Lot: a cognitive revolution for the public

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lot cognitive revolution public


It took only a week ,Loot It becomes NFT The hottest in the field project , The whole Ethereum ecosystem is attracted , What's more, it triggered NFT Unprecedented social and trading frenzy in the industry .

Although this time Loot Appear in front of people at an amazing speed , But there's no denying it , many “ Outsiders ” Still feel confused , I don't know where to begin to understand all this .


Worth millions dollar Pixelation of jpegs It has surprised people . Now speculators have given up money that for some people is a year's salary or down payment on real estate , In exchange for white text on a black background .

The project is by Vine The founder of Dom Hoffmann Launched on twitter , He was in 8 month 27 Day shared casting a Loot “ package “ Contract of . except Gas outside , No other costs , The fanatics cast... In three hours 8,000 A package .

Now? Loot yes NFT The hottest project in the field . In terms of volume , It's already in OpenSea The fifth , in the past 24 More than in hours 1 Billion dollars . Floor price , That is, a Loot The lowest price on the market , yes 12.2 individual ETH, As of the evening of New York time , Worth more than 45000 dollar .


And in the 9 month 2 Japan , One LOOT Wrap it up with 250ETH Sell at a price of , Value is close to 100 Thousands of dollars .

Loot It all started with a tweet , This tweet comes from the artist 、 entrepreneurs 、 Programmer and Vine founder Dom Hofmann, This tweet :

Does anyone want to play this weekend ?


Text based fantasy Cryptoloot

Use your imagination to play

Maybe it's a smart contract


After a hacker marathon over the weekend ,Dom In just one day Twitter Can't wait to release Loot, This project is a random adventurer equipment game , from 8000 individual NFT Loot Package composition , these “ Deliberately omit 【 Images and Statistics 】 For others to interpret ” Your game can be played directly from Loot Free casting in smart contracts , Players only need to pay gas You can participate in .

Above, Dom Post tweets , It shows the first Loot package , This Loot It looks rare .

all Loot Bags can be cast in a very fast way , Then the community can surround NFT Carry out peripheral 、 Organic community building .


It is in this mode ,Loot To show an explosive growth trend . If you are still confused about this , Don't worry , Because of confusion —— In fact, it is one of the reasons why the project spread so fast .

Loot There are no adventurers , There is no game , There are only pictures of various items and corresponding items , And tens of millions of 、 Participants who bet that all this will become more items in some way .

As a tweet said ,“Loot yes NFT Impromptu performance ”.

The problem now is ,Loot Whether it will develop backward from a group of items in the game in some way , Become a practical 、 Playable games . If so , Who will develop it ? And how to develop ? up to now , In fact, no one knows the answers to these questions .


Dom Hofmann say :“ obviously , The participation of the game is very high , Remains to be seen , But this is definitely a possibility , I think it will be very cool .” One thing he is interested in is watching Loot Whether the project can span different games established by different people , This concept is the key to this year's meta universe .

Founder of Ethereum V God agrees very much Loots Represents the concept of joint construction , He tweeted :“ In my submission Loot The philosophy of the project is right , Anything anyone creates is an existence , Causing different endings , It's how people continue to build on it ”.

AAVE founder Stani Kulechov Then he put forward Loot-verse (Loot The universe ) Concept ,“ Whole Web3.0 Communities are building Loot-verse, what are you doing? ?”, He also changed his twitter name from Stani.jpg Changed to Stani.txt.


Loot It has built an active community and rich ecology in a week .

One is called Adventure Gold (AGLD) The tokens were airdropped to all Loot The owner of the , Instant direct coronation is still blank Loot The currency of the universe .

Adventure Gold It is a game project that has not been developed yet , But it's this white paper token because it's the same as Loot Connected to a , I had... Overnight 3 Market value of US $100 million , Head to head metauniverse game SANDBOX.


LootRealm(Loot territory ) and LootCharacters (Loot figure ) Such projects have also emerged , by Loot-verse Fill in elements such as space maps and personas .

meanwhile , There are also many people based on Loot Create visual content and scripts , Even the Chinese team has developed a Chinese version of Chinese Loot Airdrop to Loot The holder , Got it AAVE Founder's concern .


Loot It's an almost blank canvas , But it has great attraction for people to create together 、 Construction and dissemination .

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