does Luo Yonghao think that the meta universe we understand is wrong ?》

writing :Shaan Puri

translate : Shenzhen chain finance Tanker

11 month 5 Japan ,“ Lao Luo ” Luo Yonghao forwarded on his microblog Shaan Puri in the light of “ Meta universe ” Interpretation of the concept , He thinks that Shaan Puri He has a better understanding of the concept of metauniverse than mark · zuckerberg “ More reliable ”.Shaan Puri Used to be a social networking platform Bebo CEO of , The platform is no longer operational , that ,Shaan Puri How to interpret the meta universe ? Deep chain finance will share it and translate it as follows :

The meta universe is a hot topic , But everyone is interested in the meta universe (Metaverse) There are misunderstandings , Here I will share three parts of the theory ……

The first part : Everyone is wrong

Most people think “ Meta universe ” It's a virtual place , Just like the movie 《 No. 1 player 》(Ready Player One) equally ; Or have a virtual world , such as Minecraft、Roblox、 And mark · Zuckerberg Connect The feeling shown in the conference presentation .

however , If the metauniverse is not a “ place ”(place) Well ?

The second part : The universe is not a “ place ”, It is a “ Time ”

The universe is “ Time ”? Is there a mistake ?

Yes , A moment in time .

As you know, there is one in the field of artificial intelligence “ singularity ” The concept of ? In the field of artificial intelligence ,“ singularity ” It refers to the time when artificial intelligence becomes smarter than humans . That moment , Artificial intelligence > Human beings can only .

The third part : What is the universe ?

The meta universe also has a singularity , That moment , People think that living in the digital world is more valuable than living in the real world . Of course , It won't happen overnight , Maybe there will be another Steve in the meta universe · Jobs type invention , Then the singularity will appear . However , This is a gradual change , And it has happened 20 year .

Now , All aspects of people's daily life are moving towards digitization .

  • Work   People's work center has moved from factories to laptops , The traditional scene of meeting in the conference room has also shifted to Zoom On .
  • social contact People's social interaction is no longer limited to neighbors , But there is a group of fans . that , Where will you find like-minded people ?Twitter?Reddit? Or other platforms ?
  • game Now , play 《 Fort night 》 There are more children playing games than basketball and football combined .
  • identity Filters replace makeup , The story becomes your personal billboard , These things represent your “ identity ”.

The problem is , What do you think is more important ? It's what you look like in real life ? Or are you here Instagram What it looks like ? Look at the picture below , The picture on the left is what you see , The picture on the right shows the reality .

 Shenzhen chain finance

Everything is going digital , Your good friend 、 Your work 、 Your identity .

Now? , We have cryptocurrency , You'll find that , Even our assets are becoming Digital .

NFT“ Boring ape ”(Bored Ape) Like Rolex watches in the digital age ,“Fortnite” Skin is like fashionable tight jeans . If you want to integrate into the world , Even if it's just a stroll on the Internet , All need to accept 、 Embrace digital .

If we move time forward 10-20 year , Then it will enter the meta universe , At that time , For us , The digital world will become more important than the real world . In the past , We 99% Our attention is focused on the real world environment , however ——

  • When the TV appeared , Our attention to the real world has fallen to 85%;
  • When computers appear , Our attention to the real world has fallen to 70%;
  • When the phone appears , Our attention to the real world has fallen to 50%.

Our attention has shifted from the real world to the digital world , Where is the focus , Where the energy is . If we focus half our attention on the digital screen , Then people will also focus half their energy on digital life . Don't believe it ? Think about whether we often take out smartphones from our pockets ?

Soon , Some companies will launch smart glasses , When the time comes , We don't even need to take out our cell phones , The digital world can be directly displayed in front of us . When that day comes , Our attention to digital life will shift from 50% Up to 90% above , And this moment will become the singularity of the meta universe , Because at that moment , We will think that virtual life is more important than real life .

that , When the singularity of the meta universe occurs , Is it a good thing or a bad thing ?

actually , Like anything else , It's neither good nor bad , Just one thing , But it's a very different thing .

PS: The way I see the world is : Nothing is right or wrong, good or bad , These are just the labels we put on things , Although most people don't agree with this .

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