Blade warrior first deployed OEC to build the first brand of chain tour?

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blade warrior deployed oec build

8 month 30 Japan ,OEC First deployment CryptoGladiator( Gladiatus )GameFi project , obtain 3 God 8 Million registration ,1.2 The outstanding achievements of wanrihuo .

Following CryptoGladiator( Gladiatus ) after , Another chain tour BladeWarrior It will be deployed in OEC On . As the second starter in OEC Of GameFi project ,BladeWarrior Can we continue the excellent performance of gladiators ?

according to the understanding of ,BladeWarrior It's a brand new GameFi Card games , Strive to fight Chain building Swim first brand . built-in 5 individual hero , Multiple hero attributes . Players can explore through maps (PVE)、 arena (PVP)、 Purchase land and occupy territory TOKEN Reward , Realization Play-to-Earn Play and earn . Introduction to game related heroes 、 The combat system and operation are as follows :

Introduction to heroes

At present, the game is five classes : Dan ( Flame Knight Blaze Dazzle) Fergie ( Blood phantom Bleed Phantom) Evely ( Lord blade Blade Lord) Ginny ( Thunder mage Thunder Mage) Gretchen ( Holy Spirit Archer Holy Archer)

Dan Dan( Flame Knight Blaze Dazzle)


background : Dan, once a descendant of knights, established the Templar order . Since its founding, the Knights Templar has been committed to saving the lives and healing the wounded , Always fighting against the front line of darkness , Show the value of justice without hesitation , Therefore, it has won everyone's support . Because it can harness the power of the flame , Known as the flame Knight (Blaze Dazzle)

Ability : Have a sacred faith , In the end, he is training his understanding of combat technology and weapons , The desire to fight , Let them be warriors who are not afraid of death , Produce the most terrible and deadly damage on the battlefield .

Fergie Fiji( Blood phantom Bleed Phantom)


background : After a famous family , My dream was to be a bard . For this reason, Fergie traveled all over the mountains and rivers of the Mainland . But there's something unexpected , My father devoted to theology was killed by the Duke of Lombard , Determined to avenge his father for ten years , Have been quietly waiting for the day of revenge . It's called the blood phantom (Bleed Phantom)

Ability : YueZhanYueYong , Firm as a rock , Excellent fencing can cope with all situations , Is the master of the sword , Gorgeous swordsmanship and rich and diverse attack , Frighten the enemy , Shudder without war .

Evely Everley( Lord blade Blade Lord)


background : Born in the declining royal family of the ED saber empire , Prince evli with noble blood . As the only heir to the Empire , Since childhood, I have undertaken the mission of rejuvenating the Empire , His strong confidence in himself gave him the character of ignoring everything . Because it can harness the power of the flame , Known as Lord blade (Blade Lord)

Ability : The charge , Cut through the customs , Soldiers poured out of iron and blood , Have a strong character , Superb fighting skills and strong physique , He is a well deserved commander on the battlefield .

Ginny Jinny( Thunder mage Thunder Mage)


background : Born in an ordinary town in Brian, the city of freedom , Family happiness , The love of nature is far more than the love of human beings , Competitive and arrogant , From childhood, he showed an extraordinary understanding of magic , When she raised her staff, causing anger to repel the darkness , People know that she yearns for light in her heart , She is an indispensable and powerful pillar of the light camp . Although the ability is very strong , But despise the war .

Ability : Spell strength , Good at large-scale casting attacks , stay 10 Beyond meters is an invincible existence . A thorough understanding of thunder and wind magic , It can not only inspire teammates and boost morale , It can also attack the enemy's spirit , In a large number of wars , She can influence the outcome of a team alone .

Gretchen Gretchen( Holy Spirit Archer Holy Archer)


background : Born on the top of snow mountain , When the Sylvia family went hunting in the mountains , Found by a fire . I still don't know the news of my parents , But the Sylvia family gave her the same love . The sylvian family regarded her as a people of God , Simple in nature , I spend most of my life with snow mountains . Fergie's father was addicted to theology , Call her the Holy Spirit on earth . So when Gretchen took up the bow and arrow to guard the top of the snow mountain , The people on the top of the snow mountain call her holy spirit Archer . So when Duke bud killed figgy's father , She felt sad , But I love peace and don't want revenge , Swear to protect the top of the snow mountain with your life .

Ability : silence , Because of the constant exercise of concentration , And beyond ordinary people's calm judgment , Not only did it make her hit every shot when she was hunting , The cold light of the bow and arrow in the war silenced the opponent , Gretchen's sacred breath can also deter the darkness .

Hero attribute

The quality of

Heroic qualities are divided into 1/2/3 level . The higher the level , The stronger the hero's ability , The rarer .

unique skills

Must kill skill is the unique skill of the protagonist , Can deal a lot of damage to enemy units , Different protagonists have different must kill skills , The effect of the must kill skill released is also different , Reasonably use the must kill skill to effectively strike the enemy . Powerful must kill skills to improve combat ability , To win .

physical strength

Consume : Heroes have fixed physical strength , Each time you participate in battle, you need to consume 1 spot

recovery : Automatically restore to full value every other day


The game has water 、 soil 、 fire 、 The five magic elements of darkness and light . Magic element is a unique mysterious energy existing in the game , Different protagonists can perceive different Magic Elements , And different magic elements have different effects , The powerful and mysterious magic elements bring more unknowns and changes to the playing methods of the game .

How to play

Players can fight in the game upgrade , The higher the level, the more powerful it will be in battle , The higher the winning rate

Heroes can gain extra combat power bonus by using matching weapons , Enhance the winning rate .



The initial level of the role is 1 level , You can gain a lot of experience points mainly through playing monsters and daily tasks , If the experience value meets the upgrade requirements, you can increase the level , After upgrading, the hero's attributes will increase slightly . In addition, you can also quickly increase the level of heroes by consuming virtual coins . Some scenes and playing methods in the game can only participate if the hero level meets the specified requirements .


Hero value

Health value (HP)

Health is the unit's blood bar , Represents the amount of damage the player can bear , When the health value of the unit returns to zero, the unit dies , Therefore, players need to pay attention to the health of each unit in real time .

Attack value (ATK)

Attack value is the damage that a unit can do , The attack value determines the damage to other units , The higher the attack value, the more damage it can cause , Increasing attack value can effectively improve combat ability , Cause fatal damage to the enemy . Armor (DEF) Defense value is the damage effect that the unit can reduce , The higher the unit's defense, the lower the damage it receives , Defence value can effectively reduce the reduction of HP , Ensure the viability of the unit , Improve the combat endurance of the unit .


Hit value (DEX)

Hit value is the hit ability of the attack , The possibility of injury , The lower the hit value, the less likely it is to cause damage , The higher the value , The higher the accuracy of the attack . Dodge value (AGL) Dodge rate is the unit's ability to avoid damage , Dodge can make the attack of enemy units ineffective , The higher the dodge rate , The more likely enemy units are to cause ineffective damage , Reasonable use of dodge value can improve the combat ability of units , With a variety of fighting methods .

crit (CRT)

Critical hit rate means that a unit has a chance to do more damage to enemy units , The higher the critical hit rate , The more likely you are to cause critical damage , Good use of critical hit rate can effectively improve combat ability , Provide flexible and diverse combat skills , It's a secret weapon to win by surprise . crit (%)= 50*ATAN( Attacker critical hit /3000)-15/SQRT( Attacker critical hit /50+1)+20

Speed value (SPD)

Agility is a very important attribute , During the battle , Characters with high agility will attack first , The attacked character can only defend first , Then you can attack . Attacker's speed value > When the defender's speed value , The attacker has priority to attack .

Weapon Introduction

The most important equipment in the game , It can effectively improve the combat effectiveness of Heroes . Weapon type There are currently five types of weapons : The sword 、 OMAHAWK 、 A heavy hammer 、 Bow and arrow and staff .

Heroes can wear all types of weapons , Each hero will be particularly proficient in a certain weapon , Bring an additional ability bonus . Each hero can wear two weapons , When fighting, they will attack the enemy separately , Bring multiple damage to the enemy .

The sword




A heavy hammer


Weapon attributes

Weapon increases attack value , And a small number of hits 、 Critical hit rate and HP .

Durability value

Consume : Every kill 1 A monster will consume 1 Point weapon durability

recovery : The endurance value is automatically restored every day

The quality of

There are three types of weapons :1/2/3 level . There are capability differences between weapons of different qualities , Legend is the strongest of all weapons .

How to play

Players can process weapons , Improve Weapon Combat Effectiveness , Play more power in battle


Each weapon has its unique element power , Elements give weapons great power and special effects , Each weapon type has its own elements , When the weapon element is the same as the hero element , Heroes will be able to play the hidden power of weapons , Improve the fighting ability of the protagonist


Durrahan (Dullahan)

Introduce : The whole body emits a burning smell , Ferocious and unusual , When you stand up , The flames will even burn the surrounding earth to scorched earth . With strong limbs and rough developed wings , Extremely irritable , Once the enemy is found , Will be desperate to jump on , Until the winner is decided .

Ability : The huge double corners of the head seem to be the key parts to control the high-temperature flame , Sharp claws carry heat , Even stand up when angry , And lit a flame all over , Burn everything around to ashes

Goliath (Goliath)

Introduce : The muscles of the whole body are strongly combined with dark matter , There are even crystalline dark matter spines on the back and elbow , And have strong wings . Cunning and cruel , It has the bad behavior of playing with the captured prey to pieces before swallowing it , And very vindictive .

Ability : The body color given by dark matter gives Goliath excellent hunting ability at night , After quietly approaching the prey, use the powerful close combat ability to kill the prey , If you can't succeed with one blow , The ability to move quickly allows it to escape immediately , Look for the next attack opportunity .

Golis (Goliasus)

Introduce : The body full of barbs looks ferocious and terrible , When encountering the enemy, he will immediately lower his body and send out a low roar , If you find something wrong, you'll turn and run away . Bluff may have a glimmer of life when it comes to a single , But groups of Goliaths will even challenge monsters several times larger than themselves .

Ability : Hit with a sharp corner of your head , After running, use the ratchet on your back to cut at high speed , Goliath's teeth are not sharp , But the amazing bite force will not let go of any prey that reaches the mouth .

Elkad witch (Echinda)

Introduce : I don't know when to start , People on the escape road will see a slim figure late at night , They have the appearance of human women , Exquisite facial features and hot figure . Send invitations to the fugitives in the dark , But the people invited to leave never showed up again .

Ability : Using human like appearance to lure ignorant people out of their settlements and into the wilderness , But once the identity is revealed , Will use the spherical dark matter spar floating around , Can launch a powerful stream of dark matter , Destroy all targets pointed by the Dharma ball .

Combat system

Map exploration (PVE)


Through the exploration of various places in the map , Crusade against monsters in the open area of the map , Give players a variety of game experiences and exploration fun . When the player completes the first crusade against all the monsters he can encounter on the map , Will be rewarded in this area , Reaching a certain level will open up new map areas for exploration .

arena (PVP)


The area in the game where multiple players fight each other , Players enter... Through the arena interface , The arena automatically matches players to fight , The avatar list will be refreshed after each challenge , And show your ranking . You can get rich rewards if you win the challenge in the arena .

Daily tasks


After completing the daily task, players can obtain the corresponding Token Reward

Challenge the limit


Players enter the continuous breakthrough mode , Play strange continuously without returning blood pk, Rank according to the winning position every day , Players with high ranking can get corresponding rewards .


Players can buy land , For mining in the land , Hero training upgrade , host pk event , You can receive event bonuses and dividends .


Every hero can have territory , develop a force , The battlefield , Meet the fun of players being lords . Territory as the base of Heroes , It also takes responsibility for the output of resources , Just choose the address , One click confirmation , Resources will roll in , Take in and get out of the real estate every day , It's easy and labor-saving . Abandon cumbersome upgrade and construction operations , Keep simple construction upgrades , You can get more benefits . At the same time, you can send troops to attack other territories , Attack the city and plunder the stronghold , Defeat enemy forces to gain more resources .

Custom maps

combination Blade Strong ecological of the project , Customize and open different types of maps to partners , Players can get more types of rich rewards after winning different map battles .

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