According to the inventory of the 15 most valuable blockchain companies in the world, coinbase is not the first?

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When investors and consumers encounter “ Blockchain ” This word , For most of them , The first thing they think of is bitcoin . Although bitcoin and blockchain are inextricably linked , But the latter is more diversified than simple currencies , Although it forms the backbone of what bitcoin provides , Anonymity and transaction security .

Simply speaking , Blockchain is a distributed ledger , Traditionally called a ledger . Any party using this ledger for transactions can access it and make changes , This results in multiple copies of multiple users , This is a concept to improve transaction integrity .

The rise of bitcoin and related cryptocurrencies has stimulated the popularity of blockchain technology companies , Many people think the industry is worth billions of dollars in the near future . for example ,MarketsandMarkets Of 2019 The annual research report is expected to , from 2020 Year to 2025 year , The global blockchain market will grow at an amazing rate 67.3% Compound annual growth rate of (CAGR) growth . The report estimates that , To 2020 end of the year , The value of the market will reach 30 Billion dollars , To 2025 By the end of the year 397 Billion dollars . The research company also believes that , Although small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) Will be the backbone of this growth , However, the largest share of the dollar cake will be composed of traditional financial institutions relying on blockchain .

Forbes also adopted MarketsandMarkets To share the CAGR Data and market size values . The research company predicts ,2019 - 2027 During the year, the compound annual growth rate of the global blockchain market was 56.1%, Expect to 2027 The value of the industry will reach... By the end of the year 690 Billion dollars .

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Commonly known as PwC , Is one of the largest accounting firms in the world , It's in 2020 A report at the end of the year said , To 2030 year , Blockchain technology can contribute to global GDP (GDP) Add amazing 1.76 Trillions of dollars . The company also stipulates that in its report , Most of this increase will be due to companies using the technology to avoid counterfeit products and fraudulent transactions . The industry is called by the company “ origin ”, To 2030 year , It will itself be a global GDP increase 9030 Billion dollars .

The method of counting

We use many factors in determining the value of a company . For this list , Because some companies don't trade publicly , We will use their revenue as the main determinant of their size . Although the list is diverse , But it mainly includes companies that mainly focus on using the blockchain department to provide products to their customers , Or a financial company that adds cryptocurrency to its portfolio , Or most of its business products focus on providing technical solutions including blockchain .  otherwise , Large technology giants including Microsoft and Amazon also have their own blockchain departments , But because blockchain is not their main business , So they are excluded from the list .

The most valuable blockchain company in the world

15. Blockstream( private )

income : It is estimated that 780 Thousands of dollars .


Blockstream It was founded in 2014 Canadian company in , The company also provides blockchain solutions for storing and transmitting digital assets , Mainly bitcoin . Like other small blockchain companies ,Blockstream Also keep its financial details confidential , Because it's not publicly traded , Therefore, there is no obligation to share details publicly .

However , According to data aggregators Growjo call , The annual income of the company is 760 Thousands of dollars , It is one of the smallest companies at present .

With Square、 Tesla 、 Big companies such as apple and Google have embraced cryptocurrency , Blockchains and such Blockstream Cryptocurrency companies like this are also beginning to grow .

14.Intellectsoft( private )

income : It is estimated that every year 11.43 dollar


Intellectsoft Is a software solution development company , Founded on 2007 year . Its target customers are enterprises and companies , It has five offices around the world , One of them is in New York , The other is in Miami .

Intellectsoft Our blockchain division is called Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab , It's with the London Stock Exchange 、 The world bank 、 Ernst & Young has established partnerships with large companies such as Nestle .

according to Dun & Bradstreet Annual income model ,Intellectsoft The annual income is 1143 Thousands of dollars .

13. Deqode( primary Techracers)

income : It is estimated that every year 1900 Thousands of dollars


Deqode, It was originally called Techracers, Founded on 2012 year , It is famous for its all-round development of blockchain . The company was one of the few companies that brought the benefits of blockchain to all aspects of the way businesses and individuals traded with each other . Some of these include wallets 、 Contract audit 、 Exchanges and private blockchains .

According to data aggregators Growjo call ,Deqode The annual income is 1900 Thousands of dollars .

12. Steem (STEEM-USD)

income : It is estimated that every year 2400 Thousands of dollars


Steem It was founded in 2016 Blockchain company in , Launched its first item called Genesis Block Service for . From then on , It provides services to three types of users . They are developers 、 Entrepreneurs and social users . It also provides community and development support programs .

According to the data aggregation platform Growjo call ,Steem At present, the estimated annual income is 2400 Thousands of dollars .

11. ConsenSys( private )

income :2020 year 3000 Thousands of dollars


A small but emerging player in blockchain is ConsenSys, It was founded on 2014 year , Provide cryptocurrency wallet and blockchain solutions . Unlike other similar companies that often disclose revenue , As a private company ConsenSys Remain relatively silent about such details .

However , The company does need to provide these details to investors when seeking to raise additional funds , And it's in 4 In a publicity campaign in January, it indirectly revealed its income , It outlines its plan to double revenue by the end of the year , achieve 6000 Thousands of dollars . It means ConsenSys stay 2020 The annual income is 3000 Thousands of dollars , Compared with other companies , This is relatively mild .

With Square Inc( NYSE stock code :SQ)、 Tesla ( Nasdaq stock code :TSLA)、 Apple Inc ( Nasdaq stock code :AAPL) and Alphabet Inc Class A( Nasdaq stock code :GOOGL) Wait for the government and big companies to embrace cryptocurrency , Blockchain and cryptocurrency companies ( Such as ConsenSys grow up .

10. HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd.

income :2019 The last three quarters of the year are 3300 Thousands of dollars


Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd. Is a cryptocurrency miner located in Vancouver, Canada . It also claims to use only renewable energy to mine bitcoin and Ethereum . Its mining facilities are located in 、 Ireland and Sweden , And allow its shareholders to access the portfolio of two cryptocurrencies .

According to the details listed on its website , The company plans to install 133,120 A miner and realize 13.3EH/s Hash rate of .Hive The latest financial statements submitted to Canadian regulators show that , from 2020 year 4 Month to 2020 year 12 month , The company's revenue is 330 Billion dollars , The annual growth rate is 90 Billion dollars .

9. Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc.

income :2021 In the first half of 3800 ten thousand


Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc.( Nasdaq stock code :MARA) After upgrading its mining portfolio in the first quarter of last year , It is a relatively new entrant in bitcoin mining . Throughout 2020 During the year ,Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc.( Nasdaq stock code :MARA) Bought more than 100,000 Bitcoin miners , And raised funds through public and private placement for many times during the year .Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc.( Nasdaq stock code :MARA) Announced earlier this year , It has been successfully installed 133,120 A miner , Enables it to significantly expand its scope of operations .

According to its latest report to the securities and Exchange Commission Form-10Q,Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc.( Nasdaq stock code :MARA) The revenue in the first half of this year was 3800 Thousands of dollars , Achieved an amazing annual growth rate 3750 Thousands of dollars .

With Square Inc( NYSE stock code :SQ)、 Tesla ( Nasdaq stock code :TSLA)、 Apple Inc ( Nasdaq stock code :AAPL) and Alphabet Inc Class A( Nasdaq stock code :GOOGL) Wait for the government and big companies to embrace cryptocurrency , Blockchain and cryptocurrency companies such as marathon have decided to grow .

8. Argo Blockchain plc

income :2021 In the first half of 4300 Thousands of dollars


Argo Blockchain Is a company headquartered in London, UK , On 2017 Founded after the cryptocurrency boom . The company's sole objective is to ensure that mining becomes a legitimate business .

Argo Our business is mainly located in North America , The company has more than 21,000 A miner , Used in the United States and Canada . It also reports to the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted F1 form , Through an initial public offering (IPO) Go public .Argo Hope that through its IPO Raise 7500 Thousands of dollars , Its submission comes at a time when bitcoin prices continue to soar to new heights .

Argo The revenue in the first half of this year was as high as 4300 Thousands of dollars , Almost 2020 It's a whole year 12 Twice your monthly income .

7. Currency security (BNB-USD)

income : Estimated at... Per year 1.79 Billion dollars


Binance It is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world . It is composed of Zhao CHANGPENG and he Yiyu 2017 Founded in 2000 , Facing controversy in the United States on suspicion of money laundering and tax crimes . It operates a company in the United States called Binance.US Independent exchange , Registered with the U.S. Financial Crime Agency .

The company reported that , On average, there are... On its network every day 20 Billion deals , And provide decentralized cryptocurrency wallet and community driven blockchain .

According to the data aggregation company Growjo The data of ,Binance The annual income is about 1.79 Billion dollars .

With Square Inc( NYSE stock code :SQ)、 Tesla ( Nasdaq stock code :TSLA)、 Apple Inc ( Nasdaq stock code :AAPL) and Alphabet Inc Class A( Nasdaq stock code :GOOGL) Wait for the government and big companies to embrace cryptocurrency , Blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms such as Qian'an have decided to grow .

6. AP Møller - Mærsk A/S

income : It is estimated that 6.65 Billion dollars


AP Møller – Mærsk A/S: Or Maersk for short , It is the largest shipping company in the world . Maersk incorporated blockchain technology into its business TradeLens platform , Enable its users to exchange information in a secure and transparent manner .

Maersk lists its TradeLens Revenue of the platform under Maersk management product line , The revenue of this product series in the first half of this year was 6.65 Billion dollars .

5. VMware, Inc.

income : It is estimated that 7.41 Billion dollars


VMware Inc It's an American cloud computing company ,28 Founded in California years ago . Its main focus is virtualization technology , Now it has also entered the field of blockchain .

VMware Provide VMware Blockchain , This is a decentralized network , Allow the company's customers to use it for financial services 、 Bidding areas in industries such as supply chain and healthcare .

VMware Blockchain Has been Broadridge Financial Solutions For the repo market , It is also used as a ledger by the Australian Stock Exchange .

according to VMware To the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Documents submitted , By 4 The quarter of ,VMware Through subscription and software as a service (SaaS) Mode earned 7.41 Hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue , These may include VMware Blockchain.

4.Bitfury Group( private )

income :2018 year 5 Billion dollars


Bitfury Group Ltd. It is an innovative blockchain company , Operating outside Amsterdam, the Netherlands . The company provides pre built bitcoin blockchain software solutions , Enable companies to securely record and verify their transactions . It also provides custom hardware to audit the bitcoin blockchain in exchange for new tokens , The company helped the Georgian government to publish on the blockchain 300,000 A land lease , Make sure they don't get damaged .

According to Forbes ,Bitfury stay 2018 Created in 5 Hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue .

3. Coinbase Global, Inc.

income :2021 In the first half of 40 Billion dollars


Coinbase Global Inc, abbreviation Coinbase, Founded on 2012 year , It is one of the most famous cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States . stay 3 Month acquisition Tagomi after , It has also become the country's largest cryptocurrency exchange .

Coinbase Provide products for retail and institutional investors . For the retail camp , It allows them to trade cryptocurrencies 、 Cryptocurrency supported assets and wallets that allow customers to access applications . For institutional investors , It provides a trading platform and experts to deal with cryptocurrencies . It also provides stable tokens backed by dollars , This allows users to trade this cryptocurrency faster than trading dollars . Besides ,Coinbase Provide your own debit card Visa card , For cryptocurrency transactions and merchant payment services .

According to its financial disclosure , According to its disclosure to the securities and Exchange Commission Form-10Q,Coinbase The revenue in the first half of this year was 40 Billion dollars .

2. International business machines

income :2021 In the first half of 30 Billion dollars


IBM or IBM It is one of the oldest technology companies in the United States, keeping pace with chip giant Intel . However , Unlike Intel, which mainly provides hardware ,IBM Have a diversified business , To provide a series of services including a transaction processing platform based on blockchain technology .

IBM In its financial statements “ Transaction processing platform ” Its revenue based on blockchain platform is listed under the title , In the first half of this year, we obtained 30 Hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue . Although there have been rumors that the company has failed to achieve the internal objectives of the blockchain Department , But it still achieved this income .

1. Square, Inc.

income :2021 In the first half of 62 Billion dollars


Square Inc. Is a financial payment and service company , from Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey Mister and billionaire James McKelvey On 2010 Co founded in . Square At the beginning of its establishment , By the end of the second quarter of this year , The company has begun to make considerable revenue from bitcoin .

Square In its 2021 In the second quarter of 10-Q The table reveals , Of its total income 64% From bitcoin market price 、 Active bitcoin customers and the growth of bitcoin demand . To 2021 year 6 End of month ,Square Got up to... Through bitcoin 62 Hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue , In the company, in 2020 In the first half of the year 11 After $billion in bitcoin revenue , The annual growth rate is 428%.

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