Oracle 3.0adamoracle is the key link of blockchain data interaction

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oracle 3.0adamoracle adamoracle key link

Predicting machine 3.0ADAMoracle It is the key link of blockchain data interaction .
As the blockchain enters the stage of commercial application exploration , Various topics around data chaining, such as data chaining 、 Assets on the chain 、 Identity chain, etc , The core behind it is inseparable from the role of smart contract , Blockchain provides the underlying ledger infrastructure , Smart contracts meet more complex upper layer applications and business requirements . Oracle provides a way to provide external information without trust , Build a bridge between smart contracts and the external real world , For example, provide the results of football matches , Weather data , Asset prices and even some specific data sources, such as individuals ID. Whether the external information source provided by the Oracle is trusted is very critical , Untrusted data sources 、 Objective facts that lack verification cannot be provided to smart contracts at will , Otherwise, the forgery cannot be verified when it is written into the blockchain ledger .
 Predicting machine 3.0ADAMoracle It is the key link of blockchain data interaction _oracle
Predicting machine 3.0 product ADAMoracle Achieved real decentralization , It solves the common problems of Oracle products in the market , It ensures the absolute security of data transmission .web 3.0 It is an era when everything is interconnected , It will also be a DAPP Explosive Era , that ADAMoracle Will probably become an important part of it , Because the Oracle implements the blockchain and the Internet 、 Real world data interaction , The Oracle provides a large number of reliable off chain data feedback 、 Varied APIs And traditional payment information . More directly , The blockchain must transmit data outside the chain through the oracle .
The Oracle is to bring external facts into contract execution , If the trusted source of the Oracle is compromised, the execution of the smart contract they provide will be impaired .ADAMoracle The Oracle can connect the smart contract outside the original blockchain ( That is, under the chain ) Data and systems , Reformat external connection points ( namely API), Make sure two different ** Compatible when exchanging data ,Oracle Transfer data to smart contract , And according to the service agreement (SLA) The preset instructions and interfaces in operate in the external system , Provide a safe and reliable bridge for smart contracts , Connect to the data provider 、web API、 Enterprise systems 、 Cloud platform 、 Internet of things devices 、 Blockchains such as payment systems connect with these interfaces , Smart contracts provide easy access to a variety of pre formatted data inputs and outputs , And copy the existing digital contract content , such defi Various off chain data and systems can be used to trigger contract execution , And use various payment gateways and enterprise back-end systems for contract delivery .
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Blockchain is a trust machine , But with the advent of smart contracts , Blockchain tentacles and extension to the real world , How to ensure that the real application is still credible after being linked , The Oracle is the key link , How to make blockchain play a role in real applications “ Trust the machine ” The value of , The Oracle is an inseparable function .