Ten thousand word report: where is the value of the meta universe? What directions deserve special attention?

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thousand word report value meta

1992 year , The first economic crisis lasted so far and brought a great blow to the world . And in the Internet industry , The Internet is no longer the exclusive use of the government and the army .Dephi Start providing online services to their customers , And gradually developed from e-mail service to all-round network service , This year is a milestone for the whole Internet .

meanwhile ,1960 The new wave of science fiction developed in has gradually evolved into a new cultural branch —— Cyberpunk .

Cyberpunk is different from the early Utopian science fiction , Cyberpunk depicts the strong contrast between fragile and small human individuals and highly developed civilizations , Full of violence aesthetics and Reflection on the society at that time .

and Meta universe That's why .

The origin of the universe

  • The origin of the universe

Meta universe (Metaverse) First appeared in Stephenson's science fiction 《 An avalanche 》 in , Describes the... Built in the network 、 The form of virtual community and world with high fidelity .“Metaverse” The word is used by Meta and Verse form ,Meta It means surpassing ,verse Represents the universe (universe), Together, it means “ Beyond the universe ” The concept of , Also known as “ Hyperelement field ”. It is no different from the real world , The only difference is that it is a code Protocol , It's a space that runs parallel to the real world .

The meta universe raises a possibility , That is, when civilization prospers and develops to a certain stage , The future world is an organic combination of the physical world and the virtual world . Everyone can have one in the virtual world “Avatar( avatar )”, Can carry out all social and productive life , This provides an almost directional blueprint for the later development of the Internet , and 《 An avalanche 》 The world depicted in is gradually realizing .

Metauniverse allows users to enjoy a more free and fair interaction platform , Make it full of charm , The development of Internet technology provides the possibility for the emergence of meta universe , The emergence of blockchain technology has laid the foundation for the meta universe .

 Ten thousand word report : What is the value of the universe Which directions deserve special attention ?

  • How did the universe catch fire ?

Maybe civilization is a piece of iterative code . future , Life and technology are inseparable , So why doesn't the meta universe arrive sooner or later 2021 Hot out of the circle in ?

In fact the Roblox Since listing , The discussion of the metauniverse continues to heat up . There are two major events that push the metauniverse out of the game and blockchain circle .

With the first wave of the meta universe Roblox On 3 month 10 Listed on the New York Stock Exchange , The rise in recent days has helped its market value break through 400 Billion dollars .2021 year 4 month 13 Japan , World famous game development company , At the same time, it is also the developer of well-known game engine Unreal Engine Epic Games Announce receipt 10 US $100 million financing , Mainly used for development Metaverse. and Epic The other two identities , One is that the number of registered players exceeds 3.5 Billions of 《 Fort night 》 Developers , The other is to have 1.6 A new game store with 100 million players , As a heavyweight veteran in the game industry ,Epic It plays an important role in game developers and players , And it announced its entry into the meta universe , It is undoubtedly to tell game developers and players around the world that there are the most fascinating things here .

 Ten thousand word report : What is the value of the universe Which directions deserve special attention ?

( The picture shows Google search index )

2021 year 8 month 14 Japan , Really detonate the domestic Internet 、 The big event in the financial circle is ,Facebook The founder of Zuckerberg , In an interview with The Verge During the interview, he did not hide that he was a believer in the meta universe , And plans to Facebook Build Chengyuan universe company . Such a world has 20 The Internet giant with more than 100 million users has announced a new direction , Quickly attracted the attention of all parties .

 Ten thousand word report : What is the value of the universe Which directions deserve special attention ?

( The picture shows Baidu search index )

This shocked the whole industry , Although the meta universe still has a long way to go , But we seem to see some dawn of the future .


How to correctly understand the universe ?

Of course , When most people hear about the metauniverse , May still be confused , How can we correctly understand the meta universe ?

In the early days of any industry, it is difficult to have a clear definition , The universe is no exception . The relevant explanations given by different institutions seem to be different , We can only learn from the views of some authoritative institutions and well-known scholars , To extract the core of the meta universe .

Roblox It exceeds Ubisoft in market value and user scale 、CDRR and EA, And attracted more than 1.6 Million monthly users . As the head project of the meta universe industry ,Roblox Provides a tool , Let creators develop games and form a unique social model . The definition in its prospectus for listing on the New York Stock Exchange states that , The meta universe contains eight elements , That's identity 、 friend 、 immersion 、 Low latency 、 diversified 、 Whenever and wherever possible 、 Brokerage system and civilization . In other words, the meta universe belongs to the user's own world , Can express information more quickly , Interactive assets , And immerse the expression of specific scenes .

And what we mentioned above is obsessed with the meta universe Facebook, Think that the meta universe is based on AR/VR The space of Technology , Users enter the virtual world by wearing devices on their heads , So as to realize the seamless connection between the real and virtual world .

Released the most popular game in North America 《 Fort night 》 Of Epic The company believes that the meta universe can do everything in real life , Including watching Travis Scott Virtual concert 、《 Star Wars: 》 The world premiere of the latest clip , They generally believe that the meta universe is the ultimate form of the Internet .

meanwhile , Microsoft chairman and CEO satya · NADELLA at the global partners Conference Inspire Shangguanxuan enterprise meta universe solution , Put forward The meta universe is the integration of the digital world and the real world , This is consistent with NVIDIA's goal , betake “ Augmented reality ”.

And the recent fire NFT project Loot The founder of Dom Hofmann Think , Metauniverse is a virtual world that spans different games established by different people , Allow a wider range of adventurers to participate .Multicoin Capital Managing partner Kyle Samani It is believed that the metauniverse needs to synchronize three-dimensional space .

tencent The Institute believes that , The meta universe is a hyperlinked global proof 、 Hyperspace transport protocol 、 The combination of super sensory perception interface . take AR/VR、 Virtual reality 、 Augmented reality 、MR Mixed reality beyond sensory perception of the world . The meta universe can produce not only in our imagination , Can also really feel in perception .

Many other organizations and celebrities have expressed their understanding of the metauniverse . We won't repeat them here , A simple summary , We can think that the meta universe is a platform carrying virtual activities with trusted asset value and identity authentication , It realizes the replication of the underlying logic of the real world . Its essence is the platform that carries all virtual activities , Users can socialize 、 entertainment 、 A literary creation 、 Exhibition 、 education 、 Trading and other activities , It will have a subtle impact and change on users' production and lifestyle .

The characteristics of the primordial universe

So what are the characteristics of the meta universe ?

The author thinks , The meta universe can be summarized as “3+4+8” Model of , There are three main points 、 Four foundations and eight elements , Let's disassemble them one by one .

First , The meta universe has the following points : Credible asset value 、 Identity authentication to trust 、 The reproduction and upgrading of all production and life styles in the real world by the virtual world .

In other words, the meta universe is a perfect restoration of the underlying logic of the real world , And when credible , Unique identity and asset value .

The four foundations refer to the four recognized technical supports , namely Blockchain、Game、Network、Display, That's what we often say “BAND”( Here, we learn from the view of Guosheng blockchain Research Institute ).

Blockchain( Blockchain ) It provides a decentralized settlement platform, traditional value mechanism and identity authentication for the meta universe .Blockchain It provides technical support to check and balance the evil done by the platform side , Give users the greatest freedom and fairness , It also provides the cornerstone for the certification of asset value .

Game Provides interactive content to the metauniverse , Let the meta universe have real presentation and interest , Make the world of the meta universe richer .

Network It refers to the network and computing power , For the entire metauniverse Information transmission and computing power . While enriching the social scene , It provides huge data support , Reduce the cost of user participation and improve the product experience .

Display It perfectly integrates the real world and the virtual world .AR/VR Devices and ultra-high definition TVs enable users to get better Immersive experience .

therefore ,“BAND” Development and iteration of , It laid the foundation for the emergence of the meta universe . Of course , We also see some broader technical support , Including artificial intelligence 、 The Internet of things etc. .

The eight elements are mentioned above Rolox What the founders thought the meta universe should have , That's identity 、 friend 、 immersion 、 Low latency 、 diversified 、 Whenever and wherever possible 、 Brokerage system and civilization , We think this is enough to summarize the whole picture of the meta universe .

Identity is the user's unique avatar , Users can express the avatar as any person or object they want to be , as 《 An avalanche 》 As described in ,“ Everyone's Avatar can be anything they like , It depends on how high your computer device is configured to support . Even if you look ugly , You can still make your avatar very beautiful . Even if you just got up , But your avatar can still dress properly 、 Well dressed . In the hyperelement field , You can appear in any face : A gorilla , A fire dragon ……”

Friends refer to the interaction between users and friends , It can be the real world or just people known in the meta universe . It's like 《 No. 1 player 》 in , Archie said Artemis “ She may be 136 Kilograms of men , Living in his mother's basement on the outskirts of Detroit , His name is chuck .” In fact, IKey is a forthright black girl . In the social and real life of the meta universe, there is a certain separation , We don't know what the person opposite is like in real life , But this does not prevent us from becoming friends in the meta universe .

Immersion means 3D、 Ultra hd television 、VR/AR as well as “ Augmented reality ”, It makes it difficult to distinguish the meta universe from the real world . Maybe the focus of the future meta universe is 《 Inception 》, We It takes something specific to transform from the meta universe to reality .

Low delay means that everything in the metauniverse happens synchronously , Users can get a perfect experience with almost no delay . like 《 No. 1 player 》 Last checkpoint , Any slight movement of pasifar in the real world may affect his role in the meta universe .

Diversity means that the meta universe provides a rich variety of content 、 The props 、 material . Metauniverse is unique to every user , It's a personal world , Everyone is his own God , It is a perfect replica of all the production and life styles in reality , Its diversity will eventually converge with the real world .

Anytime, anywhere means that although the users of the meta universe 、 developer 、 The creators come from different places . however Any individual participating in the metauniverse can run the metauniverse at different terminals , And indulge in it .

Brokerage system means The yuan universe's own value system , The meta universe should not rely on any economic system , It should have its own system , To meet the needs of asset exchange and savings .

And civilization refers to virtual civilization , Maybe that's what we mentioned above “ Maybe civilization is a piece of iterative code ”. The meta universe should not be completely laissez faire , The meta universe still needs civilization to regulate everyone's life , To ensure the stability of the whole universe .

The development and application of the meta universe

We discussed so much about the origin and concept of the meta universe , Now we might as well aim at the present , Look at those that can be called “ Meta universe ” Products or landing applications , So as to see the future development .

  • game

For the meta universe , Game is one of the most direct ways to reflect . Because what the game is good at is building a virtual world , Let people communicate in it 、 play , Further, there will be a set of economic models similar to those in the real world .

By Mankiw 《 Principles of economics 》 Online games included as cases 《 Night before Star Wars 》 It's a classic example . This is a model with MMO RPG Science fiction strategy sandbox online games , With the grand space as the background , Highly integrated hard science fiction elements , Invited the computer 、 Experts such as astronomy provide professional advice , And hired a professor of economics at the University of Iceland EyjolfurGudmundsson Dr. is the chief economist of the company , A set of economic models highly consistent with reality are designed for the game , Build a free and extremely real virtual universe sandbox world for players .

The most interesting thing about this game is the realism built by its economic model and game mechanism . stay 《 Night before Star Wars 》 in , It is the player's behavior that determines his identity , Not a career set by the system , It's just like in reality , You can choose to mine in the game and become a miner , Or choose to be an escort responsible for transporting goods and ensuring their safe delivery , Or become an interstellar pirate sneaking into a transport ship , Or become a bounty hunter chasing pirates . These behaviors determine your role , And because of these things, players will spontaneously form various local organizations , And then expand all kinds of production 、 business 、 Military activities .

On the other hand , The assets inside have very similar properties to those in reality . For example, the player's ship is damaged , Is really losing a lot of assets , So if you don't manage well , Players are likely to lose all the assets they have operated for many years in an attack .

meanwhile , The game involves various means of production and Commodities , So , The game specifically provides a trading market , It also provides a price trend chart that can visually display the price trend of goods , These mechanisms boost the derivation of chambers of Commerce in the game , Financial speculators , Insurance industry and other organizations or industries that are indistinguishable from reality .

If the eve of Star Wars shows us how the game can be close to the real world to build a virtual world , So another game of the first stock of the meta universe Roblox It brings us infinite possibilities of the meta universe .

Roblox It is the world's largest multiplayer online game creation platform , It provides a complete set of simple editors that can build their own virtual world , Allow people to be creators with a low threshold , And build the virtual world you want . stay Roblox in , Players can develop their own games , You can also play games developed by others , And use virtual currency “Robux” consumption , For example, buy virtual characters for specific games , Virtual props , Or special permissions, etc , The consumption of any game is shared with the platform and developers .

By 2020 end of the year , Be active in Roblox Content developers on have 800 ten thousand , There are more than 2000 Ten thousand game experience scenes , This is equivalent to building tens of millions of small virtual worlds ,Roblox It truly reflects the development potential of the meta universe .

  • social contact

With the development of Internet and Technology , The way we interact with others is also gradually changing . And in the meta universe , Technology can make the communication between people no longer limited to words , Images , video , But there can be more dimensional expressions ,VR/AR There is no doubt that the social advantages of the meta universe are reflected incisively and vividly .

VR Chat Is a large multiplayer online virtual reality software , Players can communicate with each other through fictional characters , For example, create from various well-known ACG Important people in the series , And make it their role . also , These models can support “ Voice to mouth 、 Eye tracking 、 Blink and move ”. therefore , We can go through VR Chat, Communicate with people from all over the world in different virtual worlds with richer body language .

 Ten thousand word report : What is the value of the universe Which directions deserve special attention ?

The graph is 《 Into a strange classroom ,40 Personal communication is silent ?【 Believers VRChat】》 Video capture , A foreign sign language teacher is VR Chat Teach everyone to learn sign language .

Keep walking in AR Cutting edge Microsoft , stay 2021 year 3 It was officially released in April Microsoft Mesh: A new hybrid reality collaboration platform . By wearing it AR equipment Hololens2, You can set up a virtual image , And collaborate with others in a common space , Finish some design or discussion together .

 Ten thousand word report : What is the value of the universe Which directions deserve special attention ?

such as , In the figure, we can see that we are building a water pipe design remotely , Everyone can adjust the design of the water pipe according to the action of their hands , But also for 3D Sketch out the part you want to modify , And this kind of collaboration is AR blessings , Not only to achieve offline meetings , The effect of face-to-face and efficient communication , meanwhile , It also simplifies the design and modification work , It greatly improves the communication efficiency and design efficiency .

VR and AR Directly promote the interaction level of social interaction from the plane to the three-dimensional level , The amount of information and interaction richness brought by one more dimension are completely different . In the future, with the gradual improvement of the infrastructure of other meta universes , The new social experience and expression advantages of yuancosmos will be further reflected .

  • Blockchain

When we talk about the metauniverse , At present, in addition to the hottest areas of games and social networking , There is another field that takes the meta universe to another new level , And with its own popularity and early dividends , Let more people have a deep understanding of the meta universe , After all, from blockchain or Crypto People from the circle , Now the sensitivity to the meta universe is “ The side of a ridge makes a peak , Far, near, high, low ”.

Of course , At present, the connection between blockchain and metauniverse is indeed very close , Whether it's Crypto, still NFT, Or blockchain games , Have more or less become the fusion mode of the meta universe , Especially this year NFT The upsurge , Sounded the horn of blockchain out of the circle , And with like Axie Infinity Such a game ( The monthly income exceeds 1 Billion dollars ) It continues to be hot , It has led to the emergence of the prototype of the combination of metauniverse and blockchain .

On the other hand , We also saw things like Decentraland Such a game that is very appropriate to the meta universe appears , Although this game derived from the blockchain track has been born more than 5 year ( The first team was established in 2015 year ), But to the meta universe and NFT It's getting hot , It was talked about by more people , It can even be said to be a blockchain industry “ The founder of the universe ”, It fits very well with some current definitions of the metauniverse .

 Ten thousand word report : What is the value of the universe Which directions deserve special attention ?

in addition , About the metauniverse and NFT The story of , It seems that it will become a favorite direction for many people who don't know much about blockchain , After all NFT Your reputation may also be greater than the blockchain , We just need to look at it dialectically ,NFT It is just one of the applications of blockchain , Therefore, the application imagination of metauniverse and blockchain may be greater , After all, a centralized meta cosmic mechanism is amazing , Blockchain technology is inherently equipped with “ De centralization ” Structure and thinking .

Just like venture capitalists who have long studied the metauniverse Matthew Ball said ,“ The metauniverse will be operated in a decentralized manner by many different participants , Not belonging to a company ”, The non blockchain that can do this cannot , After all, bitcoin has proven the power of a decentralized company .

therefore , With regard to the integration of blockchain and metauniverse, we need to see both applications , We need to see something more essential , Maybe you can find unexpected gains .

  • The movie

When the meta universe can freely build a virtual world comparable to the real world , perhaps VR/AR Bring new audio-visual experience , We can get a new expression . Film as an art of expression , When new expressions are born , Will also gain new vitality .

Such as through VR equipment , We can bring a new film perspective —— First person perspective . Such a film form , We don't even need the hero to show his face , Every audience can substitute themselves into the protagonist , Be the main character .

 Ten thousand word report : What is the value of the universe Which directions deserve special attention ?

The picture shows a first person movie 《 Hard core Henry 》

In addition to the immersive realism brought by the first person , Yuan universe may also bring interactive movies into the mainstream .

The same first person perspective , What we may face is a multi ending open-ended film , For example, who we choose to talk to as the protagonist , Maybe the order of these conversations or whether they are , Will determine the direction behind the film . Like a game , Play the game in the form of a movie “ deductive ” Again .

however , The current form , Or the game is explored earlier ,《 Detroit : Changing people 》 Is a classic interactive movie game . however , The game has verified the new feeling brought by this way , I believe in the future , The film will also catch up and launch a new type of film based on the new expression of the meta universe .

  • art

The meta universe pays great attention to Display level , It brings new expressions , It also makes the production and appreciation of works of art more novel .

Conventional 3D Images , We usually make it in the form of modeling , But with VR equipment , We can draw... Directly with a brush 3D Images . Google has come up with a model based on HTC Vive Helmets VR Painting applications ——Tilt Brush, It supports the creator to put VR The device handle acts as a brush , In virtual 3D Space is canvas , Draw directly 3D Images .

 Ten thousand word report : What is the value of the universe Which directions deserve special attention ?

With AI The growing rise of painting , Digital art has gradually entered the public's vision ; On the other hand , The rise of blockchain Technology , Also let traditional works of art through the chain , From offline to online . therefore , Online exhibition, a new way to appreciate works of art, is gradually being explored . Place works of art in a virtual exhibition hall , The audience plays a virtual role , Enter the exhibition hall from the first person perspective or the third person perspective to visit the paintings .

 Ten thousand word report : What is the value of the universe Which directions deserve special attention ?

And on the Internet , We have no barrier of real space , You can enjoy art immersively anytime, anywhere , This is also a major exploration direction of the meta universe .

Here we just list 5 A visible direction for the re exploration of the meta universe , But take it apart , Maybe we can find out more about the development direction of the meta universe , Even as some scholars say , Metauniverse will let the logic of the Internet again , And that's enough innovation to subvert the status quo .

Future value outlook of the meta universe

Even though , The primordial universe has initially shown its great potential , Major Internet companies and blockchain projects have entered the meta universe , But in various senses , The development of the primordial universe is still very early .

future , The meta universe will further develop in many ways to achieve our final expectations , So what other paths are the key development directions of the meta universe in the future ?

  • Evolution at the hardware level

Even though PC、 There are already many applications with meta universe properties on smart phones , however , The current application has not yet reflected the meta universe in Display Advantages of . Now , Lead the meta universe Display In cutting-edge hardware , With AR( Augmented reality )/VR( Virtual reality )/MR( Mixed reality ) For the first troops .

But for these cutting-edge hardware devices , Performance is still severely constrained , The most direct problem is the lack of display function and calculation .

at present VR The display effect in is the best , HD has reached 4k, Even individual devices can achieve 8k Level , But there is also a refresh rate problem , Although the refresh rate of some devices has reached 144Hz, But it's still hard to reach eye level resolution , Or even if it can reach human eye resolution , But the price of such equipment must be unattainable , Cannot be popularized as a general commercial grade product .

in addition , because VR Is to use computer equipment as the computing terminal , Its performance is subject to the performance of computer equipment . Even the current top 3090 The graphics card matches the computer with higher configuration , Such performance can be achieved with the highest picture quality 4K The resolution of the 144Hz Run almost all the big games , However VR The picture is a binocular picture , It means rendering two 4K The resolution of the 144Hz The screen of , Such performance requirements are obviously not what current computers can provide .

And then AR The representative of Hololens2 and MR The representative of Magic Leap Come on , Due to the need to consider interacting with the real environment ,( For example, you need to scan the surrounding environment and establish a coordinate system and model ), So more calculations are needed , So that the reaction speed and the display effect are greatly reduced , stay VR Has entered 4K When the picture , Due to performance limitations AR and MR My picture is still in a very primary picture , Difficult to show complex 3D Model .

And from Hololens High prices and Magic Leap Dismal sales , We can understand one thing , The existing display technology cannot support a mature consumer class AR/MR product ,AR and MR Imagine VR There is still a long way to go to more families .

in addition , In addition to the display level as image output , The information input hardware of the device and the feedback device also need to be further explored . The existing VR Input mode , There are traditional game consoles , There are different VR The touch handle designed by the manufacturer , There are also motion capture techniques . however , On the one hand, the way of input is still being explored , There is not yet a strong enough consensus like the joystick , On the other hand , There is little feedback from these handles or motion capture , At present VR Most of my experiences only stay in reality , A single level of feedback in the virtual world .

Now like 《 No. 1 player 》 The body feeling clothes with feedback effect worn by the protagonist in , Feed back to the real level with input from the virtual world , Only a few manufacturers on the market are trying , There are already hands 、 Body and head feedback , But the granularity of the overall feedback is far less than that in the film , This is a VR One of the major defects of hardware , But defects mean potential , At the hardware level, the most complete form of the meta universe in the future is to achieve two-way feedback between the real world and the virtual world .

Of course VR/AR/MR It's just a meta universe Display Some ideas in , Maybe , We can also wait Elon Musk The brain computer interface is successful ?

  • Infrastructure construction

No, 4G、5G The upgrade , There will be no today's prosperous mobile application Ecology , The development of front-end applications will be restricted by infrastructure . For the meta universe , To build a better Ecology , And ensure that users can better use , It is very necessary to further improve the network .

But just as the development of mobile phones is constantly integrating better hardware into mobile phones , This way of integration goes to black . Huawei is also considering another solution , Let our mobile phones or future smart devices get rid of the shackles of hardware . stay 5G Even the future 6G Based on such a high-speed network , Put the computing end of these intelligent devices on the cloud server , Let the smart device only act as a display terminal , In this way, the display capability of the device can be further improved , The performance of operation and making the equipment more portable and easy to use .

Perhaps with the construction of infrastructure , The cell phone we hold in our hands or the future VR/AR/MR The device is just a display , Such a new idea , It may go beyond the existing technical route , Become the technical support for the future of the meta universe ?

  • Software level iteration

In addition to the hardware problems , Metauniverse still lacks a lot of software support . Actually from Roblox Getting started with tools , Then derived 2000 Ten thousand games , So as to become the largest meta cosmic platform, we can see , The huge productivity that tools can bring .

However, a good tool is very rare , That's why the world's two hottest sandbox games Roblox and Minecraft, Its character pictures and architectural style are more abstract , Instead of more realistic modeling and more elaborate human design . Because the more demanding pictures have higher performance requirements , The level of designers is also higher , The elements to be constructed should also consider the production cycle and rendering difficulty .

therefore , For the meta universe , Build a virtual world of the meta universe , Need better software support . On the one hand, whether such tools will be born in the future , On the other hand , We can consider another way to solve this problem , For example, use AI To make the huge basic materials needed by the virtual world , On this basis , Introduce a more easy-to-use front end , Leave complex construction to AI Realization , Let the designer be responsible for the creative and design part .

at present , The global leading company in this field is a company established in 2018 Year of rct AI company , Good at different types and themes of game scenes ,rct AI A series of solutions for game developers , Covering the whole life cycle of the game , contain Intelligent content generation 、 Intelligent testing 、 Intelligent data operations 、 Intelligent delivery Other types .

We also look forward to more solutions to support the virtual world of the metauniverse .

  • Content support

Although the meta universe is VR/AR/MR And other cutting-edge technologies have many deficiencies , There are even some dilemmas : Insufficient installed capacity , It's hard to attract more content and game makers , And lack of these content and game support , And it's harder to attract people to buy , The installed capacity can't be increased .

therefore , We need more about the meta universe , This may be the next blue ocean track for content Entrepreneurs .

But the current metauniverse is PC level , There are already similar Roblox And blockchain games, such as Axie Infinity Such success stories are in the front , It is believed that this wealth creating effect will boost capital's willingness to invest heavily to support the development of the meta universe VR/AR/MR Development in , So as to break the existing deadlock .

About the future development of the meta universe , like “ Hamlet ” commonly , A thousand readers may have a thousand Hamlets , but Standing at the intersection of history , We can see some mainstream values with the naked eye , And some opportunities that seem conceivable and expected , And these opportunity points are just the outline , We are just explorers , Not a prophet .

Of course , Want to predict the future , The best state is to understand its past and present , This is the current state of the meta universe .


When we are about to write this article ,A Shares just closed , And the surprise is “ Meta universe ” Related concept stocks have shown a trading trend ,“ Virtual reality ” The plate has become the most dazzling and gold absorbing leading plate today , Naturally, it has become the most popular plate of the day , After closing 《 China fund news 》 What's more, it gives “ The strongest tuyere ” Comment title . It's no exaggeration , The yuan universe makes tens of thousands of people see its energy by absorbing gold .

Put aside the hype , Back to the meta universe itself , It seems that such energy has appeared in 《 An avalanche 》 It has been brewing since , Even we humans are the catalyst of this power , All technological developments are also pointing to this year's hottest word .

Of course , The yuan universe is also very much like 2016 The blockchain just entered the public view in , And flash , Blockchain has changed from concept to landing 、 Applicable technology , and Metauniverse, it's not just technology , It's more like a scene 、 One and Web3.0 A grand concept , Even blockchain is an important part of it .

These bits and pieces 、 The scene and value emerging in the hazy presents , It's worth us to spend more time exploring and understanding , And that's what we “ The heart of the meta universe ” The goal and direction of practice , After all, the curtain has opened , We see a singularity approaching ……

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