For the first time, meituan launched the pilot of digital RMB low-carbon travel today

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time meituan launched pilot digital

Meituan announced today that it will be launched simultaneously in many places across the country Digital RMB Low carbon travel pilot activities . From now on , Where in Beijing 、 Shanghai 、 hainan 、 Shenzhen 、 Suzhou 、 Xi'an 、 Changsha 、 Chengdu 、 Xiong'an new area, etc 9 The social public working or living in cities in the pilot area of big digital RMB , Can be passed in meituan app Home search “ Digital RMB ”, Sign up to participate in the activity and receive the corresponding digital RMB low-carbon red envelope reward .

 First in-depth sharing of bicycle scenes Meituan today launched the pilot of digital RMB low-carbon travel

This is the first time for the digital RMB test to go deep into the shared bicycle scenario .“ The environmental awareness of ordinary people is one of the key factors for the success of society towards low carbon , Our idea is to make a breakthrough in low-carbon behavior , Take advantage of the unique scene technology of digital RMB , Promote the goal of carbon neutrality through positive incentives , Let users feel the convenience of digital RMB consumption 、 Efficiency and security at the same time , Enhance awareness and participation in carbon emission reduction ”, Meituan said .

The trend of digital RMB deeply cultivating public transport scene has become more and more obvious in the near future , According to incomplete statistics of Journalists , In addition to the pilot activity of meituan cycling , Only in June and July , There is Beijing 、 Chengdu 、 Changsha 、 Qingdao 、 Xiong'an new area, etc 5 Relevant departments in the pilot area of large digital RMB , Implement digital RMB red envelopes or related test activities in public transport scenarios .

 First in-depth sharing of bicycle scenes Meituan today launched the pilot of digital RMB low-carbon travel

According to the experts interviewed , The traffic scene has the characteristics of small amount and high frequency , And involves a wide range of areas 、 Huge user base , It has a great test on the system performance and high concurrent processing ability of digital RMB test . The intensive pilot of digital RMB in traffic scenarios , It shows that the underlying technology and operation system of digital RMB are relatively mature , It is entering a new stage from focusing on experience coverage in the early stage to focusing on test depth in the medium term .

Science and technology enterprises with both technical advantages and scene value have always been active participants in the construction of digital RMB ecosystem . The application of digital RMB has brought market space to all fields of digital economy , It has also brought a new round of growth power to science and technology enterprises . Executive director of the blockchain Research Institute of Renmin University of China 、 According to Yang Dong, director of the financial technology and Internet Security Research Center of the National Development Institute , The exploration of digital RMB needs the help of large science and technology enterprises , In the historical window period of grasping the development of digital RMB 、 Build a new development pattern in which domestic and international double cycles promote each other , Meituan and other technology enterprises will usher in a golden opportunity period with great prospects .

CPPCC national committee member 、 Zhou Yanli, former vice chairman of CIRC, also believes that , On the premise of ensuring the safety of data use , Based on the combination of platform economic data analysis capability and digital RMB encryption attribute , Some new application scenarios may break out of the cocoon , It is suggested that science and technology enterprises, especially Internet platforms, can layout digital RMB as soon as possible , While bringing more surprises to consumers , It also brings more high-quality projects to all kinds of investors .

 First in-depth sharing of bicycle scenes Meituan today launched the pilot of digital RMB low-carbon travel

According to the recently issued by the people's Bank of China 《 White paper on R & D Progress of digital RMB in China 》, By 2021 year 6 month 30 Japan , The pilot scenario of digital RMB has exceeded 132 m , Covering living expenses 、 Food and Beverages 、 Transportation 、 Shopping consumption 、 Government services and other fields . Open a personal wallet 2087 More than a 、 Corporate Wallet 351 More than a .

It is reported that , With the deepening of the pilot work of digital RMB , As the preferred service platform for Chinese consumers' daily life , The meituan will also, under the guidance of relevant departments , Continue to open more platform consumption scenarios , Assist in exploring digital RMB technology and application capabilities , Take meituan as the connection point , Let users be familiar with and use digital RMB in daily consumption , Combine the national financial science and technology innovation with the daily consumption scenario , Contribute value to China's digital RMB exploration and financial innovation .

The data shows , Digital RMB is a legal tender in digital form issued by the people's Bank of China , It's equivalent to banknotes and coins . It is generally accepted in the industry , Digital RMB is conducive to efficiently meet the public's demand for legal tender under the condition of digital economy , Improve the convenience of retail payment 、 Security and security level , Boost the development of China's digital economy .

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