The South Korean government is accused of encouraging a cryptocurrency monopoly

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south korean government accused encouraging

 The South Korean government has been accused of encouraging a cryptocurrency monopoly

A member of South Korea's ruling party urged the government to take measures to prevent the country's market leading Cryptocurrency exchange UPbit Form actual “ monopoly ”—— He insisted that Seoul should ensure “ At least three or four ” The existence of rival exchanges .

As previously reported , up to now ,Upbit It is the only bank in the country that is working with the new bank K-Bank After reaching an agreement, submit a formal application to become an exchange of licensed trading platform operators . The latter has been associated with Upbit Established profitable and successful partnerships .

however , Although insiders tell And members of the domestic media ,Upbit Our three biggest competitors ——korbitbithumb and coinone—— You may be prepared to submit your own documents to regulators before the end of this week , But so far ,Upbit Is still the only hope in 9 month 24 An exchange that remains open after the closing date .

according to 《 The Asian economy 》 Reports of , Democratic senator from Mapu District, a rich district in Seoul 、 The fierce critics of moon Jae in the government Noh Woong-rae Express , Give Way “ At least ” The continued existence of these exchanges will benefit customers .

The report quoted Noh Warning of :

“ If there is a monopoly market , Cryptocurrency exchanges can be listed or delisted at will , Or arbitrarily increase the transaction cost of cryptocurrency .”

The congressman added , Chairman of the Fair Trade Commission Joh Sung-wook He also said he would investigate the monopoly of cryptocurrency exchange .

meanwhile , Include Fire coin South Korea HUOBI KOREA) Nine Korean cryptocurrency exchange competitors, including, issued a joint statement , Effectively plead with the government not to stifle this industry . More blockchain messages , Please pay attention to download the fun coin website APP, Global blockchain regulatory query APP.

News1 Reported , These exchanges responded Noh Warning of , and Hanbitco CEO and chairman of the Trading Committee of the Korean blockchain Association Kim Sung-a Express :

“ The scale of cryptocurrency industry is growing all over the world . however [ In Korea ], It is moving in the direction of allowing unbalanced monopoly . This is the wrong direction .”

PROBITFLYBIT and Foblegate And other representatives of large exchanges also attended the meeting .

Exchange officials complained , The Financial Services Commission, a government and regulatory body (FSC) Is taking a “ be irresponsible for ” And “ inflexible ” Methods , It will eventually damage the interests of enterprises and customers .

The main crux of these exchanges is the thorny issue of bank contracts .FSC Insist that all exchanges that provide Korean won to cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency to French currency trading cooperate with domestic banks , The latter bears the responsibility of financial risk .

Most banks flatly reject the idea of cooperating with exchanges under these terms .

a ( Unnamed ) Exchange officials were quoted as saying :

“ Risk assessment should be the sole responsibility of the exchange , Not the responsibility of the bank . But the financial authorities have transferred responsibility to the banks .”

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