Investment opportunities in the meta universe era from the renaming of Facebook meta

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investment opportunities meta universe era

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10 month 28 Japan ,Facebook The current CEO Mark Zuckerberg is Facebook Connect It was announced at the meeting that ,Facebook Renamed Meta, Cause netizens' ridicule and capital market attention .


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in fact ,Facebook Renamed Meta Behind the , It shows Facebook Turn to the meta universe (Metaverse) Our ambition . Zuckerberg points out ,Meta See the metauniverse as the next frontier of Technology , People will live there 、 Work and play , But this will require 5 - 10 It takes years to become the mainstream .

Zuckerberg's meta universe is a technical concept , It refers to the use of digitization to build a network world parallel to the real world . Simply speaking , The meta universe is a multidimensional Internet space . As netizens say , With the blessing of the meta universe , You can do what you can't do in the real world .

The development of the universe

Meta universe The germination of can be traced back to 1992 year . That year , Neil Stevenson, a famous American science fiction writer, wrote in his own novel 《 An avalanche 》 The concept of element boundary is proposed in , This is the prototype of the meta universe evolved from this .

Because of this novel , The meta universe first came into the sight of the general public , But eventually drowned in the long river of history . However , The concept of the meta universe has experienced nearly 30 After years of silence , Finally in the 2020 Attention was paid again in .

2020 year ,《 No. 1 player 》、《 Out of control players 》 And other movies depicting the ultimate form of the meta universe , Let the general public have a preliminary understanding of the concept of the meta universe . meanwhile ,《 Fort night 》 Virtual concert on the game line 、 At Nintendo 《 Animal forest friends 》 Academic seminars and other activities held at , It provides an opportunity for the general public to experience the meta space , It also lays a foundation for the development of the meta universe at home and abroad .

From abroad ,2021 year 3 month ,“ The first strand of the meta universe ”Roblox Listed on the New York Stock Exchange .Roblox Just a few months after listing , from 40 $100 million valuation , Soar to 500 Billion dollars , In less than half a year 10 Double the increase .

What's more amazing , With 5G、AI、VR/AR And other technologies , The technical support of the yuan universe is becoming more and more stable . here , The popularity of the yuan universe seems to be that everything is ready, only due to the east wind . and Facebook renamed Meta Turning to the meta universe itself , It is regarded as the east wind that detonates the upsurge of the meta universe , Microsoft and other technology giants have announced plans for meta universe related products , Scramble to seize the commanding height of meta space .

Domestic perspective , since 2021 year 9 month 1 Since then ,“ Meta universe ” The relevant trademark is applied for 2939 Pieces of , tencent 、 Chinese online and several Netease affiliated companies and other domestic enterprises are also scrambling to register yuanuniverse related trademarks .

The reason for the popularity of the meta universe

In addition to the maturity of relevant technologies , There are three main reasons why the yuan universe was detonated .

The first reason is that capital drives .Roblox Just a few months after listing on the New York Stock Exchange , The valuation has risen by more than 450 Billion dollars . Behind such an amazing rise , If there is no capital participation of Wall Street, no one will believe it , After all, it is impossible for retail investors in the United States to burst out so much energy .

The second reason is the global epidemic . The global epidemic has led to the whole 2020 Years and 2021 People's production in the first half of the year 、 life 、 The way of entertainment has changed greatly . People find meeting in a non-contact virtual environment 、 Work 、 shopping 、 Entertainment is more important .

The third reason is psychological needs .11 month 1 Japan , The Ministry of Commerce issued a document , Encourage families to store a certain amount of necessities according to their needs , Meet the needs of daily life and emergencies , Under the over interpretation of some we media , Caused panic among citizens . in fact , This is the country's response to high inflation expectations 、 The epidemic rebounded 、 Preventive measures against abnormal weather , It also reflects that young people in real conditions , Disappointments that cannot be improved through efforts , And the desire to seek self realization in the virtual space , The meta universe is such a space that can give these people psychological comfort .

The investment opportunities of yuancosmos

at present , More and more domestic and foreign enterprises have entered the meta universe , so to speak , The era we live in is bound to be the era of meta universe . that , In the race track competition in the early development of the metauniverse , What areas of business will benefit first ?

From the perspective of investment, there are mainly 4 Large plate , They are the underlying architecture 、 Back end infrastructure 、 Front end devices and scene content . among , The underlying architecture is mainly blockchain 、NFT、 Virtual currency ; The back-end infrastructure includes 5G、GPU、AI; The front-end device is undoubtedly AR/VR, And sensors 、 Display panel, etc ; The scene content is based on the game 、 Medical care 、 Industry 、 education 、 Meetings, etc. are most likely .

Citic securities pointed out that , At the current time , It is difficult for us to give the short-term beneficial investment target of metauniverse , But in the medium and long term , We are optimistic about the investment opportunities in related fields , Such as : Ying Wei Da 、Epic、Unity、 tesla 、 tencent 、 Bytes to beat 、 MIHA Tour 、Facebook、 Apple 、 Microsoft 、 Amazon 、 Google 、 Alibaba 、Roblox、 Baidu 、 Xiaomi and other companies .

Yuan universe's investment risk

First , The development of yuancosmos depends on the attitude of supervision . When it comes to the regulation of the meta universe ,Facebook front CEO Eric · Said Schmidt :“ We need to understand the regulation of the metauniverse , But now I don't think we know how to regulate this field , I don't think today's regulators have the right statement , Not even how to discuss the problem .”

secondly , Limited by the current underlying infrastructure problems and technical security defects of the blockchain , Under the current conditions, it is really difficult for the meta universe project to have a large space .


from FaceBook To Meta: It's not just Facebook Name change , More right 20-30 The vision of digital survival after . Although the metauniverse is currently in the stage of conceptual hype , But there is a trend of future certainty , Cross industry technology integration , Plus DeFi、NFT、GameFi Ecological development can be realized .

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