Bitcoin law officially came into force, but the results of the Salvadoran poll backfired?

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bitcoin law officially came force

This year, 6 month , El Salvador's Legislative Assembly passed by an absolute majority 《 Bitcoin law 》, Approve bitcoin as the legal tender of the country , It has become the first country in the world to officially recognize bitcoin as legal tender . The bill will be in 9 month 7 Effective date , The Salvadoran government took action yesterday , The president of El Salvador Nayib Bukele On 6 The sign means : On the same day, the government will purchase a total of... In two phases 400 Bitcoin . according to 6 Number 18 spot 51690 Dollar price calculation , this 400 Bitcoin is worth about 2067 Thousands of dollars .

Despite the vigorous promotion of bitcoin by the president of El Salvador , But ordinary people are very indifferent to it . stay 9 month 2 University of Central America (UCA) For El Salvador 1281 The results of a poll of respondents showed that : There are at least 67.9% Of people expressed disagreement or strong opposition to the use of bitcoin as legal tender . Only less than 32% Of people say they accept to some extent .

 Bitcoin law takes effect , The results of the Salvadoran poll backfired ?

in addition , As early as 8 Conducted in January UCA Opinion polls show that :90% People don't have a clear understanding of bitcoin ,80% Of people said they had little confidence in the use of bitcoin . The people of the country have also launched protests and marches on many occasions , Oppose bitcoin becoming legal tender . Because they think once the bill is implemented , The main beneficiaries will be the rich 、 Foreign investors and business leaders , It has nothing to do with ordinary people .

But El Salvador's economy is in the doldrums 、 Weak industry and the prevalence of gangs ,650 Ten thousand people , Gang members alone are as high as 100 ten thousand people . Both the land area and the total population are regarded as a small country , The murder rate is the highest in the world .2020 El Salvador GDP by 246.39 Billion dollars , Yes 20% Much of the GDP From overseas remittances .

A Salvadoran working abroad wants to remit money to his brother in El Salvador 100 dollar , Need to go through the local remittance company ( less ), My brother has to take a few hours to withdraw money , When you arrive, you have to worry about the gangs wandering outside the remittance company . Last ,100 The dollar has shrunk by almost half ( Service Charge 、 fare 、 Protection fees are more expensive ). And if through bitcoin Lightning network , Your brother who is thousands of miles away just sits at home , With a mobile phone connected to the network, you can receive a remittance deducting only a small part of the transfer fee .

 Bitcoin law takes effect , The results of the Salvadoran poll backfired ?

In El Salvador , exceed 70% People don't have bank accounts , But many of them can still afford cheap mobile phones and basic Internet , And with the progress of Technology , This number is still growing rapidly . In inefficiency 、 Where corruption is rampant , It's much easier to buy a mobile phone than to open a bank account .

The Salvadoran government must see this , Plus the impact of the epidemic in the past two years , The Fed has no limit on printing money , Prices are soaring in small countries where the dollar is the legal tender , Inflation soared , The Salvadoran government's initiative to use bitcoin as the second legal currency , To some extent, it has reduced the country's dependence on the US dollar , It also solves the problem of cumbersome local cross-border transactions , It is believed that more and more countries with similar national conditions to El Salvador will begin to formulate policies similar to 《 Bitcoin law 》 The policy of .

 Bitcoin law takes effect , The results of the Salvadoran poll backfired ?

What's more, as the first country to dare to eat crabs —— El Salvador , A small country in northern Central America , The eyes of the cryptocurrency field all over the world have been gathered here , Got enough exposure . just as MicroStrategy( The world's largest independent business intelligence company ) The founder of Michael Saylor What I have said , Adopting bitcoin will not only generate positive marketing and popularity , It can also create an attractive way for people and enterprises interested in cryptocurrency , The popularity of bitcoin will be a unique advantage of El Salvador .

How much change can bitcoin bring to El Salvador, a mess inside and outside , It remains to be seen , However, the formal implementation of the bill , Created a precedent in history , It provides a new choice for other small Latin American countries .

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