The giving block launched 15 new funds to promote cryptocurrency donation to public welfare undertakings

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giving block launched new funds

Cryptocurrency charity platform The Giving Block Announce launch 15 A new one “ Public welfare fund ”(Cause Funds), To better guide donations to charities with similar goals and missions .

The Giving Block It was established to promote the development of 700 Cryptocurrency donations from several non-profit organizations , Including save the children (Save The Children)、 Malala Foundation (Malala Fund) And world vision (World Vision).

According to the The Giving Block Our website says , New public welfare fund “ Connect multiple non-profit organizations with similar concerns or missions ”, And added that , This function is very suitable for those who want to support a specific problem or public welfare rather than the organization .

In this way , These funds enable multiple charities to expand their influence , Not just charities with instant visibility .

cofounder Alex Wilson tell Cointelegraph:“ We often hear donors say , They want to support some kind of public welfare , Like the environment , But it's hard to choose .”

“ These public welfare funds allow donors to support the impact of the entire category through a transaction . This is a win-win for charities and donors .”

These categories are consistent with the United Nations sustainable development goals , Include : Health and medical ; Liberation and freedom ; Veterans and first responders ; Poverty and housing ; Technology and Science ; animal ; Art and culture ; Children and adolescents ; Citizens and human rights ; Disasters and conflicts ; The economic development ; Food and water .

“ The purpose of donation will vary greatly from cause to cause . Some money may be used to build schools , Other funds may be used to feed hungry children ,”Wilson say , And added that , This year's goal is to raise money for charities through encrypted donations 1 Billion dollars .

Then why might it have no impact ?( This is actually a big deal )
Public welfare fund means that a donation can have a huge chain reaction !️
One donation = Unprecedented charitable influence .
——GivingBlock (@ thegiingblock) 2021 year 11 month 3 Japan

As report goes , Hundreds of non-profit organizations have signed agreements to participate in public welfare funds . at present , Only American companies are eligible to participate in , but Wilson Express , They hope to expand internationally soon . The public welfare fund will update the newly joined non-profit organization at the beginning of each month .

Donors can use 45 One of the selected cryptocurrencies contributes to a public welfare . The total value of each fund will be distributed equally among all non-profit organizations participating in the fund , Once a month .

In addition to the charities supported by these funds ,The Giving Block Express , These donations will also have a far-reaching chain reaction to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency .

The Giving Block Website. :“ With the success of a large number of non-profit organizations in encrypted fund-raising , The adoption of cryptocurrency in charity is bound to grow exponentially . In turn, , This also promotes charitable donation to become an important use case of cryptocurrency .”

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