Detailed explanation of the economic model of Solana universe in three minutes

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detailed explanation economic model solana

Solana The value of is getting higher and higher , But want to play Sol, We also need to understand its economic model , as well as Staking Mechanism , Such investment Solana To get the best return , today Solana Universe It's sorted out Solana Economic model data , And pledge Sol A tutorial for , Help everyone play for three minutes Solana !

SOL Token model and Staking course -

SOL yes Solana The original token on the chain , It uses a trust interest proof consensus algorithm , Encourage token holders to verify transactions .SOL There are three main use cases :


2、 transaction cost

3、 government

1、SOL Token distribution

Solana The total amount of tokens is 488,597,019 SOL, Circulation is 46,264,903 SOL, The token allocation model is as follows :

· Community 38.89%

· Seed wheel 16.23%

· private 12.92%

· The team 12.79%

· The foundation 10.46%

· Verifier sales 5.18%

· Strategic sales 1.88%

·CoinList The auction 1.64%



2.SOL Historical price and trading volume

up to now ,SOL The price of has been rising rapidly , from 1.8 The dollar rose to 160.88 dollar , Increase is 8937%.SOL Has joined the major leagues , Its total market value ranges from 8600 Million dollars to 786 Billion dollars , Ranked No. in the market value ranking 7, This makes it the third largest smart contract platform , Second only to ETH and ADA Besides ,Solana The volume of transactions soared , On all platforms ,SOL The average reported daily trading volume is 90 Billion dollars .

Sol How to mine ?

SOL Money can be used to pay for Solona(SOL) Fees for trading and using smart contracts on , It can also be used to pledge data on nodes , If the node is large enough, it is selected as the verification node , You can charge node rewards , Because the amount to be selected is very high , You can SOL Currency is pledged to the pledgor of a node , Similar to the concept of crowdfunding , If this node becomes an authentication node , You will also receive some node rewards . And in Qian'an 、FTX Wait for... On the exchange Staking, It can be simply understood as each large node , We put Sol Pledge to them , Share the benefits . Now? Universe Introduce to you about Sol The method of pledge .

1. Put the pledge on the coin SOL

Register a money security account , Choose a position against profit , take SOL Just save it .


2. adopt Soflare wallet

stay Solana Before pledge profits , First of all Solflare This platform registers wallets , And prepare some gold SOL The coin , So if you want to participate in the pledge , Be sure to complete the above coin buying process .

Solflare Is for Solana User developed unmanaged wallet , This wallet is also involved Solana Wallets needed for each project ,Solflare The private key of the wallet is kept by the individual ,Solflare Not responsible for safekeeping , Users can choose to download the private key file , There is a safe place .

A safer way is to deposit CoolWallets、Ledger Nano S or Nano X Cold Wallet , This is the safest way to do it .

Start Solana Pledge profits :STEP.1 Click on 「Creat a wallet」


STEP.2 Select the private key storage method

choice using keystore file( Private key file )/ using ledger nano S/ using ledger nano X

The following is an example of a private key file :


Set the password :


Download the private key file :


STEP.3 Set account password

Upload the private key file and enter the password for confirmation


Complete wallet creation !

STEP.4 Open your wallet

choice using keystore file( Private key file ), Click on “ Access ”.


Input password , Upload the private key file and log in .

STEP.5 Gold in wallet


Copy the wallet address at the top left , take Sol Money can be remitted .

STEP.6 Create pledge account number


Click... On the menu “Staking” Options

Create a pledge account

Click on “Get Started”, Enter the number of tokens to be pledged

( The number of tokens here includes Gas fee , about 0,0001Sol about )


Input password , Finish creating pledge account .

STEP.7 Start pledging

Point selection ”DELEGATE NOW”


Enter the node you want to pledge , Enter the password after confirmation , The pledge is complete !

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